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Need Advice On Tyranid 1500 Points List

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by acepost, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. acepost acepost Active Member

    Hi guys, trying to make a beginner friendly Tyranids list, here it is:


    1 Hive Tyrant - 1 Heavy Venom Cannon, 1 Monstrous Scything Talons, 1 Prehensile Pincer Tail

    1 Brood Lord - 1 Monstrous Rending Claws

    Sub Total HQ: 367


    20 Genestealers - 20 Rending Claws, 20 Scything Talons

    3 Ripper Swarms

    3 Ripper Swarms

    3 Ripper Swarms

    1 Ripper Swarm

    Sub Total Troops: 350 pts


    3 Tyrant Guard - 108 pts

    1 The Red Terror - 1 Prehensile Pincer Tail, 2 Pairs of Scything Talons

    3 Venomthrope - 3 Toxic Lashes

    Sub Total Elites: 277 pts

    Fast Attack:

    3 Raveners - 3 Rending Claws, 3 Deathspitters

    3 Raveners - 3 Rending Claws, 3 Deathspitters

    3 Sky-Slasher Swarm

    Sub Total Fast Attack: 231 pts

    Heavy Support:

    1 Carnifex - 2 Pairs of Monstrous Scything Talons, 1 Bio-plasma, 1 Bone Mace - 98 pts

    1 Biovore - 1 Spore Mine Launcher

    1 Biovore - 1 Spore Mine Launcher

    1 Mawloc - 105 pts

    Sub Total Heavy Support: 275 pts

    This list is using the battalion detachment for +3 command points. Any advice to make it better as well as tactics would be welcome.
  2. acepost acepost Active Member

    Please note it is -1 Command point for using Battalion detachment and having 1 auxiliary Heavy Support.

    I decided to spend the 11 pts on 1 Ripper Swarm unit using the rules for Understrength Units on Page 242 of core rulebook.
  3. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    I suggest you go back and read pg 242 because 1 it says you may only field an under strength unit if it is the only unit of that type and 2 it says you must still pay the point cost for the min unit.

    if its just you and your buddies and you agree on it, cool, if not you may want to look at rearranging things.
  4. acepost acepost Active Member

    Yeah me and buddies read it again... we cool with it as it means "you can still include One Unit of that type available in your army..." pretty sure it means Only One unit but with as many models as you have available even though it is not a normal full strength unit.

    Pretty sure it means only one understrength unit can be deployed while having less than one complete unit... not sure how to read it otherwise... basically that's how we interpret it. Thanks for pointing it out though.

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