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MEDI i mean APOTHECARY/Healer Short tips and tricks.

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by Tamu, May 28, 2017.

  1. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    First and foremost we are battle support, it is our duty to heal our brothers and fight alongside them. We are ment to heal our brothers in glorius combat like this
    Not stand around, Not to run around and Definitely not to ignore our duties like this


    My F (No not that kind of F get your mind out of the gutter) key and me

    No matter the race or class everyone can pick up a downed ally or executive a downed foe with the e key. However, if you are an apo or a pain boy then USE THE F KEY to pick up your allies. Using the F key will not only let them recover from the downed state BUT ALSO BRING THEM TO FULL HEALTH.

    Timing is key as is awareness

    So you come across a fight where several enemies are fighting several allies BUT there are also downed allies crawling around. DO NOT FIRE INDESCRIMINEATLY INTO THE ENEMY OR CLOSE INTO MELEE WITH THE FOE! If you have them Throw medicade grenades or beacons near a safe spot where allies can crawl to. If you find yourself on a cooldown or out of nades then GO TO THEM USE THE F KEY AND THEN IMMDEIATLY MOVE TO THE NEXT DO NOT WAIT AROUND FOR THE FOR TO CONCENTRATE FIRE ON, YOU.

    Of course, if the enemy are sticking to you like flies to a fly trap then it is in the best interest of both you and your ally to THROW A HEAL NADE AND HELP CLEAR THE FOE, if on cooldown or out of nades then Retreat to a safe spot where your wounded allies can reach you.

    Cleanse the filth poisoning your blood.

    If you find yourself or your ally being poisoned by the enemy, then use your NARTHECIUM to both heal any damage you take and to get rid of the poison on you. Alternatively, you can also use MEDICIDAE Grenades to achieve a similar effect if staying still to removing the poison leaves you to vulnerable.

    KNOW THINE GEAR (Grenades and vials edition)


    Apo Beacon= Default option, handy in defense mode, wide area of heals but easy to spot and will only heal you if you are within range

    Medicidae grenade= A good option, good for assaults, cleans poison and will give you a Heal over time buff that lasts even if you are just run through it but it lasts the shortest.

    Enhanced Apo Beacon= Upgraded apo beacon with wider range and longer duration (in my opinion not worth it due to lp cost)


    Normal vial= Default option, gives a small heal over time buff

    Survival vial= Gives 30% damage reduction, ever feel too squishy? ever been envious of MOK or orks? Then this is the vial for you (HIGHLY RECOMENDED)

    Adrenaline vial= Gives 30% melee damage increase (due to majority of LSM running with ranged options this vial is not recommended unless you are running with a dedicated melee crew).

    Abiding vial= Upgraded version of the normal vial, gives a heal of time buff that lasts longer.

  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Sealed by order of the holy SPIRITUAL LEIGE


  3. Spooky_Carnage Subordinate

    What are the ups and downs of the Medicae Grenades and Apothecary Beacons? I've only unlocked the standard Beacon (been trying to work my way up the tree towards unlocking Vet Tactical and Vet Devestator, so I haven't invested much in Apothecary besides survival vials and beacons).

    While i'm at it, what are the differences between the Apothecary vials? From the description it seems like there's standard, damage mitigation (not even sure about that one), melee damage boost, and regeneration.
  4. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    Medicae gives a heal over time that lasts even if you leave the AoE but the grenade itself has a very short duration, where as the beacons last longer but only heals inside the AoE.

    For vials, all will give a full heal on use but also have a secondary effect; standard vial gives a heal over time, survival vial gives 30% damage mitigation, Adrenaline vial gives 30% melee boost and, finally, Abiding is a longer lasting version of the standard.
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