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NO sound at all please help!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Albotross69, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Albotross69 Recruit

    I havnt been able to get any sound since a few patches ago and ive reinstalled twice and verified the files but I still cant hear anything. Could someone please help me as I really want to enjoy this amazing game as much as I can, Cheers
  2. SaffronB SaffronB Preacher

    When in game check settings, and if sound is ok there then, alt tab out of game and check your speaker settings in desktop (near the clock)
  3. Albotross69 Recruit

    Speaker connection is fine as I can hear audio from other apps and youtube
  4. SaffronB SaffronB Preacher

    Have you checked Icon of Eteral crusade? in speakiner configurations
  5. Ian Chuprun NoiseMaker Senior Sound Designer

    Go into the game's audio settings and change something, then apply and back out, then go back in again and put the settings the way you want them to be, apply again and then back out. Let me know if this works or not.
  6. Albotross69 Recruit

    none of this has worked, I have no idea what else to do
  7. Kaedenor Ghost_Rider_LSOV Steam Early Access

    I know this will sound silly, but since we are checking everything: In the windows sound icon, go to the volume mixer (shows the volume for every open application) and see if Eternal Crusade is muted or has its volume lowered.
  8. Kaedenor Ghost_Rider_LSOV Steam Early Access

  9. Albotross69 Recruit

    Yep nothing is working, I think my game files may be corrupt, steam integrity check hasnt shown anything maybe my version is kaput and I have to buy it again, i really hope not. This looks so awesome to play now with the new graphics update and races and I cant enjoy it at all with muted sound :( :(
  10. Kaedenor Ghost_Rider_LSOV Steam Early Access

    This is very weird...I still think there is something overlooked and most likely a "oh man, I can't believe *this* was the reason for it"...

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