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My Fellow Eldars

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by lethal.squirts, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. BatBane BatBane Preacher

    Always good to have more allies. Well met.
  2. representing the Exodites of the Lethanuul system! hey everyone!
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  3. Hello. Let's take a moment to appreciate all of these noble and amiable comrades who stopped in to say hi.
  4. LordDarkhan New Member

    Were the Dark Kin supposed to introduce themselves here, too? If so: well met, cousins.

    We will always come to the aid of our kin, but try to act like real Eldar and put the mon-keigh and greenskins in their place. The Great Devourer and the Necrontyr are much more difficult, but really... don't force us to come help against the bugs yet again. We have better things to do than save our cousins time after time.

    Seriously, some of yall are so lucky that the Harlequins think highly enough of you to tell us you're getting your asses kicked so we can come rescue you.
  5. Samtheman FreedomFighter Active Member

    We will need all Eldar, Dark Eldar and Exodites to unite if we're going to win this war.
  6. fun fluff fact(FFF): every 23 standard terra years the greatest warriors of the Lethanuul system Eldar gather for a tournament. The tournament officially starts when a Solitaire emerges from the webway, this is when "The Dance" begins to remind Lethanuul of "The Fall". When The Dance has been completed the gathered warriors battle in games of wit, agility, leadership, and strength. This tournament is not simply a gathering to find the strongest warriors, it is presented to the Harlequins so that they might chose a few warriors to join their esteemed ranks.

    TABLE TOP: when fielding Lethanuul Exodite eldar use the codex for craftworld eldar with at least one squad of Harlequins usually including at least one Solitaire
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  7. Mr. Trigger New Member

    Don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself betrayed by your darker kin and find yourself allying with my kind. The embarrassment will be delicious. XD
  8. Samtheman FreedomFighter Active Member

    I am of the darker kin ;)
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  9. LuciaVincent New Member

    Hiya everyone~
  10. Mr. Trigger New Member


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