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No "change Shoulder Position Of Camera" Option?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Unahim, Jun 23, 2015.


Should there be a left/right shoulder camera toggle?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  3. I cannot decide.

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  1. Unahim Unahim Curator

    In the last Twitch, Brent revealed that we will not be able to change what shoulder the camera looks over. It was stated this would require extra animation work to accomplish, and they think the cover system (which does let you look behind corners either left or right) will be an apt replacement.

    I can see their reasoning; extra animation work has to be carefully weighted against potential gains. There's already a system that lets you look around corners, so it's not worth it, right?

    This is where I disagree. I have played a number of TPS games in the past, and in each and every one of them the ability to switch the camera position between left and right shoulder was absolutely vital. The current cover system is neat, but if there's a long hallway and a guy at the end of it, I don't want the camera to snap back to my right shoulder automatically when I round the corner, blocking out most of my view to the left while keeping my right free... where there's mostly only wall at this point. Sometimes (actually, a lot of times) you just need to run around a corner and gun someone down, rather than approach the wall, get into cover, lean out, etc... In these cases, the camera switch option is essential. And some classes can't even use the cover system to get around this problem at all.

    It does not seem like it's impossible for the EW team to add this feature, but obviously it requires extra animations that they do not currently have planned. Meaning its inclusion would slow down other parts of the game, naturally. Personally, I think any delay in the adding of new factions and the like is completely worth the additional functionality this will bring in the end. What do you think? Please leave a comment explaining your vote!

    I'd hate to see Eternal Crusade PvP Guides of the future all start with "Tip 1: Stay on the [right/left side] of your opponent at all times, because his model always blocks his sight on that side, and he has less total vision range in that direction." That would be a shame.

    edit: Here you can see how weird it is to round cover on the left (time: 11:20-11:28, compare left and right):

    Notice how your view shifts awkwardly and gets pressed against the crate when going left, but not right? A shoulder camera toggle is needed to prevent that.
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  2. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    I, on the other hand, would like the camera directly behind the character instead being over either shoulder. With its following where you point the crosshair.
    Incase you happent to require an working example regarding the above, then look at how the camera is done in RenegadeX. Nobody really complained about it sofar.

    Saying this as somebody who had experienced enough faulty cams in the early Tomb Raider games to loathe that. Self-rotating cameras always find something to get stuck on, and given the game will be played online i can predict the camera causing shenanigans all the time.
  3. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    I voted "No", I've never used this feature because I'm right handed and also my right eye is the dominant eye, so left shoulder view is just annoying for me. I can see the need for it, but still, maybe not a must-have-right-away thing, definitely something needs to be added in later down the road though.
  4. Except that new animations wouldn't be necessary, just a change of camera location. By this I assume their research on the matter involved replicating the typical method of switching from right-handed to left-handed wielding. A simple change to the camera's location is all that suffices to get rid of the massive blindspot to the player's left.
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  5. No.
    To see if it should be prioritized over other thinks, I'll have to play with it.
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  6. Unahim Unahim Curator

    That solution would also be entirely acceptable to me.

    Our hand and eye dominance is the same. You mostly just switch camera for short bursts, just to get past a single point or kill one guy, then switch back.

    Hmm, yeah, I suppose that is indeed true. Just having the screen slide a bit would be acceptable and probably work just as well.

    Fair enough. Personally I've played with it in other games in the past, and even though I'm going Eldar it's a sacrifice I would make.
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  7. That's someting I thought too, why not give a button to make this cameraswitch you get when you are in cover at a corner at any time.

    Doesn't requite new animations (I think atleast.), and it seems to be doable. So why not?
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  8. Kor'El Es'Tau Ar'Kais Korel Well-Known Member

    I agree with you Unahim. Which is why I've been constantly bringing up this topic for the past month, and created this Suggestion "Quick Key to Switch View" Thread to see if the devs could implement this function that is essential in any MMOTPS. :confused:

    But unfortunately most of the community aren't too bothered about this. So it looks like we will be stuck with having this happen all the time in game: :oops:


    I will most likely just play this game with Melee weapons because of this, as I can't stand being Locked into a Right of Shoulder View. :mad:

    This is just another reason why I've lost a lot of faith in this game. :(
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  9. That gif alone shows how important a switch view function is. Shooters depend on having clean HUDs that maximize line of sight, and the current implementation effectively removes almost half of it on one side.
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  10. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    From the recent livestream it looks really awkward to be against a wall to your right (like the crosshair isn't even on target it's on the wall) but it still might play fine without a cam switch so I'll wait until I get my hands on it then decide if it's necessary to me. Though Gears of War didn't have a camera switch and it didn't bother me there.

    A simple camera switch would be best since it's the simpler than making animations plus some weapons actually connect to something on the character which prevents switching which sides of the character the weapon is on. Such as a belt fed Hvy Bolter or Fire Dragon fusion gun.
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