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Discussion in 'Orks' started by Corphy, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    I know that they don't use them. Because lootaz don't have much choice for weapons, only deffguns variations I supposed that they could also use tankbustas equipment.
  2. except that ork weaponry is actually limitless in variability.
    no need to make entire classes for a single weapon. its redundant and bad game design.
  3. Musibat Khan Musibat-Khan Active Member


    Would be very boring to have a class (or all classes) revolving around just one weapon.
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  4. Uzgub Glowgob Uzgub Active Member

    Then we will have to wait and see what the New Ork Codex brings, but if you have really read about Orks you would know that their armory IS limited. If you want Anti-Armor play as Tankbusta, you want to murder light-heavy infantry and light armor play Lootaz, Tell that to GW.

    Personally I would love to see some of the old guns that the Orks lost in armory back or even variants of Deff guns that were never added to the Lootaz like this
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  5. That's pretty much what Eldar aspect warriors are all about though.

    I see that as a mild case of Gameplay and Story Segregation. Fluff-wise, nothing would prevent a loota from "recycling" a missile launcher or a lascannon. Hell, the new Flash Gitz' snazzguns contain parts from all manner of weapons (as do the deffgun concepts you linked to), yet they all use the same profile in-game, in order to have a more specialized role on the table.
  6. except that anybody can take weapons technically in tabletop only allowed to exarches.
  7. What about mad boyz? The ones that usually hang with Wierdboyz, and are semi-pyskers?

    Also, for progression, why not have your class progress from boy, to skarboy, and then to a nob? Each tier basically gives you more options, and makes you bigger, tougher and stronger, but creates a more natural progression curve. You can still go any class from the get go, just the snazzier ones are unlocked as you get bigger and more experienced (so boys can be lootas, skarboy lootas then become flash gitz, etc).

    Finally, grot minesweepers can be a piece of equipment, like a 'nade; so you pull the poor bugger out, toss him at the nearest landmine, and then he scurries off to "clear the path"

  8. because its not vertical progression. its horizontal progression.
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  9. You could argue against that point with the free ork boyz and the premium access to Nobz. If a free to play boy upgrades to a premium nob, that is basically vertical progression- only it's behind a pay wall, which, if this game was entirely free to play, would translate to free-to-win.

    There is also fact that there are exceptionally powerful units like terminators and mega armoured nobz that are unlocked, which is also vertical progression, is it not? But no one argues against that, because its only a situational advantage. Powerful armour and characters have a resource cost and increased spawn times to counterbalance their power. What would the counterbalance balance be for skarboyz and nobz? Lets look at it this way: an ork boy is weaker than a space marine, but can still kill one. They still rely on numbers though, and aren't the greatest at shooting. They rely in getting to combat as fast as possible without getting killed, or shooting enough dakka until something dies. A skarboy isn't much different. They are a bit bigger, a bit stronger, and, being higher up the pecking order, have access to better gear. Back when they were still in the ork codex, their stats weren't very different to the boyz (only one plus strength, in fact). So really, in EC I expect them to be on par with those berserker orks in space marines. And nobs, well they are bigger and better still, and will already be in the game.

    All I'm suggesting is that there could be some system that, when you invest enough xp into a classes progression tree, that class becomes physically larger and and somewhat stronger and tougher, along with a broader access to gear. The nob variety takes even more to xp to get to, and perhaps has an increase in spawn time to be on par to that of a space marine. All these options should be available in the load out creator (so you can choose your orks size, as the boy should have a much quicker spawn time because of its tendancy to be mowed down, skarboy takes longer, and nob is on par with a marine).

    What does this mean on the battlefield? The most dedicated, veteran ork players will be big bad orks on the level of nobz, fed on a diet of war, just like the fluff states. The more casual players will maybe only have the big sized ork for a class they specialised into to, otherwise, they will mostly be skarboyz, and some ork boyz. Then the less dedicated players, the faction alts and the free to players will be left with the ork boyz. As the game gets older and free-to-players dwindle, only the ork veterans remain, and therefore don't have to be backed up by a large horde anymore, because they are close combat monsters. They maybe thougher and stronger than space marines, but they still don't have as great armour, even if they equip 'eavy armour (which better be in the game). The nobs will also not be as agile as eldar. Basically, despite the lack of a horde, having nobz and skarboyz gives orks a lifeline for late in this games life, where pure strength makes up for strength in numbers. It goes hand in hand with the lore; the longer and bloodier the conflict, the larger and stronger the orks get.

    So the only question is will this have a massive impact on the game in the beginning and during its life cycle? Well, seeing the current projections for ork numbers, I think we will see a healthy mix of free and premium ork boyz, skarboyz, and ork nobs. Bear in mind, skarboy status should be difficult to obtain for all the classes over a period of a year without constant playing and dedication, and unlocking nobz should be the summit of a classes progression, it's apex in strength and toughness, but not its arsenal.

    (Please note: free-to-players can't become skarboyz or nobz)
  10. except there are a few problems
    1. the free orks are using a free trial basically. so of course they have limited content. them buying the game is not progression so much as it's just them..well..actually buying the game.
    2. terminators DO NOT have to be unlocked. you simply have to have the resources to pay for every time you spawn as one/a single life. if you have played planetside 2, then you will know what i mean when i say elite classes will be like MAX suits. if you haven't played PS2, go play it.

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