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My Fellow Eldars

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by lethal.squirts, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. LordDarkhan New Member

    I am also of the Dark Kin. Perhaps you are unaware, but Eldar factions rarely fight. In fact, during one war that got particularly out of hand, we had a cease-fire while we discussed whether the very serious reasons behind the war were worth the cost of our kin's lives. We decided it wasn't, and ended the war with no ill will.

    Eldar defend Eldar. Eldar do not betray Eldar (well... my kind betray each other for personal gain, but we expect that; we don't betray our naive cousins). The Dark Kin, Craftworld Kin, Exodites, and Harlequins are one people. Unlike many of the other lesser races, we respect that.

    ((If Harlequins and a tournament are involved, you are 100% justified adding an allied attachment of Dark Eldar. They respect Exodites, love arena fighting, and tend to flock to Harlequin productions))
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  2. It is quite good to see one of your kind to appreciate this fact.

    Millenia pass, Worlds and living things die, but our kind endures. What does it matter what we do to survive, as long as we do?

    For we are all of the blood of Eldanesh, the children of Isha; let Mon'Keigh and other such savages kill one another for whatever it is they want to serve by dying. We were there when this misbegotten realm of existence was young, and we will be there when it is returned to it's rightful owners.
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  3. Bishop520 Active Member

    My greetings to you again, Farseer. It has been a while since we have spoken.
  4. FarseerDaneel FarseerDaneel Well-Known Member

    The dark have no place among us.
  5. LordDarkhan New Member

    Are you so arrogant, Daneel, as to assume to know better than even your favored Eldrad? Even he saw the good my kind do for our race as a whole. When the hordes of Chaos threatened the Webway, the very maze our people use to move freely and hidden from the Great Devourer, Eldrad knew not to fear. He knew the rest of the Eldar could rely on my kind to defend the Webway. He sent no forces to defend our labyrinth, and my kind fought back and won every engagement in the Webway.

    Believe we are wrong all you'd like. Believe we are the foul, loathsome creatures so many Craftworld and Exodite Eldar believe we are. But we hold true to our people's ways, and even the Harlequins respect our society.

    We respect you and what you do for our race, cousin... despite how misguided your lifestyle is. By not respecting us, all you do is validate our superiority.
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  6. Al'Chir Alchy Subordinate

    We know, we have better parties and aren't so boring as craftworlders, relax. Care for a sniff of warpdust? i have some slaves you would like.
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  7. Jolpo Jolpo Well-Known Member

    Did this become somekind of RP thread ?
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  8. qbc1234 qbc1234 Subordinate

    In the grim darkness of the future, there is only roleplay...
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  9. LordDarkhan New Member

    Meh, I just tend to post in character on any MMORPG forums. Either that, or with hardcore Mathhammer.
  10. -pokes her head in-
    This thread alive?

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