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Orky History/info Fer All Ya New Gitz

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Rokdakgut-rippa, Jul 1, 2015.

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  2. A sexah? wot da zog? Ob course oi iz a sexah Ork.

    Oi jus don stikz me powa claw ennywhere ya knowz.

    Da new ladz jus com upz outta da groun, das da way iz allas been.
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  3. Hahahahahaha
  4. 1367404303944.jpg
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  5. Gromnig Segersgia Subordinate

    Waitz! Sum Boyz dun' know diz?!

    Of kourse we'z ain't got "da bitz"! What woud we need dem for?! Diztraktz too much fr'm da foightin' an lootin' !

    Now! Get to ur klosest Runtherd in town an' learn sumfin' about youselfz!
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  6. It appears many fan fiction writers don't know basic ork biology either.

    But yeah like three gitz in da Klan aint know deze fingz! Itz rediculas!
  7. Woll itz kauz, youz knowz. Sommunz gotz ta tell da ladz aboot da fax o loif.

    When ya seez dat speshul panzy, ya getz da oberwhelmin oige ta stick ya powa klaw inta dere innards.

    And den it just feelz great! Dey yells a lot and sometimez day just explodez. Dats my favoroite.

    And den affer dat, da ladz come up outta da groun.

    Nuffin ta be ashamt ob, oi jus ain't comfertable talkin bout it.
  8. GTCvDemios NoseNuggets Active Member

    Hmmm do orks need space suit's?
  9. Andraina Andraina Curator

    I think the better question is if you Dakka in a vacuum does it make a sound? Does the WAGGGH make noise make noise?
  10. I wuld anser doze but uh... yer not orkz... and uh... deyz orky secretz.

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