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No campaign this time around? (Skull Throne)

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by GrazewoundZeroLow, May 20, 2019.

  1. Good evening.

    With no patches since February, and no campaign this Skull Throne 3, I believe it's safe to say that bE has no interest in a game they rode EVERYONE to the bank on. (I think they still need to be sued.)

    It's time for bE to step up, and admit they never had the intention to make the game they promised. Make a statement if they're trying to save EC or their huge flop, Death Garden.

    Players need to stop putting money into this game.

    Don't get me wrong, I love every GW based game with Orks. They're my favorite faction, and I have the time of my life playing my Bad Moon Ork. (CSM if no ork games.) However, bE has done little in keeping the public's interest in EC.
    While they have made steps in controlling the hackers (which I'm thankful for), players are now exploiting the bugs in the terrain. For an example, players have found a way to shoot through the large, circle vents in imperial buildings. Just yesterday (Sunday, 19th), there was a game where I couldn't figure out way I was dying on a catwalk outside a building (10 deaths). On my death screen, I happen to see inside a wall my corpse fell into and saw a marine on a platform, level to the wall I died at, and a short distance away. The only thing between us was that vent I mentioned before.
    Sure enough, when the group stormed that building again, the ork in front of me was shot dead in front of that damn vent. I backpedaled into a door in a different wall, and shot that marine dead.

    Now that the maps are broken to a point where you can exploit them, and you still can easily camp where your opponents spawn, EC has become a joke where only the suits are laughing.

    It's a shame, really. I remember the code card that GW placed into online orders, that advertised EC. I didn't get around to the alpha, due to RL. It wasn't until the summer of 2018, that I recalled EC while on a whim.

    The suits where dishonest and greedy, and created their "project" based on another dying game fad. You can't outsmart, Karma.
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  2. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    took you this long huh ?

    your referral code doesn't actually give you free stuff for passin it around
    so don't bother advertising it.

    you wanna know why ?

    because like 2 or 3 people figured out you could just make a ton of fake accounts and get the rewards that way.

    so instead of fixing it , they simply disabled it all.

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  3. * Shame about the ref code. It only takes a few people, to ruin something for everyone.

    * They took the money from the pre-orders and used it towards their "pet project", instead of using it towards EC. They also had trouble giving out the rewards from those pre-orders.

    If they pulled that crap today, they would have been sued to hell.

    * I love spreading around a little something - something. Even if it's on 4k RTC, that's a costume piece or two for a nice look.

    * Suits, as in the owners of bE. They have no idea what they're doing, so they run their own projects into the ground.
  4. There was a "founder" pack offered as well. I believe those detailed shoulder pads you see on some LSM/CSM players, and a bolter skin that was late/not given out. I remember there were threads still talking about it, last summer. I doubt they are still around.

    If you're going to buy licenses from GW, then pour everyone's money into another game altogether, then yes bE did break their promise to the players and should be held accountable.

    If Star Citizen can be sued, so can bE.

    The term "suits" is used to refer to the controlling body of a company. It's shorthand, I guess. Mostly used by fans, when they're conveying their distrust when their favorite show is ruined/cancelled, blah, blah, blah.

    On the flip side, there is some activity in the EC discord. Adding more skins and snow to maps.
  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Where do ppl get the idea that they put money from this game into death garthen from ?

    As far as i know EC ran out of money long time ago and was finished ( if you could call it that ) on a loan from bandai... hence why their name is plastered all over the startup screen.

    I could be wrong .. but i doubt they put money fromEC into DG.

    They did waist allot of time and possibly founding on stuff that never got finished or made it into the game .. but that's another story.

    and all the moneys they make off ec now is "hopefully" going in to extending the servers life.... hopefully.
  6. They put developers from EC into Deathgarden. (Or other Games, fact is the team got cut person by person).
    However, the little money EC makes now, i'm not sure if that still goes towards EC
  7. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Yes true they moved people around.
    But thats kinda how things go in the industry the fact that they moved people to another project has nothing to do with the money and more with how small game developers work in general.. they Obviously have a limited staff of people and not enough money to keep a full time 30 ppl staff working on the game after they deemed it finished enough to leave it as is and move it into maintenance mode.
    Moving crew around different projects isn't unique to Behaviour Entertainment.
    Everyone does this even EA and Acne/Blister ( my new name for activision/blizzard) do this to some degree.
    And their pretty big corporations that still do this kinda thing regularly

    The layoffs .. imo definitely a result of the poor performance of the game.
    Which was the result of many things like ballance , server stability/reach , people's feels , lack of mmr system, new direction away from openworld combat, and more.

    But it's not like they took like a quarter of a million EC budget money or something and stuck that onto the Death Fiasco's budget.

    And as far as seeing a team returning .
    I personally don't think we should hold our breath because with the game as it is now, with such a small player base and its limited server reach, that would be the Biggest gambe for B.A ever and it will most likely not pay off anyways .

    And the current revenue . well honestly I know jack all about how a company such as BE handles its money's but my educated guess would be its more like they just get the money and at the end of the semester they go into a meeting and go all like : Ok how much money did this game mke .. I see .. ok we will/will not renew its server licence for another xx amount of time.

    because the game is on maintenance mode it's not like it needs a budget persea it's more like an expense now for BE to keep it running... , and the current devs work on a hr wage for the company so they need to pay them anyways no matter what project they work on. .. plus i'm pretty sure those 2 ( or was it 3 ? cant remember ) don't just work on EC alone .. i'm sure they also do other stuff over there as well..unless! their part timers.

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