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New Cosplay Section!

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by KatieFleming, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    Welcome to the new Cosplay forum :)

    Feel free to use this forum to share cosplay you like, your own creations, and tips on how to make great costumes!
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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    We want @MiguelCaron posting here his Inquisitor-Outfit!

    .... And some contacts of where you can get those freaking amazing things! .... Too bad the only thing I got is a jacket from Stargate Atlantis - grrrh!

    -looking forward to see some awesomesauce here!-
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  3. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    This is going to be great, enjoy showing the emperors angels and enemies!
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  4. Miguel Caron MiguelCaron CECO (Chief Eternal Crusade Officer)

    Sure, Katie, can you post this pic: BUKN7sbCEAARUOc.jpg large.jpg
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  5. Kaelin Kaelin Curator

    I can't tell you guys how much I approve of your choices to NOT dress as Space Marines. The only such costumes that have been any good are the ones that have spent incredible amounts of time, money, and effort into them. And it's at least as good to do other members of the Imperium like you guys did, so - major kudos, and give me them if you're no longer use them thnx.
  6. Looks absolutely bitchin. Thanks for posting your costume!
  7. Malgadish Malgadish Ordinate

  8. hey guys, im looking into getting into cosplay. and I like going all out, but nothing fancy. so what would be the first steps I should take in cosplaying myself as a full sized titan?

    any ideas, cause i'm completely lost.
  9. Malgadish Malgadish Ordinate

    At the moment, or imperator titan or warlord titan, first chose the model, then, only watch much vídeos with this titans and start to draw to make the desings,
  10. Malgadish Malgadish Ordinate

    My cosplay except the bag and the "slip"


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