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Ork Classes

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Corphy, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Lets list ork classes/class variations we want HERE! as well as discuss them!

    These are the classes I have thought of:
    Stormboy - Stormboy Nob
    Ork Boy - Ork Boy Nob (Ork Boyz can be slugga (and/or?) shoota boyz, with lots of weapon variation, these guys can also ride motorcycles and buggies, unlike stormboyz, lootas, meganobz, and many other classes. they should also be able to get 'eavy armor, bionics, and shtuff
    Loota Boy - Loota Boy Nob (or Flash Git)
    Kommando - Kommando Nob
    Tankbusta/stikkboma(?)or perhaps this could be a variation of Ork Boyz
    Mekboy - Big Mek(?)
    Painboy/Runtherd(or maybe as separate classes) - Mad Dok/Painboss
    Runtherd uses attack squigs, bomb squigs, and other squig types, as well as gretchin mobs, can also throw gretchins, zap people, grab people/disrupt them, and perhaps even order gretchins to man the big guns at a base, instead of manning it himself, freeing him up to do uvver fings.
    wierdboy - hero class
    I dont think that bike-boyz and deffkoptas should be included as classes-they should be rideable only by mekboyz, ork boyz and MAYBE painboyz

    Any ideas are welcome. DISCUSS!
  2. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Dude most of these classes are confirmed. I like the runtherder idea though especially the order a Gretchen to man a gun. I also like the idea of using attack SQUIGS and bomb squigs. The only problem is how would he represent the Gretchen in his herd. Npcs are confirmed to have a low count. Maybe he can have like five Gretchen in a pack/basket thing on his back and he can order them around but they can die and they have to be replaced.most of The other things you said are confirmed so we will probably see them I'm the orkish horde.

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  3. the only ones confirmed are meganobs, stormboyz, loota boyz, and mekboyz.
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  4. and orkboys too ;)

    I don't think that we will be able to order NPCs around like we want to at least at launch

    bombsquigs could be granadetypes which search enemies on their own

    grits could be upgrades which would sit on your shoulder and would be used as a secound gun or he would automaticly shot when you shot to increase your bullets/sec

    oh and on a side note I would love to see the German names for the ork classes
    ballaboys and panzerknackas are just fabulous!
  5. That actually sounds pretty cool
  6. Musibat Khan Musibat-Khan Active Member

    Here is what we know as far as Ork classes are concerned.

    From the faction artwork:

    We can guess well get Mekboy, Stormboy, Loota and Mega Nob.

    They all seem to be normal classes except Mega Nob because numerous times in interviews it has been stated that Terminators and Mega Nobs are classes that are only available thru using resource points ( or requisition points or what ever those points are called)

    The other class known is the Ork Boy who is the F2P class of the game. So my guess is that the 4 Ork classes equalant of the 4 SM classes: Tactical, Devastator, Assault, and Apothecary are Boyz, Loota, Stormboy and Mekboy.

    This is just my opinion but it might be that the equalant of F2p Boyz for the players who buy Orks might be Nobs, who will be same as the F2P Boyz but with a bit more health and wider range of weapons to select from.SMASH!!! SHUT YER YAPPIN YA GIT! WE DON'T CARE WHAT YA THINK JUST GIVE US DA FACTS.

    Then we have the hero classes. Thanks to a bloke called Steven Lumpkins who showed us some EC concept art. According to that we can say that two Hero Classes 1: Cybork and 2: Kommando Nob are in too. Now I don't know how exactly hero classes work but it seems they will be either on a very big cool-down timer or available to us only once per day.

    Every faction has 5 sub-faction we know that Goffs, Evil Sunz, Death Skulls and Bad Moon are in, but the 5th Klan has not been revealed yet.

    There you go every thing we know about Ork classes.
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  7. cyborks better damn not be a hero class.



    those are lower than damn mega nobs.
  8. VoxC VoxC Menial

    Any kind of ork should be capable of getting bioniks installed. I've fielded totally cybork armies before.
  9. Musibat Khan Musibat-Khan Active Member

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