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Looking for a guild

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Donrocco, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Donrocco Donrocco Recruit

    Hey guys names donrocco. Looking for a guild I have a level 6 orc Goff and I'm currently working on a blood axe.

    I'm looking to join a serious to semi serious giuld that does some sort of voice comm. And does organized play times and hopefully matches ( dare I dream ).
  2. Fiesty_Won Fiesty_Won First Blood!

    My suggestion to you and every other Ork of EC is to start here....

    That is a discord channel Ork players can meet up, regardless of guild or no guild, to get together and play.
  3. Da Orky Fort discord is where all the ferals and former guild guys have all made camp at, so if you're looking for guys to play with I suggest you join and try to see if any gits are in the mood for a game.

    Guys also form pick up games there pretty regularly.
  4. Kap'in Skullbitz Ream New Member

    I like how you guys haven't noticed that Donrocco is already in da orky fort :D
  5. Just did

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