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Ork Waaaaagh Vs Tyranid Hive Fleet?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Matobar, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Matobar Matobar Moderator / Keeper of the Light

    Personally, my money is on the WAAAAGH! Because the Tyranids don't know how to fight Orks yet; they're so used to fighting humans, they don't yet understand that Orks can't be demoralized, can't be sent running, and don't fear death. And the Orks are uniquely suited to killing 'Nids: WE GOT'Z TA KILL DA BIGGEST ONE FIRST, YA GITZ!
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  2. ashlander Subordinate

    I believe this match up is toyed with in some of the codices, an Inquisitor detects a huge hive fleet (leviathan I believe?) and orchestrates events so that it runs headlong into a Waaagh! I think the fight is still raging and has spilled out across a few sectors of space. Sounds like a good fight.
  3. Gorbatz Gorbatz Subordinate

    Once Tyranids reach critical mass don't they immediately kill all psykers on the battlefield (which is a class all orks technically fall under)?
  4. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    This. The Tyranid splinter fleet and the Ork WAAAGH! were directed into each other. Tyranids and Orks are actually perfect equals in combat and neither can win- they're simply the perfect opponent (doesn't help the Nids either that the Old Ones made the Orks to be the immune system of the galaxy). If one party does win, it will have gained such incredible power (with either the Nids assimilating Orks and thus becoming 'Oids, or the Orks reaching a critical mass of a WAAAGH! of power never seen before), that pretty much every single sector in the immediate vicinity is fucked, plain and simple.
  5. Matobar Matobar Moderator / Keeper of the Light

    How fucked? This fucked?

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  6. Details Details The Spriteful

    yes hive fleet leviathan has been redirected sending some genestealers to the orks by inquisitor kryptman, and iyanden craftworld decided to exterminate some planets(some were imperial, lol) just to negate the tyranids biomass and slow them
    but the leviathan roflstomped everything on its path anyway reaching oktarius, center of the orks territory and "capital"
    they are still fighting but tyranids is said to slowly win

    but orks at full force would beat tyr, it's just a matter of time
  7. Freke Freke Subordinate

    The funny thing is Tyranids adapt almost immediately upon defeat. Not only that but when they collect biomass, they're also collecting ork bodies and that allows them to study them even further.

    I really suggest reading about the Octarius War as it's a really good read. I had a lot of fun just imagining what it looked like. It's definitely how a Tyranid Hive Fleet vs an Ork Empire would go down.

    As to this, I don't think they kill all Psykers, just cut them off completely from the warp which would actually drive them insane. But Ork psychic energy isn't generated from the warp as such, isn't really affected.
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  8. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    About so. The Tyranids more or less function as a charger for the Orks. If they ever buckle, then you have a massive WAAAGH! bursting through their line and consuming all nearby sectors and heavily hitting the Imperium.

    It doesn't help the Nids either that their method of combat is terrible for dealing with Orks. You can't destroy Orks by simply throwing more soldiers at them for an endless period of time- unless you manage to outnumber them or bring in orbital support, the Orks are there to stay. Unless the Tyranids suddenly change their method of operation entirely and evolve new combat forms to bombard the planet, if not destroy it, the Orks aren't going anywhere. Once Orks are on a planet, they're not going anywhere unless you scour it of all life, a la Necron, or fully Exterminatus it- feral Orks will continue to spawn. Engaging those feral Orks increases the risk that they will develop into fully fledged Orks. Disengaging also does this. Either you constantly beat them down before they have a chance to fully develop, or destroy the ecosystem entirely, they're not going anywhere. While Necrons would likely mop up a WAAAGH! with little effort, the Tyranids are literally the worst race to fight Orks considering they simply lack tactical means to efficiently eliminate them.
  9. Matobar Matobar Moderator / Keeper of the Light

    What about tyranid micro-organisms to eat the Ork spores?
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  10. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    The Orks simply have too many spores. Plus, Orks combat Tyranid tyranoforming by the fact they terraform as well. Nearly everything the Tyranids do, the Orks do, and in some cases, better.
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