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MAJOR Content Update (v1.1.1) "Tactical Escalation" - Nov 17

Discussion in 'Patch Notes & Updates' started by Houman, Nov 17, 2016.

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    Steam BuildID: 1463046

    (For those who are having issues when patching the game, you can verify that you have the correct version by matching the BuildID above with what you have listed in the "Properties" window, under the "Local Files" tab. If it's the same, you're good! If it's not the same, you would need to force an update by either logging out/in Steam, or choosing "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" from "Local Files" tab.)

    New and Noteworthy Additions:

    - Campaigns: Faction community objectives giving RTC, reducing the feeling of pay to win, start next week!

    - New World Map features!

    - Garrison Dueling! YES! It’s here…

    - New game mode in both Zedek and Maggon, called “Hold the Line”.

    - Grav weapons for SMs! (Gun, Cannon, Pistol)

    - Battle Loadouts revamp!

    - Melee + Parrying Blow tweaking! (For certain classes and their timings)

    - Animation polish!

    - Guild vs Guild competitions! (Needs to be planned/coordinated/arranged with bE, not thru the game)

    - Matchmaking tweaks + improvements (to avoid the dreaded stacked matches…)

    - PVE revamp! (New game mode activated for squads of 2-3 players, Complex Beta re-added + various tweaks to difficulty!)

    - Store + Reward box quality of life improvements!

    - New smaller cap points for tight spots!

    - Just under 650 bug fixes and tasks integrated in this patch!

    Gameplay Tweaks/Improvements:

    -Guild vs Guild competitions are in! Think your guild has what it takes to take on one of your rival guilds? Just want a friendly competition with another guild? This feature is for you! These need to be scheduled and set up in advance with bE. Register your guild vs guild competition here >>

    -The new “Hold the Line” game mode is in a trial run, so here are the details: Attackers must capture points in order, while defenders have limited reinforcements and cannot recapture points (like in Fortress matches) or spawn transport.

    -PVE: The Nid Warrior has been further tuned to be more present/active in matches, as well as being a bit more reasonable to encounter (no longer should you RUN!). This includes applying a movement/turn fix so the warrior doesn’t stay stuck in place/idle.

    -PVE: Improved AI target selection, using distance and most “hate”-generating attacker.

    -PVE: Reduced the Warrior’s fast attack travel/movement distance per swing.

    -PVE: Reduced the possibility of the Warriors to get stun-locked… Sorry folks who found that magic touch pre-patch ;)

    -PVE: Warrior HP has been increased again after these tweaks.

    -PVE:Reduced the # of Hormagaunts that can attack a downed target to prevent swarming deaths…

    -The Voice of the Emperor's damage has been decreased and suppression increased to match the text description.

    Combat/Weapon/Faction Tunings:

    -Orks have been tweaked: Reduced Iron Gob loadout point cost by 100, reduced Golden Gob loadout point cost by 100, reduced Grim Trophy loadout point cost by 30, reduced BOSS plate loadout point cost by 30, added Rusty Gob for Slugga Boyz.

    - Ork melee animations have been improved significantly.

    -The octagonal platform in the Garrison now allows you to fight other members of the same faction. We in QA call it the DANGER ZONE!!!!! (For the Archer fans out there or anyone a little country, the acoustic/country version to listen to while reading patch notes:

    -The Parrying Blow/DBash on Tactical-equivalents now causes a longer stagger.

    Vehicle Changes:

    -Increased the bleed out health on vehicles, to make it less likely to explode in your face when you attack them with weapons like the power fist.

    Menu/UI/Chat Window Improvements:

    -World Map revamped! Players can now see ongoing match icons in the contested territories of the world map (selecting an icon will let you see information about the match and allow you to join it), or select a faction to queue against. Ongoing matches, including what maps are being played, are now visible from the revamped World Map screen!

    -Battle Loadouts revamp! You can now have 30 basic loadouts, 10 elite loadouts, and can choose your equipped loadouts at the start of a match. Freedom is GOOD! :D

    -Attempting to save a loadout with missing requirements now tells the user which items are at fault.

    -New loading screen has been added for this first & beefy content update!

    -Supply Box rewards no longer overlap across boxes, allowing players to directly target items from each tier. You shouldn’t be getting the same rewards if you already have them; if you are, this is a bug and needs to be reported!

    -The Store now displays a preview of the selected item on a stock character to make the decision hopefully a bit easier!

    -Relinquishing items currently equipped on a character is now correctly disabled.

    -Players now have to type the character name they are deleting to prevent erasing a character by mistake.

    -A lot of background word to prepare for Campaigns has been done, silently, like ninjas we injected the poison of the Campaigns in the game, waiting for the toxins to kick in… 3:> (Seriously, you’ll see a greyed out Campaign button in the World Map along with a few other hints…)

    -A warning is now displayed in the Store menu when the chosen character cannot equip an item selected for purchase.

    Art/Visual Improvements:

    -New smaller wall capture points have been implemented in Pegasus and Zedek and will be rolled out to more maps in the future.

    -Dozens MOAR SM and Ork Appearance items have been added!

    -The appropriate weapon now shows on the character when editing a weapon mod slot.

    Audio Improvements:

    -Special Taunts have been added for both the Orks + SM Space Wolves! “ Waaghh!!” for the Orks + “Hoooowwl!!!” for the Space Wolves :D To trigger these special taunts, press and hold T; for regular faction taunts, simply tap T.

    Server/Backend/Steam Improvements:

    -Lots of tweaks and optimizations to the backend/servers/matchmaking, such as better fidelity for queue #s when starting matches, to prevent the possibility of heavily imbalanced matches started by WPs.

    -Matchmaking for large war parties has changed: Previously, when large war parties were inserted into battles they ignored rules about player counts and could create wildly unfair matches. This is no longer the case and as a result it will be harder for large war parties to join matches in progress (although they will be set up to start new matches if enough players on an opposing faction are queued). NOTE: If you are interested in regularly running large war parties, please check out the guidelines for requesting Competition events.

    -Players can now join the matchmaking queue against another faction directly from the World Map!


    -Another sweep of translations integrated in the client across all supported languages, including some of the newly added items that were missing translations.

    Bug Fixes:

    -Fixed that annoying guild tag display bug in the squad UI! FINALLY, right?

    -Fixed an issue where defensive bash would not register hit in certain specific scenarios (depending on a combo of latency + our lag compensation, player’s client performance and attack timings, if that wasn’t enough :D).

    -Fixed some overlapping UI bugs on a few deployment screens where other UI elements were blocking your clicks.

    -Fixed a few execution anim bugs and anim sync issue with executions, but we’re not done!

    -All maps: Fixed over 75 visual/cosmetic/layout/floating object/lighting/one-sided texture bugs and over 40 invisible walls/stuck spots/out of map spots! Keep ‘em coming as bug reports if you find more! Our QA is constantly sweeping through all active maps (and ones in development, but that’s for later ;))

    -All maps: Fixed over 25 incorrectly flagged cover/climb or brace spots that didn’t make much sense.

    -PVE: Fixed an incorrectly flagged vault node which incorrectly allowed players to vault to their fiery death into lava…

    -PVE: Fixed a couple of situational progression blockers when AI were pushed or knocked back through the walls/floor.

    -PVE: Fixed an issue where the Warrior Melee was always targeting the Ground Assault class (or equivalent).

    -PVE: Accuracy is now fixed for the ranged Warrior.
    -PVE: Addressed a couple of performance drops when activating sector locks, during the loading of the next area / de-loading of the previous area.

    -PvE: Fixed the death screen to now properly show Tyranid info.

    -Fixed 15+ visual/cosmetic/alignment bugs with certain combinations of Appearance item / Wargear / Armour tier combinations.

    -Fixed a minor display issue with the way RTC/Req. were being displayed in certain situations.

    -Fixed many stuck spots, map holes, scenery/visual bugs and invisible walls across lots of the existing maps.

    -Fixed several missing, incorrect or outdated icons for all sorts of items/armor/mods/etc. We’re not done and know we have more to go :)

    -Fixed spacing before "increase", "decrease" suffixes in item descriptions.

    -Fixed some incorrectly placed contested spawn zones in a handful of maps.

    -Fixed several UI issues with end-of-round Commendations being either incorrectly reported or missing.

    -Addressed a physics bug with attacking a vehicle in a certain way.

    -The Icon of Flame didn’t have the Mark of Tzeentch requirement and has been fixed.

    -The Fleshweaver Orb can no longer be equipped while wearing the Mark of Khorne.

    -Garrison: Fixed another bug which mistakenly allowed Eldar vehicles to be able to reach the tutorial and duelling areas.

    -Frequently, grenades would hit cover & doorways and would bounce back when thrown. This has been fixed!

    -An anim speed bug was fixed when attempting to throw a grenade while taking low cover.

    -Fixed a particle effect bug when meltabombs detonate when you don’t have direct line of sight with it wasn’t, they weren’t showing the explosion effects.

    -Addressed an audio bug with Eldar meltabombs, which made them not play back their SFX correctly.

    -Fixed melee weapon mods incorrectly persisting across all weapons of the same type.

    -There was a bug where fortifications (both small walls and large gates) were not taking damage correctly from certain class/weapon combos. This has been fixed! If any new combos are found, please send us a bug report!

    -Fixed a few more cases of Eldar vehicle exploits that allowed them to get into spots they shouldn’t (like inside cap points -this is NEVER intended, by the way, or inside the practice dummy area inside the Garrison).

    -Fixed one of the character's Veteran status spreading over all other characters in the various selection menus.

    -Fixed another grenade throw exploit that was discovered.

    -Addressed a couple of crashes that would occur under specific conditions, like when a vehicle has a waypoint.

    -Fixed a bug with weapon mods not being accounted for during loadout validation.

    -Fire Dragon preset loadout was showing no armor icon, this has been fixed!

    -Fixed a bug that prevented Combi-Bolter barrel mods from showing up in the loadout equip screens, even after getting it.

    -Fixed an issue where the particle effects for some ailments would not stop in certain situations.

    -Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause vehicles to become enemy vehicles, if the user spawns them at an associated cap point near the end of being contested.

    -Attempt at fixing a bug where vehicle parts would appear with a delay.

    -Fixed a small visual glitch with ammo belts when switching weapons in the loadout screens.


    Known Issues:

    -For an up-to-date list of this patch's known issues, have a look at he thread I created here:

    Warboss Sadaghiani
  2. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix 1.1.1b - Nov 18

    -Reduced the travel/distance on melee attacks with the Grav Gun.
    -Grav weapons now reduce travel distance during melee attacks.
    -Fixed overlaps between World Map banners and match icons.
    -Maggon: Removed Quadguns for attackers near A.
    -Zedek: Fixed a stuck spot near some crates.
    -Agnathio: Fixed a nasty bug with the terrain.
    -Addressed a problem with some cover animations not playing back correctly in certain situations.
    -Tweaked Eldar meltabomb object to address a few weirdnesses.
    -Ork melee animation issues have been cleaned up! Sprint Attack anim polish was done for Choppa Blade and Knuckles.
    -Redefined Ork Improvised Shield hitbox to fix a few issues.
    -Updated the Loading Screen image.
    -Fixed a bug related to users searches that could cause perf. issues.
    -Made some change to the Store item listings.
    -Backend fixes for Steam friends live synching.
    -Backend optimizations for accountID/forumID searches.
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