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No rangers after all

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Avallac, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Avallac Avallac Arkhona Vanguard

    They decided to implement autarch first, so we won't see rangers for a very long time, I'd imagine.

    And they (finally) confirmed that the old idea 'each hero for RTC, but with uglier version for req/AP' was scrapped. Instead you buy a special piece of equipment for one of your vets to emulate the hero class (e.g. ork slugga boys will get 'sneaky skills' as wargear 1 to make them work exactly like the skarboy kommando - the only difference will be their skin). That means our autarch - basically a warlord, far above your standard aspect warriors - will be on a level of a veteran basic class (which, I'd like to remind you, are just basic aspect warriors with a bit more combat experience, i.e. autarchs will be weaker than exarchs) with some additional wargear that does who-knows-what (though, balance-wise it'd be ok if the vet class was the upper power limit in EC, i.e. absolutely nothing in the future will be more powerful than a veteran: not librarian, not farseer, not cybork, or any other class they may choose to implement in the future - in that case just be done with it and rename eldar vets to exarchs).

    Now I just wonder how exactly will they differ -since the only thing we know is that they'll have a chainsword, a fusion pistol, and mandiblasters (ha!), and that sounds just like a non-invisible scorpion- and which vet class will be their base.

    All in all it seems EC guys didn't think this through.

    Source: Noah on Discord (I'm sure someone took screencaps of that particular conversation)
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  2. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    What a boring outcome, unless you can take Fuegans resolve and hawk wings I will be very disappointed
    since Orks with have invisible power klaws with AV grenades.
  3. Tarot NeonWeaver Steam Early Access

    An Autarch with hawk wings, a banshee power sword and a fusion pistol could be much more interesting, imo.
    At least, as the ork commando does, it could fill a gap in the eldar playstyle (melee JPA).

    But the same was going to do the ranger, and probably better, so... u__u

    Thinking... if they're including the mandiblaster as a weapon, maybe these are good news for the scorpions? ô_o
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  4. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    I think the Eldar already have enough classes. I'm not trying to be mean, but pointing out that there are some problems with more classes.

    Either each class's Advancements need to be cheaper, but that allows for you to master a single class much easier than with other races. This can be imbalanced.

    Or it would make Eldar players suffer from having to grind way more AP than other races, which is again a bad idea. This would be just insufferable.
  5. Pfff disgusting news. We were most needed in sniper class, but not a IDK-why-they-implement-this class
  6. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    AP price cuts being op on Eldar makes no sense since we have the best example being Space Marines to go off

    They do by a very large margin already,

    Space Marines already have the best advancement tree in the game with the best value for points so fucking it up more for a smaller faction with more grind wouldn't hurt I guess, I already pay like 500 more ap for body armour, like 1000 more when you consider I have to unlock 80% of a classes tree before hand for mandatory gear a nub can get in like 3 hours on others.
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  7. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Wait... They aren't doing Rangers?

    Well all the hype from me is gone. I'm off to play Warhammer Total War, might be back if Terminators ever show up.
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  8. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    I just... what?

    I just read the discord.

    How does this make even a sliver of sense?

    Autarchs are army generals. They are powerful characters on a level with chaplains, company captains, librarians etc.

    How the fuck does it make sense to do an Ork unit like a kommando then do a full-on army general for Eldar?

    Ork: Kommando (elite)
    Chaos: Possessed (elite)
    LSM: Damned Legionairre (elite)

    Eldar: A freaking Autarch (HQ)


    Exarch yes. Elite. Ranger yes. Elite. Warp spiders. Elite.

    Why on earth is Autarch first? Would it not make sense to make Autarch in a batch of actual HQ units?
  9. Avallac Avallac Arkhona Vanguard

    The hero class is this guy:

    All hero classes have fixed loadouts (which coincidentally makes stealthy slugga vet instantly better than the skarboy kommando) so with the autarch you are stuck with what you see above - i.e. absolutely no wings (unless they somehow make him based on a hawk, which frankly seems impossible), no power swords (unless based on a banshee - a bit more probable but still don't see it as it would mean that banshee vets get to wield chainswords) etc.

    The easiest way would be to give the scorpion vet a wargear that removed cloak, but gave some other as of yet unspecified buff. Problem: doesn't fit thematically (non-infiltrating scorpion leader? eh...).

    The other possibility I see is a dire avenger with some buffing wargear that also lets him take a chainsword (if EC loadout system allows for something fancy like that code-wise). It would be balanced so far as all other heroes are capping classes and if only eldar got theirs on a non-capping class... well, another riot (but honestly I wouldn't be surprised in the least). The problem is that GW supposedly doesn't want non-exarch DA with melee, but maaaaybe that was the argument that finally convinced them to let go: 'we can either give DA vet a long-rifle and a cloak or... a chansword; you choose geedubs'.

    The problem with all the above is obvious - I assume that Behaviour will be consistent and treat eldar like other factions, which is unfortunately not a sure thing.
  10. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Oh look he's got mandiblasters....

    ...... not.... because that's not a thing in EC :D:D:D:D

    So he's a fire dragon with a chainsword.
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