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New players; read this

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by Data8671, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Tips to understand the game:

    Terminology in game
    • 'cap' = capture a point
    • 'decap' = interrupt a capture
    • 'hold X' = defend point X
    • 'backcap'/'recap' = 'cap' a point that you have already lost
    • AV = Anti-Vehicle (weapons that kill tanks, such as Meltaguns or Power Fists)
    • 'inc X' = enemies incoming to point X
    • 'sneak'/'ghost cap' = capture a point where no one will be, but go there only as a distraction
    • 'mark' x = telling Squad Leader to put a marker on point x (explained further down)
    • merge = join a bigger squad
    • Ticket = life
    • LSM/SM = Space Marines
    • CSM = Chaos Space Marines
    • Eldar OP!!!!!!!!! = Eldar are powerful, but not OP

    Capturing and Interrupting (Capping and decapping)
    • The first time a point is capped by the attackers it gives extra time
    • To cap a point, hold E when next to the point, do the same to decap (interupt) the point when defending.
    • You should prioritise points that award extra time
    • Only loadouts with capture keys can cap (Tactical Marines, Dire Avengers, Ork Boyz, Traitor, and Traitor Assault), but anyone can decap

    Gamemodes and Victory conditions (how to win)
    • There are three gamemodes: Supremacy, Hold The line, and Fortress
    -Hold the Line and Fortress
    • In Hold The Line and Fortress, the attackers must capture the finial point to win or kill all the enemies.
    • In Hold The Line and Fortress, the defenders must survive until time runs out or stop the finial point being captured. Unlike the attackers, they have limited lives
    • The attacker must capture points to fill the bar at the top. The first time a point is capped by the attackers it gives extra time.
    • The defenders must stop the bar being filled by stopping the attackers capping points or taking back points that have already been captured (this only works in Supremacy)
    • The more points the attackers hold, the quicker the bar fills.
    • Has 3 attacks- stong, light (quick) and Dbash (stun)
    • Light attacks beat Heavy attacks, Dbash beat light attacks and Heavy attacks beat Dbash.
    • Light: click right mouse button
    • Heavy: hold right mouse button
    • Dbash: both mouse buttons at once
    • Different weapons swing at different speeds
    • Aim at the head, it does more damage
    • Weapons like Plasma Guns can be charged by clicking and holding, then releasing to fire (Plamsa Cannons automatically fire)
    • Press 'x' to change fire modes on some weapons
    • Until you've got the hang of aiming well, try not to shoot into melee as you'll probably do more harm than good (I generally avoid if if I'm not confident that I will hit the right person)


    • Boltguns or your faction's equivalent are the best weapons for the variety of situations you will face.
    • Meltaguns or equivalent kill tanks well
    • Grav slows everything it hits
    • Boltgun mods that work (all unlocked in supply crates): CQC barrel, Textured Grip, and Drum Magazine.
    • Revive a bleeding out teammate by holding 'E', but if a healer class is nearby, let them revive and heal them.
    • Never heal a teammate in an enemy's line of fire. Ever! This will just get them and you killed.
    -Healer classes
    • Apothecaries, Sorcerers, Warlocs and Painboys are healer classes
    • Apothecaries and Painboys can heal using F, this- depending on what vial (or faction's equivalent) your Narthecium (or faction's equivalent) has- can revive and fully heal a teammate. This is the quickest way to heal a player
    • Sorcerers and Warlocs use their power in slot 2 to heal. Aim at a player and click the left mouse button to use the power.
    • Sorcerers are not easy for a new player to use, just because they're a Sorcerer (a hero in tabletop) does not make them easier to use
    Squads and Squad Leaders
    • Each Squad has a leader. It's their job to 'mark' points. Their name is at the top of the list on the left (this won't appear if you are alone in a squad)
    • To mark a point, look directly at it and press 'Q'. You can mark places that are not points, but it's almost always better to mark a point if possible (you'll know if it's marked properly because it'll say attack or defend under it). This serves to organise your squad and tell them where to go.
    • 'Rally on Me!' is an option for Squad Leaders that marks you and moves with you; it's to get players to group up near you so you can attack or defend a point together. Press v then 3 then 1 to do it.
    • You are split into squads, these can have 1 to 10 people in. Typically the more in a squad, the better as you share a transport (more players ahve access to them as they're limited numbers) and get bonus XP near marked points
    • To change squads, press esc and select 'Change Squad'. Click on a squad and then 'join' to join it. You can transfer leader to another player if you want by clicking their name in the same menu and clicking 'Promote'
    Vehicles and Transports
    • Transports serve as mobile spawn points, so it's important to protect them and not leave them parked in the open (or on a vehicle spawn pad because if a vehicle spawns, the one that is already there is destroyed). To spawn in them, click one that is blue (your squad's transport)
    • In all vehicles, slot 1 (press 1) is the driver. In a tranport, typically 2 is the weapon. In a Predator 2 is the main cannon, 3 is the Storm Bolter/Combi Bolter, and 4 and 5 are the sponsons (Heavy Bolters on the sides). I don't play Eldar and rarely can play Orks so can someone say what the slots are for those
    • As a general rule, park transports somewhere closed off and close to where you will attack. As another general rule, if people seem to park a transport somewhere often, it I should probably a good place to park.
    • Never park on top of a vehicle spawn (you'll see where they are when you spawn a vehicle) becuase if a vehicle if spawned in when's your vehicle is already there, your vehicle is destroyed.
    • As a general rule, don't wait for people to get in a Rhino, just go. They can redeploy.
    • Currently 2 melta bombs on the back on a vehicle will destroy it.

    Strategy and tips
    • As an attacker, try to take the hardest points first when the defenders have 3 points to worry about
    • Never stand around in doors when you're on a Fortress out Hold The Line map. This blocks the line of fire of people with heavy weapons. Friendly fire is on for ranged weapons, so you might end up being caught in the crossfire
    • While defending a Hold The Line or Fortress maps, never run back to the the previous point. You won't make a difference because without a close spawn, the point cannot be held. Running back wastes lives. Dig in at the next point instead and prepare for the incoming enemies.
    • Playing solo is risky, the game is far better as a team, however if you do play solo (like I do most of the time), make sure to communicate with your team (y to chat) and coordinate attacks. Attacking a point alone rarely works, but can serve as a useful distraction to take defenders off other points.
    • At the moment, Orks and Eldar have few players, so don't be surprised by very long queues
    • If you and several teammates are sitting at a point and are not actively under you are probably needed badly somewhere else. However, empty points are more open for attack
    • Never assume that anyone on your team will succeed at a job. If you want something done, you should do it yourself. This is especially true for healers and AV
    • The hardest fights are often decided by using massive amounts of grenades and melee on the point to prevent the enemy from capping or decapping (interrupting). You should never be alive to see an enemy cap a point- either you stop them or you die trying
    • Redeploying (esc and click 'Redeploy') is a vital game mechanic allowing you to get to places quickly. Basically you die and respawn, but at a different point if you want. In Hold The Line and Fortress maps, it does use a life if you are a defender
    • Heavy Weapons classes (Havocs, Devastators, ect...) are best for defending and holding points while being capped. When taking a point, bring something like a Tactical Marine, Traitor Assault or Raptor.
    • Never walk in front of a heavy weapon that is firing. You'll end up being accidentally teamkilled. (I still make this mistake sometimes, everyone does)
    • On Fortress maps, don't break the gates to early. The remaining lives that are for respawning on the wall go to the finial point, which makes it hard to cap
    • Ask for advice if you don't know what to do. There's (almost) always someone willing to help.
    • Typically if a melee person gets close enough to actually hit a ranged person, the melee person should win.
      • As a ranged you should D-bash/stun (both mouse buttons at the same time) and roll away (space bar) then fire while retreating.
      • As a melee person you should expect the ranged opponent to D-bash/stun so do a heavy attack (right mouse button and hold).

    The Factions
    • Eldar are very powerful when played properly, which requires veteran players. They also have a very limited population so you might struggle to find a game
    • You die quickly, but you also kill quickly. This, even against a mediocre team, can make it appear to the non-Eldar players that Eldar are OP and to the Eldar players that Eldar are the weakest faction.
    • Not a very good learning faction
    • Best classes: Fire dragon , Warlock and Swooping Hawk
    -Chaos Space Marines (CSMs)
    • They have the best teamwork typically and are easy to play. They have a good population, so games run 24/7
    • A good learning faction
    • Best classes: Traitor and Sorcerer
    -Space Marines (LSMs)
    • Space Marines are notoriously bad at teamwork, which comes from the fact that most new players (who have not read this. This is why I made this thread) go immediately to Space Marines. They have the largest population so games run 24/7
    • A good learning faction, but Chaos is better
    • Best classes: Tactical Marine and Apothecary
    • They have the smallest population, games with Orks are rare and mostly happen during prime time.
    • Not a good learning faction due to lack of games and being hard to play.
    • Strongest faction , never fight them 1v1 , the headshot hitbox is from the eyes to the top of the head , they have 43% headshot damage reduction, they can't be head-shotted from the back , watch out for big shoota's suppression
    • An NPC faction; you cannot play as Tyranids
    • Best classes: Warrior
    • You rarely get PvE games against Tyranids becuase they have a seperate queue and playing them repeatedly gets repetitive. If you want to try PvE, LSM are the best faction to try as.
    • How to kill: Bolters and Heavy Bolters or Faction's equivalent (apothecaries with Bolters LSM!)
    • Make sure to have a healer on the team and only play with a full or nearly full team
    I think I covered all the basics...
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    You wrote how to light and heavy, but the number one question I get from new players how to D-bash.
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  4. Nudu Nudu First Blood!

    U forgot to mention that using melee=gimping your self while also making your teams plasma cannons useless.
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    Nice! You should add this to steam ;)
  6. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    -Redeploying is one of the key-mechanics to victory. Press ESC to redeploy, whether to get to an objective quicker, change your loadout or react to an enemy incursion. Redeploying does consume a ticket on ticket-based maps.

    -The hardest fights are often decided by using massive amounts of grenades and melee on the capture-point to prevent the enemy from initiating or interrupting a capture. Generally, if an enemy manages to interact with the point and you are alive to see it, you are doing it wrong.

    -Never assume that anyone on your team will succeed at a job. If you want something done, you ought to do it yourself.

    -If you and several teammates are sitting at a point and are not actively under attack, there is at least an 80% chance you are needed badly somewhere else.
    Simultaneously, if one of your points is completely empty, you can rest assured that someone is about to try and attack it.
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  8. New players. Friendly advice do not start playing for loyal space paratroopers. This path will lead you only to pain.
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