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New to Warhammer 40k eternal crusade

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Raventhorn, Jul 27, 2015.


Out of these starter classes which should I look at more?

  1. Dire Avenger

  2. Swooping Hawk

  3. Striking Scorpion

  4. Warlock

  5. Warp Spider (I wish)

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  1. Raventhorn Subordinate

    Hello Everyone,

    First off I have been a long time fan of all things considered Warhammer, fantasy or otherwise. So when I saw this game I was instantly intrigued and with the ability to choose which faction I became instantly aware that this needs to be a social game.

    To that end I'm looking for a guild/group of Eldar that can give me info on the starting classes so that I can spend my RTP appropriately. I do know I wish to play Eldar (Sorry all) Id play Tau if I could, (DONT HATE ME!) however I have always loved Eldar so very close second.

    This brings me back to my point of introducing myself any guilds recruiting that are willing to chat with me and give me some info on this game? Preferably looking for Alpha testers so I know what to expect. :p

    Thank you everyone for your future replies and likes to this post.



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  2. Welcom aboard lad! 'derez sum odda Eldar around 'ere sumwhere....

    But yea mak yerself at 'ome an Ill see yaz 'round soon!

    dem orks will walk dat ambush off...I fink
  3. Raventhorn Subordinate

    Most likely they will im playing all my old Warhammer 40k games and they just seem to be able to shrug off anything lol
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  4. welcome to the crusade xenos scum! my we meet and the field of battle so I may rain down the emperor's holy zeal upon you. (in other words, have fun man)
  5. Raventhorn Subordinate

    Ah the Space Marines.... yeah not looking forward to trying to pierce all that armor lol
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  6. well you will just have to be crafty then
  7. Raventhorn Subordinate

    Oh I plan too... just as soon as I find some squad mates >.> hahaha
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  8. Andraina Andraina Curator

    Welcome Brother. There are some of us hanging around here and there but, we're not certain what all of our classes will bring to the table at the moment. That makes things a little more difficult to imagine. Still you'll find many friends here. I'd speak to @Vuiet who represents the Myriad Shrines, the primary Eldar organization currently active.
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  9. Raventhorn Subordinate

    Thank you very much still learning ins and outs of these forums but this helps alot though I was reading that Myriad Shrines wasnt going to participate in EC somewhere is that really true?
  10. Brandr Brandr Cipher

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