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Merch - Opinions Please!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Dec 8, 2014.


How much do you anticipate spending?

  1. >$50

    238 vote(s)
  2. $100

    182 vote(s)
  3. $200

    59 vote(s)
  4. $300

    15 vote(s)
  5. $400+

    27 vote(s)
  1. BlamSammich Recruit

    Print My Character service, maybe talk to the heroforge guys.

    you mite be able to repurpose game models, but they would still need significant amount of modeling time to sure up the models for physical print.
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  2. 531st 531st Member

    Considering me being a student, living in russia and uncertain dollar/ruble course, buing stuff in dollars sounds unreasonably expensive to me. I'd say that my own ideal goal is spending 0$ but while not all of my friends believe in EC or early access games in general, i think that it is always good to support promising developers. Cuz more money=more resourses can be spent in development, right? Also the factor of appreciation is always nice :D

    I already got my founder's pack and if game is gonna continue to get better at the same rate, it will be 100% worth spending money on. I'd love to see continued game support and will buy some expansions to teh storyline or gamemodes (unless u go full-SEGA with some 5$ for some barely touched reskinned weapon. Never go full-SEGA) etc. There is sooooo much stuff 40k community would like to see and its great since it could be like never ending source of income through DLC. More sub-factions, multifaction coop, single player missions, story campaign mb even coop or multiplayer one, more animations, more customisation items, unique classes or even sub-faction specific classes, more races, character faction swapping and heresy like that and all that RPG stuff untill EC turns into StarCitizen-DawnOfWar-MassEffect-Warframe-OldRepublic-Minecraft-ish monstrocity and my glorious ultramarine shepard will save the mankind from tyranids while battling swarmlord on lightsabers, diplomacing CSM to death, recruiting ork mercenaries and making love with eldar :333

    Sooooo, i'd put it like that. Game looks very promising in new content possibilty and if i'll have 400+$ available, I'll spend 400+$ :D
  3. I'd be willing to buy a shirt of the games logo and would probably buy a second if the Print My Character idea was used. Wouldn't min it being above $50 but I'm not one to but merch over $100.
  4. Cruz Cruzify Active Member

    just saw the votes, thats a lot of hypothetical money! Go for it! Gief us more stuff!

    I like that you guys got no subscription model. Sub Models are just outdated and ingame shops or merch are a good way to support a game for those that like to do so.
  5. Ohyoupokedme Poked First Blood!

    Well, once I get a job, I could anticipate spending a hundred on Merch if I really like the game.
  6. I reakon 3D printed model of your character would be fantastic. Once you have hit a high level and have all the gear you want and look all cool I would love to have a button to print character as they are. Maybe have a few different poses to choose from and present them on like a trophy stand with the name and some stats on it.

    I know it would be expensive but I would seriously consider dropping some cash on that.
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  7. Marcvs Sangvinivs Arkhona Vanguard

    Keyholder with cool weapon from Rogue Trader for each race and stuff like cup, some cool arkhona poster and so on.
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  8. Furiel Furiel Arkhona Vanguard

    Velcro patches to stick on the backpack and other outdoor gear would be cool.

    Hoodies, mugs, keychains, bolter shaped laser pointers I'd buy as well (got 2 chaos possessed maine coon cats in the house, so bear with me on the last one).

    But the 3d custom character printout or a decent chainsword for a nice wallhanger - that would be quite awesome.

    As far as the content goes, i'm sure that the faction and subfaction emblems would be a great start.
  9. Atarius Atarius First Blood!

    T-shirts, Hoodies, coffee mugs are nice, but not what I would spent money on.

    I would go for:
    • Magnatic Purity Seals in various size and form
    • Tabletop mini of your character (3D-printed)
    • Nerf Bolter
    If some of these are available, I may buy some of them (or maybe all of it :))
  10. I want bolters, chainswords, chainaxes and WARHAMMER ofcourse.:D And full power armor (full suit).

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