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Ordo Chronos RP - OOC and Planning Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Casavay, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Approved Characters:

    Warning: High content of unexplored fluff, and general bendery. If you have a problem with speculative extensions of the universe, then this RP is not for you.

    The Ordo Chronos

    Who are they?

    To say the Inquisition are the unseen servants of the Imperium is quite true. Most of their work is done without those being involved noticing, and many missions require infiltration, successful subterfuge and much falsehood to conceal their true nature. However, some Ordos are even further behind the scenes than others. One such ordo is the Ordo Chronos.

    Overtly nothing but a bunch of scribes that write down random dates and locations, the actual agents and Inquisitors of the Ordo Chronos hunt down and research the distortions in time caused by the Warp. As this is a highly arcane and unreliable topic, their methods are somewhere between science and magic, and the agents themselves are automatically viewed with more suspicion than those of any other Ordo, for the nature of their work drives them into the Warp and into Chaos contact more often than not.

    A hypothetical part of their work is also to investigate and eliminate any entities that cause larger snags in the rug of time. Usually, this is something Inquisitors joke about; this kind of mission is never issued, and there is no reason to hunt down something that travels through time.

    Most Ordo Chronos like the fact that ridicule makes their subterfuge much easier. The truth would cause unneccessary panic.

    What is the assignment?

    From the inquisitorial fortress of Atropos come more and more reports of curious disturbances. Reinforcements appearing before battles have started are a mere triviality. But whole planets enveloped in looping days, the timestream running backwards? Fleets, vanishing, along with their records? At this scale, it begs an investigation.

    Two highly prestigious and experienced Inquisitors - the Puritan Xerxes bin Mahzar and the Radical Cassiopeia Kharybdis - have been mobilized to deal with the threat, and launched a campaign to find and eliminate its cause. To this end, they have recruited a coterie of Imperial servants from all corners of the Imperium, every last one of them an incredibly skilled, incredibly powerful, incredibly learned or simply incredibly lucky individual.

    Bin Mahzar and Kharybdis both have different theories, but they are in agreement about one thing - there are only two groups who casually disturb time on a grand scale. And with more and more dramatic near-losses for the Imperium, it seems apparent there is no doubt that this is a result of increased activity of the legendary time-lost chapter.

    Given a Black Ship outfitted with arcane tech named the Carmine Seeker, an onboard cadre of Scions hand-picked from several Militarum Tempestus regiments, and carte blanche to deal with the situation as they see fit, the inquisitorial Task Force is sent on a voyage they will likely never return from.

    Who are you?

    You are not part of either Inquisitor's retinue, nor of the ship's crew per se - instead, you are members of the Task Force who were recruited due to their exceptional qualities. Due to this, in the command chain, your individual places are above the ship's Scions and crew but below the two Inquisitors and their Acolytes or Adjutants.

    From a steadfast Sororita to a mysterious Magos, almost everything that is found in the Imperium is game, though I reserve the right to nix any concept. In order to keep it more varied, I will only allow three Space Marines, and no Grey Knights. Both Inquisitors simply lack the authority to just command a Legion of Astartes to join them, in addition to having their own special reasons.

    Keep in mind that not all members of the Task Force must be full fighters, and that even lowly scholars may have something giving them an edge in combat.

    This is the character sheet I will require:

    Name: Your character's full name. Plus title, if you so desire and it is appropriate.

    Callsign: What your character will be called over vox and for undercover purposes. No more than 4 syllables please.

    Gender: Apparent Gender goes here.

    Age: Go crazy. But... keep them legal.

    Class: Your character type or profession or whatever, created by a faction plus a role; e.g. "Deathwatch Assault Marine", "Sororitas Sister of Battle", "Imperial Guard Scion" etc. You may get creative, but as with anything I will reserve the right to nix anything and rework it with you.


    Weapons: Your character's weapons. Limit it to three at most, please.

    Armour: Your character's armour.

    Special Equipment: Any equipment not in either category.


    Appearance: Self-explanatory!

    Personality: Also self-explanatory. No need for indepth analyses, but a basic description should be present.

    Prior History: Your character's history leading up to their heroic feat. Again, no need for indepth stuff (unless you want to!), but some minimum effort would be nice.

    Heroic Feat: What made your character attract the Ordo's attention? It can be nearly everything, as long as it is exceptional. But keep in mind that 'Killed 10.000 Space Marines with a rusty Spoon' is not a heroic, exceptional thing but rather just kind of sueish without proper explanation.

    Will you die?

    Not my goal, but might happen. 40k is lethal, the Warp is a cruel mistress and neither bin Mahzar nor Kharybdis tolerate much cowardice.

    When will you start?

    4 or 5 players would be nice.

    Anything about the Inquisitors you should know?

    You have worked with them for any time from a year up to about a month ago. That's how long they've been recruiting actively. But what's in this section is general knowledge/rumour about the two:

    The Red Worm
    In another life, Cassiopeia Kharybdis would likely be a very influential Ordo Xenos Inquisitor. As a friend to the Eldar (sometimes at least), and fluent in Orkish glyphs and Tarellian, this woman is famous inside the Ordo for being a rough and tumble old school adventurer, cunning linguist and silver-tongue unlike the stereotypical burner of worlds most would picture at the mention of an 'Inquisitor'. With a personal collection of heretical relics and trophies, this Sepulcran noble is shrouded in rumours about pretty much everything she has ever done. What's sure is that she is a powerful Psyker gifted in Biomancy and Daemonolgy, and approaches her grim duties with an ironic smirk and a sleazy, casual attitude. She is the cocky grin to bin Mahzar's stony gaze.

    The Inquisitor is a woman who appears to be in her early thirties at most, likely the result of much rejuvenating at a young age. With bronze skin and long black hair, she does not fit in with the usual phenotype of nobility - or Sepulchrans - but can easily pass as a member of the working class of the Imperium. Her body is athletic and trained, though more built for agility than brute strength. Cassiopeia stands at six feet tall, her face possessing a feminine shapeliness that is marred by a single missing eye and burn scars surrounding the socket.

    The Steel Nephil
    Xerxes bin Mahzar is a convinced Puritan from a very rich background, famous primarily for his sense in dress (gold) and his refusal to lie. A very patient and stoic man, he uses his immense resources to push his agendas and those of the Imperium. A great scholar on matters of the Warp and its distortion, and much more authoritarian than his female colleague, he has the reputation of a quiet observer and as a man who will not hesitate to burn a million innocents to catch a single heretic. It is said he is a great warrior as well, and rumour has it that he has connections to Forge Worlds that allow him to lay his hands on artifacts no normal humans would even see. He is the warrior and scientist to Kharybdis' diplomat-slash-rogue.

    This Ordo Chronos inquisitor could easily pass for a man in the late fourties, a testament to his age in spite of rejuvenation. A tall, muscular and dark-skinned man standing at six feet seven inches tall, with a body adorned with countless scars, Xerxes appears both regal and like a true warrior at the same time. His dark eyes are unreadable and cold, and he wears a medium-length black beard containing multiple braids with gold tubes to a shorn head. On every finger, he bears a ring with a different gemstone inside of it.

    And the rest of the Crew?

    Apart from the servitors and slaves running the ship, there are a few people to keep in mind:

    Kharyibdis' Adjutant, the self-titled Killmaster Snikt. A skilled assassin and cunning if predatory mind in the well-trained body of a sharp-clawed mutant. Claims she can kill everything, and will try. Chance of success is high.

    Bin Mahzar's Adjutant, codenamed Geryon to protect his identity. A very scholarly if arrogant young noble who is excited at the opportunity to serve the Imperium with his forbidden knowledge about the Warp. He likes psykers more than he should.

    Bin Mahzar's Acolyte, Arlon Highglass. A former Hive World rogue and gunslinger with a mild talent for telepathy. Appreciates the female form too much for bin Mahzar's taste, but his skill for tracking and investigation is undeniable.

    The Captain, Olav Hrunting. A grizzled and highly fed-up Imperial Navy veteran who had a shooting star career until he lost a ship and was forced to go into hiding. He considers himself too old for this, but serves 'gladly' so his daughters and wife don't suffer. Kharybdis does not even lie about having threatened them.

    The Chief Engineer, Psi Delta 67. A Mechanicus priest too modifed to even be recognizable as a human being, but linked to the Seeker and an engineer without peer. Doesn't talk to the unfaithful at all, and lets his apprentice, the still somewhat fleshed Psi Alpha 3, talk for him. Anyone who stands in their way while they work will get pushed aside.

    The Tempestor Prime, Ioana Nosferat. A Sepulcran noble sent to become a Scion since she didn't fit into their complicated hierarchy. She resisted the brainwashing of the Schola Progenium and is a quite sardonic and laid-back captain, something the local Scions don't always appreciate.

    How will you kill things?

    In general, I'm in favour of freeform RP, and I trust the EC Forums that it works. Coupled with the fact that this game will move somewhat slowly on the GM side, we'll see how it works out.

    Well, that is it.

    IC Thread here:
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    St. Andreas Helbrecht

    Holy Blade


    218 (two rejuvenation treatments, appears as ~60)



    Power Rod (Walking staff with a button to turn power field on)
    Auto Pistol (High Quality; Blessed Shells)

    Flak Armor
    Mesh Robes (above armor)

    Special Equipment:
    Holy Shells of Helbrecht


    An elder man with barely hair, and the little he has grows grey above his ears, around his head. Leaving the top of his head bald where usually his Cardinal hat sits. Other than that, he looks rather frail, but don't judge a book by it's cover.

    Gentle to those with inner conflicts, harsh to those that have no legit explanation of why their faith is shaken. Generally a good listener and gives gladly advice - but only if inquired. He knows his place and when to keep his mouth shut.

    Prior History:
    Helbrecht was the child of a loyal Imperial Soldier who was his father and a Medic who was his mother. They served in the local Planetary Defense Force together. He was educated with a strong faith and self-defensive techniques, having been taught how to shoot as young as 6 years old, gaining his first kill at the age of 14 against a Feral Ork invasion on his homeworld, where he defended with bravery his homestead, while his parents fought the major battles. His father died in the combat, his mother being too crushed gave the young teenager to the local priest to take care of him, her faith having been shattered after the so called God-Emperor stole her love from her hands. That was the moment when Andreas felt the first time that not everyone's faith which is shaken is an automatic act of heresy, but rather an important point in life that decides the future for not only yourself, but those around you. And so he swore to be strong for those who could not be.

    Heroic Feat:
    His title of Saint came to be in the year 003.M42 when a world he was Cardinal on was struck first by chaos cultists, born out of his very own synod - without his knowledge. The world was supposed to fall under complete rebellion, as he found out one day - starting with his execution, during the Sanguinala, which he would lead as the local Cardinal. He prepared for that day by creating bullets, filled with silver and each being blessed by himself. He armed himself and a handful of PDF soldiers he trusted. And once the celebrations begun and the parade reached it's climax, instead of the cultists eliminating their target - they were killed by him and his closest allies among him. The fight lasted an entire week until all heresy was purged. For the successful purge, and the uncovering of plans to turn the world into a Daemon World in the name of Khorne - he was nominated to become a Saint. Especially after he nursed all remaining individual's faith back to health through his care-taking.

    How he found out of the upcoming events? The skeptic say he overheard it. The faithful say that the God-Emperor himself showed him that vision. Himself, he speaks not of how it come that far and simply replies "I was at the right time, at the right location to enforce His will and save those who had not given into the temptations of the Empyrean."
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  3. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    :O I am once again going to have to gracefully decline, due to having probably over-subscribed myself already ... once upon a time I couldn't find games to join and now I have to turn them down ... :(

    I'll be reading along though when I have time :D
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  4. Name: Argneir Grimtooth

    Callsign: Grim

    Gender: Male

    Age: 185

    Class: Wolf Guard


    Weapons: Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Bolt Pistol

    Armour: Artificer Armour, MkIV

    Special Equipment: Thunder wolf (if @Casavay says it's ok, otherwise nothing)


    Green eyes shine out from underneath a thick mane of black hair, Hair that is only matched by the thick beard sported by all Space Wolves. This is of course when he is not wearing his helmet, which is fashioned into the shape of a wolf's head. His Artificer armor is adorned with livery of the 1st Great Company, and bears the markings of numerous victories upon it.

    More level-headed and calm then most Space Wolves and often described as wise before his age. He does not often act rashly, taking the proper time needed to plan a course of action, but the results are devastating to behold as when he finally does strike, it is at the most opportune moment.

    Prior History:
    Grim first drew the attention of his superiors as a young Blood Claw, where he was often caught thinking before acting, a trait highly uncommon amongst the hot-headed recruits. He served ably as a Grey Hunter before becoming a Thunder wolf Cavalry Pack member, showing distinction in several engagements against the hated Thousand Sons. It wasn't long before this was noticed and he was selected to lead his cavalry pack after his pack leader became a Wolf Lord. It was during this stint as pack leader that he was assigned to the Ordo Chronos.

    Heroic Feat:
    After his pack's transport was destroyed en route to a distress signal on a nearby planet, Grim led his pack with valor, taking command of the local pdf and guard and taking the fight to the infesting orks. Despite being heavily out numbered, his patient mind enabled him to ensure that each strike was in the right place at the right time, such that no life was lost without reason. He personally slew the warboss, a great hulking ork in mega armor with a massive axe that could cleave a tank in two. When the fight was over and a ship sent, off in the distance he could see the events of his crash happening again, and the orks seeming to appear from no where. This prompted an investigation by the Ordo Chronos, and once the problem was dealt with permanently, Logan Grimnar order Grim to remain with the Ordo Chronos in order to learn about these anomalies, so that the Space Wolves would be prepared if they ever fought such things again.
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  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    It's fine, though you will have to keep in mind that you can't ride him everywhere.
  6. 100% understood, it's mainly for flavor purposes anyway, but everything else is good?
  7. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    It is indeed, Ferrous Canine.
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  8. -I know I hadn't expressed interest before, but it honestly looks like you guys could use a Null if we're dealing with Chaos/Warp shenanigans-

    : - "Arvia Kemmler"

    Callsign: Locus

    Gender: Female

    Age: 64

    Class: Inquisitorial Null-Assassin


    - Absolution Pattern Sniper Rifle (Unless Exitus is allowed, but that's a very nasty weapon) w. Omni-Scope, Targeting Cogitator, Stumm-tech Silencer and Fire Selector Magazines (Standard Rounds, Amputator Rounds, Manstopper Rounds)
    - Maximus Pattern Hand Cannon (Once again, unless Exitus is allowed) w. Targeting Cogitator, Suspensory - Auto-Stabilizer, Stumm-tech Silencer and Fire Selector Magazines (Standard Rounds, Amputator Rounds, Manstopper Rounds)
    - Mono-Edged Power Blade

    Armour: Synskin Bodyglove

    Equipment: Stumm-weave Generator, Reflexive Camelioline Cloak, Photo-Contacts, Multi-Spectrum Micro Bead, Powered Grapnel & Line, Magnoculars, Signal Jammer

    Cybernetics: MIU-Datalink, MIU-Weapon Datalink, Motor Joint Enhancements


    Appearance: Scarred, rugged and unnaturally pale, the Schola Progenium and Inquisition made no attempt to spare Locus's humanity in such trivial things as appearance. Her completely bald body has lost its ability to grow hair due to the chemical processes of skeletal petrification, instead replaced by the visible scars of the MIU instalment operations. Her build is comparable to that of the dreaded Officio Assassinorum agents, favouring refined, powerful muscles over mass, as to not interfere with the graceful and slender movements she is required to perform during her duties as an Assassin. Rarely found outside of her Synskin unless performing repairs or other out-of-combat duties, most will never see past the pitch black shadowy figure, all the better to accentuate her status as a weapon, rather than a person.

    Personality: The Schola Progenium teaches aspiring assassins, Guardsmen and any non-Sororitas warrior that they are tools more than they are people. The Emperor cares not for their personal feelings, only that they never even consider betraying Him, and put their minds to the task of serving His glorious plan. Many decades, combined with three different forms of these same teachings have refined's personality to the razor's edge as one of a cold killer. Empathy is a weakness no assassin can tolerate, and while truly expunging them is impossible, restraint on all emotional inputs must be exercised to the full. Anger, hatred, happiness, love, ambition, acceptance, all have been caged by the chains of indoctrination. She is loyal almost to a fault, though will not shy away from exercising and adapting her own stratagems when dealing with orders given by those not of the rank of Inquisitor. Most would quickly learn that it is usually best to give the mission parameters to this assassin, and leave her to do the rest.

    Prior History: Death and war are a constant in the Imperium. Whole families are slaughtered by Xenos, Heretics, Daemons and even overzealous Imperials absolutely certain in their righteousness. Perhaps, then, it is not a surprise that the Schola Progenium is such an important organization. Orphans are more common in the Imperium than anyone would care to imagine, and even then only a small percentage of them are ever found strong of mind or faith enough to be accepted into the institutions of the Schola. was given her new, true name there, and would find her entire being devoted to the art of murder. She never had a choice in life, but was taught not only to disregard any sense of self-pity, but to also rejoice in this glorious event. She did not need to think on her life or the path she would take, for the Emperor and His servants were kind enough to show her the way to personal salvation. They never told her of the Pariah gene that rested in her DNA, believing the child would only grow disobedient upon knowing she possessed no soul, no hope of reaching the God Emperor in death.

    Decades later, the assassin known as was re-introduced to the Imperium a deadly and efficient tool of murder. Many heretics and lowly warlords died with their horrified faces in her telescopic sight. While not possessing of a Null field anywhere near that capable by the feared Culexus Assassins, her Pariah-aura was still enough to break the guards any Psyker targets she may have had, allowing them to be dispatched as any other.

    Heroic Feat: Almost nobody to this day knows what ended the Mutant uprising that threatened to engulf the Hive World of Sicon VI, none that is but the Emperor's Holy Inquisition.

    Against all odds, a filthy mutant had become the Archdeacon of Hive City Clix, spreading the seeds of rebellion and corruption with her newfound political power. It was not long before mutations and heresy became more prevalent within the lower and middle hives, the underhive cults becoming more and more confident now that they had "one of their own," at the top of their world. It was not until the very fortunate discovery of an uncorrupted Dataslate that the Archdeacon was suspected. Finding the Dataslate upon the dead corpse of her target, broadcasted her mission report before disappearing into the Hive.

    The Archdeacon was found dead three days later, the mutant rebellion was quelled, and the Assassin known as was never seen by her Schola contractors again.
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  9. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    Name: valux ren,

    Callsign: sheild

    Gender: space marine (male)

    Age: 422

    Class: death watch black sheild (look to history)


    Weapons: power glaive, boltgun and storm sheild

    Armour: artificer armor mk 8 with no chapter markings on it

    Special Equipment: a long flowing cloak that can cover his entier body


    Appearance: compleatly bold with burn marks over his left eye which is replaced with a bionic

    Personality: seams cmpleatly incabeble of alowing any form of heresy go un answerd and will detain any that do so

    Prior History: served his chapter for 411 years from his induction raising in the ranks until he was alowed acsess to the chapter couincil meetings, famed for being the chapters best combat specialist he has participated in many training secions during his 3 tours of duty in the deathwatch the first as a scout sniper the second as a vetren seargent and the last after his heroic feat

    Heroic Feat: while in a council meeting after he had returned from a mission he was summoned with no time to leave his weapons or armor only to arive to find the chapter master bleeding out and the 1st and 2nd company captains about to execute him.

    the next moments had hem move between the two captains and the chapter master, only to be stabbed in the back with a dagger and told his actions have dwarn the inquisition curious about the chapter and a conspiracy to overthrow the system for khorne.

    the second company captain blasted him with his combi flamer in the face beliving he was pined by the knife but was not he proceded to behead the chapter master and then shoot the 2nd captain in the face and see the 1st trying to call others to help him having relized he was now alone and the glaive was active.

    of the half company on the planet at the time none escaped his wrath as he brought the chapter masters head to an inquisitor and proof of the events, the chapter was hunted down and valux has taken an oath of solitude never to rest untill his brothers have all answerd for their herasy

    (hope this is ok)
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  10. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Will post a char. sheet in few hours!
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