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Loota Takas (ork Deathskulls

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Crackersmasher, May 16, 2014.

  1. So as of late the Clan now has a Facebook page a website in the works and members are still needed and first 20 members will get a chance to win a prize from the store,)

    Ello, you stooped Gitz. Welcome to my big Kroozer! I be the great Crackersmasher of da mighty Freebooterz Loota Takas! We be da bestest, strongest, an da baddest Freebooterz der ever be.
    We be lackin da boyz for a true crew dough. Dem buggers be 'ard ta kill.
    Want ta join da crew! Den tell me!!!

    (We are a crew dedicated to loot and siege combat. We are looking for dedicated rp guild or clan members. We are a friendly clan and are welcoming to all.
    As of yet we have a small facebook page in works. This guild will be heavily based on team work and hopefully friendship. (Unless you be a spiky in disguise) So join today and get a free gretchin,)
    Here be where I tellz you 'bout da greatest Loota Takas Victories. Der eve' be.
    Da list!

    (Now on a private note. I have past skills in leading people in online games, some being
    A clan on runescape: about 6 years ago.
    I was second in command of a Clan in Evony leading is to us being one of the first five guilds to win.
    Uprising empires: My Clan held second place for up to two months.
    I know how to lead and to stay calm in rough times. Join me and together we can be the top Ork Klan on Arkona!

    For more info message me or Dregteef.
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  2. Dregteef Vandal Dietrec Subordinate

    Bout time Smash! I been startin to tinks ya wudnt even guna bee lookin for anymore boyz for de teem! But if dey be shoota boyz den you take'm! I only wants me de brutes!

    (BTW- I'm the second in command)
  3. Bogrol Bogrol Steam Early Access

    I'll join. Let's get this thing running. EU?
  4. So far a majority of the guild is from Canada.
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  5. But people from all walks of life are welcome to join and help us conquer and loot.
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  6. Kels Recruit

    I will join. Do I get shiny.
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  7. Dregteef Vandal Dietrec Subordinate

    No. No shiny for you! I kiddin' We all get plenty of shiny and teef, but only if dere' be a big W'aaargh!
  8. Oi, Dreg you be actin like a big dumb goff. We be fighten' da biggest Waaaaaaargh dat der ever be. Dat Ghazzgul Thraka be tellin me we destined fer da greatness!
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  9. Dregteef Vandal Dietrec Subordinate

    W'AAARGH!!! We gunna be makin da biggest boom out dere and we'ze gunna get da most teef and loot! We be da best!

    (SIDE NOTE: My Xbox live clan has agreed to aid us and work under me as a side division of the guild, but they will follow under me as part of my squad. They are public-professional level mlg gamers and are well experienced in games of this sort, several having played Space Marine. I have additional people besides them who have specialties at gaming, so I will also be bringing them in, but they will follow you. -To CRACKERSMASHER)
  10. Ye better be tellin dem boyz dat we going to be killin' a lot of dem Spiky and Spess marinezz, OI and dem bug gitz!
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