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OBST - The Obsidian Tempest; Eldar Guild

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Korlandril, Jul 27, 2014.

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    The Obsidian Tempest

    About the Guild:

    Guild Features:
    Weekly War Party gatherings to play together and gain some xp
    Guild vs Guild competitive games
    Ad-hoc War Parties throughout the week

    English speaking, multi-nationality.

    Competitive through teamwork and leadership. No mandatory training or mandatory events.

    Eldar Guild focused on having fun, working together and doing well. Accommodating to whatever interests Guild members have whether RP, competitive or anything else.

    You can put as much as you want into the Guild and expect to get something out of it no matter what.

    We currently use Discord for voice communication and general chat and we use our Steam group to schedule events.

    Current member count: ~80

    Join now by adding me on Steam and letting me know your intentions to join:
    Guild Leader - AKA Korlandril

    Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

    Taste the Rainbow

    Why is the grav tank on B point?????

    Steam Group:
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  2. Z3E0H3R0 Recruit

    Great guild. Works really well together.
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  3. Noia Noia Steam Early Access

    Great group of people. Teamwork and good laughs to be had.
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  4. DaeronGER DaeronGER Steam Early Access

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  5. Welcome!

    Sent you a friend request on steam
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  6. Hivespirit HiveSpirit Drill Abbott

    Lavai Kindred, AnnoShem reaches out to you for collaboration in the future, we would be most pleased to work together.
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  7. Some of the guys playing together casually
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  8. We now have our official domain registered

    Also at time of writing we are the 3rd biggest Eldar Guild in game and 2 members behind the guild in 2nd place.

    We have been playing in larger and larger war parties and doing very well, still looking for more members so we can hone our tactics when we have larger forces active.
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  9. Bemorph Subordinate

    Character Name: Tah-Hras
    Link to Steam profile:
    Preferred Craftworld:
    Preferred Class(es): Swooping Hawk

    Are you guys playing in europe?
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  10. Yes, have a lot of Europeans including myself.

    We always need more Swooping Hawks :)
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