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Ork Waaaaagh Vs Tyranid Hive Fleet?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Matobar, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Matobar Matobar Moderator / Keeper of the Light

    An interesting thought:

    Orks need violence and combat like we need food and water. The more of it they receive, the stronger, fitter, and bigga they get. And this doesn't mean training or experience; the violence literally drives them forward.

    So if the Orks aren't finished off soon...
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  2. Gorbatz Gorbatz Subordinate

    ... Den tings could really fun.

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  3. Freke Freke Subordinate

    Literally it would just boil down to who is more numerous.

    A single bio-ship carries thousands of tyranids. And Hive Fleets are made up of thousands of bio-ships.
  4. Appledrink Appledrink First Blood!

    I think you guys are missing the point. Orks are obviously the best. Therefore the tyrannids would be crumped on any scale.
  5. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    Not really, a faction of sufficient size will be able to smack down the Orks, especially the Necrons. The problem is that you can't ever be permanently rid of Orks without going down to every planet and exterminating every single spore with a flamer (which isn't guaranteed to work), dumping it in the Immaterium and turning it into a Daemon World (which isn't a 100% either), or literally purging all life on every planet host to Orks with Exterminatus tactics, which costs resources none of the factions have.

    That, and there's more Orks outside the galaxy as well.

    It also boils down to the Orks purpose- the Old Ones created their ancestors to be the immune system of the galaxy. They're meant to be damn near impossible to get rid of to ensure there will always be life, as one Ork is capable of seeding an entire barren planet to become a fungal rainforest. They're a terrific defense against invaders to the galaxy, and they prevent any faction from becoming dangerously powerful that they might dominate the galaxy- they'll simply be bogged down in infinite Orks on the fringe worlds, which thus cause the Orks to get stronger and push them back.

    Plus, they're also a great means to counter Chaos Daemons, as just like Daemons, Orks are technically infinite in number. They just don't bloody die off.


    Tyranids also aren't that impressive on a whole and have been stopped by fall smaller forces in the past. Hell, Maugan Ra himself solo'd a splinter fleet, and the Imperium quashes them with moderate difficulty. The major threat of Tyranids isn't their numbers (which can be dealt with some difficulty, but still dealt with), it's that they plunge Imperium worlds into complete darkness and jam communications, leaving them open to invasions by Orks, Chaos, Tau, Necrons, and Dark Eldar.
  6. Mek Da Boss Face New Member

    ORCS ORCS ORCS ORCS for da victoly. Bugs for da meatgrinda ya panzy bug fondlers.
  7. Anything Orks believe to be true is true

    Orks believe they are made for fighting and winning

    Therefore, Orks can beat Tyranids through sheer willpower.

    I have proven mathematically how the Orks win.
  8. Details Details The Spriteful

    It's clear that orks and tyranids are equally deadly as races
    sheer numbers of soldiers easy to replace
    terraformation of planets
    strong individuals leading the armies (synaptic organisms and warbosses)
    heavy psychic presence
    tyranids are more organized than orks at the moment
    and develop way faster than them:
    their numbers can be overwhelmingly superior
    tyranids can eradicate all life from a well defended world in 3 months
    the shadow of the warp make communications and travels more difficult (and orks aren't known for safety)
    so reinforcements are rare and psychic abilities are rendered inefficient (so orks technology will probably fail more often)

    tyranids entered into this galaxy few millennia ago(in 40k timeline) with the biomass of twelve consumed dwarf galaxies and are feared as a sentence to death where orks have had all the time to represent a serious menace
    what the orks do the tyranids do better and faster
    the only thing that stop them is lack of experience

    the orks are strong, yes, but they can't express their full potential because they are not organized and they're not the only ones ,most other factions too(necrons, imperium and chaos come to mind) could face the tyranids and win if they were able to unite themselves

    tyranids is the most developed superpredator so far and if the setting doesn't change the premises their victory is inevitable

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  9. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    Tyranids are far from being a lethal race. A single Eldar Exarch solo'd an entire Splinter Fleet, and not even a full Chapter of Space Marines killed an entire Hive Fleet. They're far from being incredibly lethal and have been shown to fall to all the other races, even the Tau. Unless their backup numbers constantly eluded to are confirmed to be in the trillions, they're more of an interesting small development than they are an uber-threat like Chaos.
  10. Details Details The Spriteful

    the behemoth,a medium hive fleet given the size of the newcomers,and the less informed one about the enemy (humans were not prepared too so it's a draw on this point), has being stopped only after breaching the defences settled by calgar and destroying roughly 90% of the ultramarine chapter on ultramar, the most well defended world of the eastern fringe, and the help of rouge traders ships (yes, ok the space fleet is maybe their weak spot winning occasionally only for numbers and size of ships)

    Hive fleet gorgon is a minor one attacking the tau empire only with a fraction of its power because its main forces were directed against the imperium, the tendril was enough to out develop the tau and consume all the world they fought upon, only the fortuitous aid of imperial forces

    maugan' ra is as overpowered and retard (but cool nonetheless) in that story as draigo adventures in the warp
    is draigo enough to proof that the chaos realm, and daemonic primarchs, are not powerful?

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