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Discussion in 'Eldar' started by CaptainNemo, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. CaptainNemo Recruit

    I fucked up my back a couple weeks back so I get to stay home on my ass. Which means I got time to waste. But I wanna waste it playing, specifically eldar since i've ever seen 2-3 games. Today there was no game. No people queued not even PVE. So I'm stuck looking at the eldar avatar and listening to their song... it's a nice song.

    So, I hear people saying they are too strong and that's why nobody wants to play against them. I'm guessing it's true cause I see plenty of action on my marine, ork and satanist marine.

    Any plans on how you fellas might deal with this? I'm sure there are people who want to play eldar but can't because of the aforementioned issue.
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  2. Weekends or European Evening-Times is where you find at least 1 Eldar game most of the time.
    And the only thing you could do to change this is to get more people into this game -> Get someone to actually develop this game -> Have people coming back -> Earn more money
  3. I think we killed all the Eldar, Your race shouldn't have fucked yourselves sterile.
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    We can simply nerf them and all will be fine and you gonna have your Eldar games ! :) :) :) :SMDeal:

  5. The biggest problem is that at this point you have the occasional people playing Eldar solo, but when a group of Eldar show up with a guild stack and Eldar+coordination=death, so people leave the fight and the Eldar get bored and start to wonder what the point of playing is.

    I mean nevermind ANY FACTION+coordination=death, but most players don't want to hear that. Its easier to just blame balance or a 'broken' weapon/combo/mod/power...
  6. Even elder diehards looks burned. Eldar lost campaing, cose solo pugs cant put enough efforts against lsm csm guilds. Well and another few nerfes of elder infuriated the last of elder. I guess. All according to play. Enjoy LSm CSM. And leave when you see elder stack, because there are no elder pugs to play around like LSM
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  7. CaptainNemo Recruit

    So if they are not overpowered. If what you are trying to tell me is true, then why the hell is nobody playing them? Look, I'll make it perfectly clear, I'm not out to nerf anything cause I don't understand this game that much. But I have 4 races on the roster and I can only play 3.
    I am kindly asking the development to remedy that issue however they see fit.
  8. Actually WCA was talking about this last night or the night before. We THINK the target number for a current campaign is determined by the system looking at the amount of participation shown in the previous campaign and using that to determine a success baseline. Where that screws you guys is that the previous campaign was the Eldar Faction campaign and release of the Autarch, resulting in an inflated target number for this one. This would explain why LSM/CSM targets have stayed stable (given continuous population numbers) whereas Eldar and Orks have fluctuated wildly. Those mechanics are internal and so we'd never see them to be sure, but our discussion started when we were scratching our head at how 411 Ork wins carried the campaign but 500-something Eldar wins didn't do it for the Aeldari.
  9. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    because they are not space marines ... orks and eldar are almost extinct because the playerbase is too small to have some people bother about xenos
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  10. Nobody plays them regularly because in a straight up fight they lose to the brick shit-houses that are the other factions. THAT SAID, they aren't SUPPOSED TO be played 'straight up.' War isn't pistols at dawn, and the Eldar are masters of this truth. Their tactics are to attack you when you don't expect it (scorpions), from angles you aren't protecting (hawks), using hit-and-run tactics to keep you chasing them (banshees), rendering your mobility and armor useless (dragons), all while baiting you into a killzone that has been prepared for your demise (avengers and reapers) in a master-stroke of synergy and inter-dependent support (warlocks).

    The point of the Eldar is to deny your ability to oppose them, and to have a tool for every scenario. Marines have half a dozen guns; Eldar have half a dozen Aspects.
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