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[Lore] The Stage is set; the Instruments readied... (Feedback please)

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Katzu_HSM, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. First off y'all need to holler at your Founders: I got zero feedback from them on this so I'm bringing this to you, the Aeldari Community:

    For those that don't know, I'm heading up the editing and coordination of the Lore & Storyline for campaigns in EC. I have mentioned the feedback that a single Faction Lead that we have little REAL narrative control over is not appealing to most players still here for the story, and Nathan agrees. That and its FAR easier to manipulate a character that isn't directly licensed or could be pulled away at any moment and ret-conned into some other god-awful campaign-book (Fracture of Biel-Tan).

    So as we the Community start taking the reins of the Campaigns, the plan is to have FOUR Aeldari Faction Liaisons, each answerable (by degrees) to Jain Zar, who will still be around, albeit in a more back-end role in the war effort. This brings me to where YOU come in, my Brothers and Sisters beneath the Mask.

    I want to give you a say in who your Liaisons are! I have written about one Liaison through the Community Campaigns I ran, but for the others I'm at a complete loss. I'm reading the compilation book Path of the Eldar to become more fluent in Aeldari philosophy/spirituality/culture, but I'd rather us not have embarrassments like we've seen in the original campaigns. If I get enough feedback, I may be able to get Katie to shake loose some swag.

    The Rules:
    • We will only have FOUR Faction Liaisons (at a time...), unless there's a compelling reason to have more.
    • Suggested characters should have a name, a valid EC art asset, and no more than 4-5 sentences hitting the high points of the character. Things like distinctive look, attitude/behavior, a weapon/class they favor, or something neat that ties them to the larger 40k Lore (within reason. We can always unpack characters later, but for now its strictly about "elevator pitches."

    The Limitations:
    • Be realistic. We can't change systems. A Liaison cannot (at present) be made from any class or unit type we don't have some kind of resource or asset for already.
    • Avoid actual Players. This cannot be over-stated. Actual Players will NEVER be approved as Faction Liaisons under the Campaign system we're building on. When Warlord Slates become available, they will be integrated and we will address them then. Until that point, however, it creates an unrealistic expectation on them, gives them a falsely inflated sense of power and authority within the Faction, and can lead to a very bad time.
    • Lets avoid the GW Lore Bus. A Liaison cannot be another Lore character. Our timeline is the end of the Black Crusade, the year 999.m41, updated to the currently accepted 8th edition placement of all Lore Characters at that time. A Liaison cannot have made a specific imprint on the present or past of the GW Universe, but CAN have taken part in those actions in their backstory (ie you weren't formerly known as Eldrad Ulthran, but you could have served alongside him at Armageddon.) The less we have to run by GW before we implement it, the less we have to backpedal on when the Lore changes again.
    • Stick to released EC assets where possible. Do a Google Image Search for "Eternal Crusade" or go to the "Screenshots" or "Concept Art" sections of the EC Website. If its an official EC image, @Oveur will have an EXPONENTIALLY easier time clearing the image (or any part thereof) for use as an EC Liaison than going to the Black Library for approval.

    The Current Roster and initial thoughts on any blank spots:
    • Eldar
      • Elrakae Ysemere, Striking Scorpion of Altansar
        • In possession of a Spirit Stone that easily a dozen Aeldari have already thrown their lives away to protect, simply to get it into her hands in accordance with a prophecy she only half understands the purpose of.
      • [Second Slot Open]
      • [Third Slot Open]
      • [Fourth Slot Open]
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  2. Dorfus Dorfus Steam Early Access

    wait so like this is about 40k original RP characters or something? because in the eldar webway discord we have a roleplaying section where we have a bunch of characters with their own backstory. in fact I have a character with quite the extensive story behind him, with his custom appearance, stats, info and all that, problem is that I have the same name in-game because well, I based my in-game name off my character (well except his surname of course.)

    and unfortunately that's also the case with the rest I think. also you're viavirtus in discord yes? I might PM you some questions, since I'm quite curious to see where this goes now, considering I'm quite a lot into roleplaying and stuff. even though it doesn't seem like that because I don't even use capital letters and well, because of how I post. but yeah.
  3. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    interesting idea, kinda wonder what craftworld would get left out. thinking Saim-Hann.. though Iyaden isn't big on aspect warriors so not having them 'repped' might not be such a loss and a Saim-Hann Swooping Hawk or something might be neat

    But no farseer for Ulthwe?

    Could it be a hero class like a Biel-Tan Autarch?
  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    First and foremost:
    There seems to be a distinct lack of concept art for Eldar.
    for all interested is a list of currently known Eldar vcocabulary for name building.
    For instance: Lir:Heart ; Zain:breaking ; -ar:female actor -> 'She who is breaking Hearts' or 'The Heartbreaker'
    This is a long-abandoned project of mine to put that same data into a more usable format. Primarely, it has a function to search for English words and show Eldar equivalents.
    The code is awful but it works, if you want to use this for anything, consider it open-source.

    As a nice touch, characters could also all have an individual rune.

    Secondly, to repost the concept-sheet I made for this purpose:
    You need an app linked to drive that can open diagrams like or lucidchart.
    Noone needs to use this but, maybe, it helps giving you an idea, where to start.
    Just to be sure, I removed the few references that you didn't explicitly disclose publicly yet, this shouldn't give away anything but my own thoughts.

    Finally, to the characters:
    The Raven. Sounds good as a name and also Ice-and-Fire-reference as I consider her a bit of a messenger
    As only survivor of a raid on an exodite-settlement, years of imprisonment were almost enough to break her and left scars on her soul that may never heal.
    She sought salvation in embracing the warrior aspect of the Howling Banshee like noone else, all but forgetting about her former life, trying to erase memories that would destroy her.
    Impressed with her skills and devotion, Jain Zar has personally trained and guided this young Eldar, formed her into a tool of Khaine's will, now she acts on the battlefield as an extension of herself, with unmatched, cold fury destroying the enemies of the Eldar in whichever form they choose to show themselves.
    This is a previous iteration of my own backstory (not anymore relevant to my character) minus a lot of dark details.
  5. Dorfus Dorfus Steam Early Access

    oh, so the OC's that are accepted into this are going to appear in the Eldar story or something then?
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  6. Yes, I'm ViaVirtus on Discord.

    As for the what/where/how and all... Imagine the Aeldari need to decide whether or not they should eat a cheese sandwich. Jain Zar may HATE cheese sandwiches, whereas a Dire Avenger from Iyanden may really LOVE cheese sandwiches. A sister Swooping Hawk, meanwhile, has walked the Path of the Cheese Sandwich personally. While she could make the greatest cheese sandwich you've ever tasted, she has left that Path to walk the Path of the Hawk and so cheese sandwiches are of little interest to her despite her vast knowledge on the subject.

    This is the point of replacing each Faction Lead with a number of less important Faction Liaisons. We have to eat the cheese sandwich anyway, so we could either get the assignment from Jain Zar who it would make no sense hearing from her about this, or from a Faction Liaison with an interest of specific knowledge in the area in question. For CSM, I've broken it down even easier: Iron Warriors don't like the Warp Woogee, so why make an IW give you a 'magic' mission if there's also a Word Bearer Apostle also around to talk up the Gods?

    Also a threat to Jain Zar's life is meaningless; not only is she immortal, she's protected by about thirty layers of 'plot armor' that says we can't do anything lasting to her: she's used in products that occur after us in the timeline. Any OC we create? Well... The galaxy is Grim and full of Dark...

    In addition, our long-term planning involves eventually providing a way for non-dev, non-team PLAYERS to submit stories to be included in the EC Campaign system (with the lore team serving more as 'editors' and 'narrative consistency filters' than any kind of real gateway). If we keep using the Faction Leads in the system as it currently is, we would have to jump through a dozen approvals to have Jain Zar say "I could really go for a cheese sandwich," as opposed to the two approvals to have (say) Elrakae the Striking Scorpion say it. This results in a faster campaign approval pipeline and allows for THE COMMUNITY to submit stories involving a small handful of OCs as opposed to having to stop people from trying to make Jain Zar sweat where she's gonna find that cheese sandwich from...

    Does that make sense?

    Look back at my OP: "We will only have FOUR Faction Liaisons (at a time...)". If something happens to one or more of them... Well somebody's gotta pick up the slack, right?

    As for Farseers and Autarchs... Right now we're in "Campaign 101" mode, and if that is well-received we'll try "Campaign 201", which involves actual live combatants on accounts run by the Lore team out and about in the world interacting, grabbing screenshots, and making notes about who/where/how they played with/against for use in fiction/screen shots. Farseer Liaisons would be hard because of assets we'd need we don't have and Autarch... Not until we've had more graphics passes on him. Paint the banners at least. Lol.

    For reference on what this might look like, see what I did during the Ork Community Campaign and the CSM Community Campaign.
  7. Dorfus Dorfus Steam Early Access

    well. you've just made me walk the path of confusion. but hey. as I said, I might try adding a character sometime. I did understand however, that some of the characters can and will die, so I don't know. is that really frequent? what's the chance of it happening to a character? just saying because it'd kinda make me sad to get a character into this just to have them get killed after the first campaign. I mean, sure, it's 40k, but at least I'd rather have a chance to make it my mistake if my character dies, rather than a faction's mistake, you get me? :D
  8. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

  9. Dorfus Dorfus Steam Early Access

    excuse me?
  10. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    you don't expose your fears of a character you create getting killed, that's how you get em killed!

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