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Lore Breaking?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by DeFoamBag, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. DeFoamBag Active Member

    Can the game really stay true to the lore? With the codex astartes limiting a space marine chapter to 1000 members only, which i think is gonna be quite a challenge to limit in the game.
  2. Unknown OpethxDAx Subordinate

    This is a game, not a book.

    Lore will be broken for gaming balencing and limitations, which in my opinion is a good thing.
  3. DeFoamBag Active Member

    Well yeah it is a good thing. Still will be pretty silly to see thousands upon thousands of ultramarines running around.
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  4. Unknown OpethxDAx Subordinate

    If I'm correct, it can go up to 100 vs 100 so a company can count.

    Although a sea of dead smurfs would be a great sight.
  5. VeRMiLiON78 VeRMiLiON78 Active Member

    Every Warhammer 40k game is lore breaking, because some lore moments doesn't suit the game. Gameplay is always on the first place.
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  6. DeFoamBag Active Member

    I just don`t wanna see a deamon bro-fisting an ultramarine or something like that.
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  7. Awie Member

    space wolves does not follow the 1000 marine limit...
  8. Unknown OpethxDAx Subordinate

    Gameplay > Lore. I'm here for gameplay and nothing else.
  9. Unknown OpethxDAx Subordinate

    It won't matter either way.
  10. You can't realistically follow the SM limit of population.

    I feel there should be a limit in terms of how the command structure works but the limit of 1000 battle brothers is utterly unfeasible.

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