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Ork Classes

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Corphy, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. that will not be the way it is though.
    no, you have PERSONAL resources, the faction also has faction wide resources, the distribution of which is decided by the faction council.
  2. Bentusi16 Bentusi16 Prefectus

    The last I heard, they are still very tentative on how the ork classes are going to work. They haven't even released a final list on it yet, of all the factions, because I think they're not sure how they are going to work yet.

    The fact that the 'possible list' contained only shoota boyz and no slugga boyz was a pretty good indicator it's still very much an undecided issue.

    Besides, this is a thread about how WE would like to see it broken down.

    I would ilke to see everyone be a boy, and then you can spend experience to unlock specialities such as stormboy, shoota boy, 'ard boyz, slugga boyz, and then from there into bigger specialities such as flash gitz.
  3. flash gitz is elite class territory. so no. i like the idea of customizing in the way you are talking about, but this is not an rpg. so, it should be that there are no regular classes for the orks. your 'class' is simply determined by your loadout, which can be changed at will when you are dead with what you have unlocked, and is restricted depending on gear you choose. for example, taking a big shoota means you cannot take melee weapons beyond basic ones, and cannot use rokkits packs.
    elite classes should, IMO, be flash gitz, mega nobz, orks that have UNGODLY amounts of cybernetics, such that they have built in guns, and maybe their head and one arm is all that is still green, with the rest being cybork...
    but then, what about mekboyz? elite class? what about painboyz? i suppose you could equip a syringe that effectivley turns you into a painboy, but...i dunno...
    hero classes should be wierdboyz, big meks, warbosses, and perhaps freebooter kaptins. maybe mad doks too? maybe not.
    there is much to think about.
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  4. Bentusi16 Bentusi16 Prefectus

    It has RPG systems.

    You gain experience and you spend it in order to unlock certain things. It's not just RTP. So presumedly you will be paying EXP in order to unlock access to certain things.

    Also that's kind of my suggestion. If everyone is a 'boy', then what you have equipped is what determines what you are. But you have to spend experience in order to unlock different branches of equipment. So if I join the game at rank 1, I am a slugga boy. I fight a bit and earn enough to get to rank 2, and I decide to invest in the rokkit pack, which, when I equip it, makes me a stormboy. When I hit 3 I decide to rank up my anti-tank, giving me a rokkit, making me a tank busta.

    So dependingo n what I have equipped I'm a storm boy, or a tankbusta, or a whatever, but I'm still just a 'boy'. It's only when I rank up more down one tree that I get access to more powerful stuff, like a melta bomb if I'm a tank busta, or a big two handed chain-axe if i'm a stormboy.

    That kind of thing.
  5. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    What you`re talking about? We already have basic class list and some referenses to posible hero\elite classes.
    Basic classes:
    • Shoota (final name TBD)
    • 'Eavy/Loota (final name TBD)
    • Stormboy (final name TBD)
    • Painboy
    Shoota: This class is usual ork boy/ nob analouge from TT. You can equip slugga, shoota, power klaw, big choppa etc or even special weapons like skorcha, big shoota, kombi weapons and rokkit launcha.
    Eavy/Loota: This class I imagine as mix of loota and flash gitz+ some special weapons like skorcha, big shoota, kombi weapons and rokkit launcha.
    Stormboy: Usual stormboy/ nob with option to equip shield. Like this: [​IMG]
    Painboy: usual pain boy with possibility to grow in mad dok
    Hero/Elite classes:
    Ork Mega nob
    Cybork madboy (founder only)
    Big mek
    Scarboy Kommando (founder only)
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  6. skarboy kommandos should SERIOUSLY be elite classes.
    not AT ALL hero class worthy. warbosses should be hero classes--they are on par with captains and autarchs, which are a hero class.
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  7. Bogrol Bogrol Steam Early Access

    is this for reals? :O
  8. Appledrink Appledrink First Blood!

    Are you trying to say nobs don't ride bikes?
  9. we won't have a vehicle restriction for classes
    only free2waaagh won't be able to spawn vehicles if I remember right
  10. guys, we need to fix this. someone make a thread, im lazy right now.

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