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On Eldar, Scorpions and DJ Khaled

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Wartortle, Apr 14, 2018.

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  1. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester


    zzzzzz not this shit again

    nade tricks are easy to avoid even with garbage ping, see:

    if you want to test this out yourself, i'm happy to jump in-game, but nade tricks do not take advantage of the sluggish netcode nor the lag compensation, you'll notice that when lagging that shots actually whiff on nades so if anything it makes it next to impossible to nade trick with garbo ping.
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  2. Turturibus Wartortle New Member

    I can't.
  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    To be fair: You are air-bursting a lot. I literally flinch every time something yellow throws a grenade at me.
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  4. Turturibus Wartortle New Member

    No profound commentary on EC's balance was intended. The match I had shown in the video just had a lot of scorpions.

    Cheers lads and ladies, for the wise words. <3
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  5. nikel nikel Arkhona Vanguard

    nadetrics doesnt help? wow....
  6. Dorfus Dorfus Steam Early Access

    no hate proteus but while I don't really mind nadetricks, it's different to throw them against someone who's already prepared for it compared to someone you just found out of the blue, since very few players in EC know how to nadetrick properly very few people will expect you to pull it off unless they know you, and if you nadetrick someone who's unaware it's just gg because the only things you get to do once you see the grenade indicator are saying "oh shit" and thinking of your life choices meanwhile the guy who nadetricked you is executing you
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  7. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    I dunno man, I can count on one hand the amount of times I've been nade tricked even in fights against BLOP. If you are caught unawares however, that's another issue entirely, a lack of situational awareness should rightfully be punished.
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  8. Turturibus Wartortle New Member

    I'm being torn into ribbons by all these logical observations :(
  9. Durash Durash Arkhona Vanguard

    Things shouldn't kill me if I don't expect them!!!



    The latter part with the space marine theme blasting was pretty funny though.
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  10. GREEN IS BEST! and the Scorpion knows it.

    I love playing scorpion, I feel like the boss ninja on some bruce lee movie, I mean I just look at my target and think of them being dead and they die.

    With the Scorpion it's easy to make it look easy when actually there's a lot that goes in to it. Fun as hell though.
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