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Night Lord Design

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Two_Face, May 11, 2014.


How scary should Night-Lords be?

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  1. I always felt that the Batwings for the helmets were originally like the Horsehair crests or specialist helmets members of other Legions wore. To denote ranks like Captain, Sergeant, or even a Veteran, as well as being possible rewards for some Astartes.

    It's how I've used them in PH Night Lords.


    Moritat WIPs.

    Destroyer Squads (WIP).

  2. A model I made and rendered in Zbrush. Composited in Photoshop
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  3. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    Only thing I don't like are the huge barrel shaped jump packs..

    More a fan of this style


    Also, wish the bat wings on the helms for the Night lords were a bit more swept back and stylized on the skull instead of just being tall targets.
  4. Borys of Ebe Borys Subordinate

    I'm actually shocked as to how good this looks given that I'm not a fan of ear wings in general...
  5. Morcalivan Morcalivan Active Member

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  6. The biggest disliker of the ear wings was Sevatar, who found them pointless and stupid
  7. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Looks like something one would see in EC, id send it to Katie to further forward it to Ghislain imo.
    Only thing that kinda feels off for me personally is the helm, kinda too vanilla.
  8. Yeah the whole thing needs more detail and personality. I was really just seeing what I could accomplish with the poly-paint technique and materials in Zbrush. It definitely needs a lot more work though. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Borys of Ebe Borys Subordinate

    Ear wings for show, Mark V for a pro... ;)
  10. I do have Mark V armour modeled if anyone wants to see that instead.
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