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Ork Waaaaagh Vs Tyranid Hive Fleet?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Matobar, Oct 21, 2013.

    Orks is more in number than than the puny little humies and the nids. The little humies space probes see us way further and then the little hungry bugs. WE believe we shall win so shall we FOR MORK! WAAAAGGAAHHH​
    ~literally, orks have the ability to believe in something so storng that it becomes manifest. ​
  2. Details Details The Spriteful

    in fact orks want the galaxy to burn in eternal battles
    and in the grim darkness of the far future there's only ...war...
    oh shi*

    more orks than nids? Improbable
    how far did the probe go?
  3. far enough they lost the signal, and no matter where the probe went, it picked up orks, you see orks are as old as the eldar and have had plenty of time to populate.
  4. Details Details The Spriteful

    yes but the imperium has not the right technology to send things that far, even using the warp (and the astronomican doesn't reach zones outside the galaxy) and making use of it would not give reliable conclusions
    that makes the answers the probe gave improbable (also at gw people often confuse galaxy with universe)
    but if we take the answer of the probe as reliable how is it possible for the orks to go that far? The eldar too didn't
    and orks don't develop ftl travels without the warp as the eldar

    the old ones created the orks, and in fantasy they treated them as an error
    we are not sure that fantasy solar system lies within this galaxy
    so we could assume that maybe orks were created by the old ones in other galaxies too and seeded them here too because of the war with the necrons
    that's one possibility
    the other is yours
    but the nearest galaxies have been harvested by the nids
    and the previous question remains: how far did the probe go?
  5. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    There's also the likely possibility that the fabled 'thing the Nids are running from' are Orks. While the Nids are stated to have consumed numerous galaxies, it would be impossible to do so with one infested by Orks, considering the time it would take to even gain a small advantage would be astronomical, and the Orks themselves further increase in power the more they are fought in a stagnant war.

    Plus, the Nids could have harvested those galaxies. Orks however are the ultimate terraformers and could have quite possibly seeded the galaxies after the Nids devoured all life and turned the planets into fungal worlds. This is also the most likely possibility, considering that Tyranid FTL is extremely slow the closer they get to their target, thus taking a great deal more time than most other FTL's in W40K, especially intergalactic.

    That and any decent probe doesn't need to travel to a galaxy to observe them and scan for signals- our tech in the modern day has extremely powerful telescopes and sensors capable of detecting radiation.

    It also should be taken to account that the probes would be seeing old galaxies, considering that not only is space expanding, but lightspeed must be taken into account. Any radiation detected would be from several million years ago from the Milky Way in W40K universe.
  6. Details Details The Spriteful

    if the nids are running from the orks why should they invade a galaxy full of them (and other nasty things)? Genestealers wouldn't have contacted the hive ships or at least the tyranids should have arrived with some sort of genetical protection from orkoid life forms, while experiments on their genetic material is recent, or at least the ones reported by the magos biologi (biovores for example....ok that wasn't a clever choice of genes for the hive mind)

    tyranids Ftl travel is slow near numerous and strong gravitational fields
    based on that it's the best way for an intergalactic travel where you only have to ignore the gravitational pull of the starting galaxy and amplify the destination's
    so it should be really fast there

    also the toughness of the orks against a hive fleet has been proved by hive fleet ghorala for example
    a splinter hive ship crashed on a planet when the orks destroyed the rest of the fleet in orbit
    The swarm reorganized itself when hunted down by the orks who destroyed the fleet
    and was able to kill the warboss terraform the planet and use its biomass (and the orks') to build new ships and start hunting for new planets
  7. ashlander Subordinate

    Orks the size of planets.
  8. Details Details The Spriteful

    basically, Gork and Mork?
    in old fluff they were described as giant orkoid things releasing spores all over the space
  9. ashlander Subordinate

    I believe that's one of the theories as to what's outside the Milky Way sending out ORKY signals to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. Huge orks who never lost a fight.

    Might even be the things the 'Nids are running from, if you entertain that particular theory as well.
  10. it doesn't say how far, it is really vague. The old ones did create the orks, and may have put them in the other galaxies. I do think, that maybe the Eldar are just smart enough to stay in the territory they be more familiar with. The Eldar may simply in their decline, just be fighting the enemies they know how to fight versus the enemies they know exist, but have less experience. I mean we are talking about a huge amount of time for possible travel, but really in 40k unless an author states is everything is only so much speculation.

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