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Look both ways before saving a teammate.

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by MolitvaVoina, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Be careful when going to save a teammate. The enemy may be using them as bait or might just be around the corner with backup. Your rescue just went from bad to worse because you did not see the tactical hiding behind the window or the jumpack who decided to join the fight. If your a non healer see if you can clear the area or stand close to the downed player while you wait for a healer to come. If your a healer make use of your long range heals or heal grenades. Certain races even have a fire and forget heal which is very useful for saving someone in the middle of a fight. If you are downed get to cover asap. You can also choose to sacrifice yourself by blocking a doorway or sitting infront of an objective.
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  2. Tior Elsworth Tior Steam Early Access

    Ah yes....happened to me yesterday. A duel ended as a double KO, I tried reviving my teammate only for a TA and his mates suddenly pop outta nowhere. lol

    Shoulda checked my corners.
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  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    No Combat Resses! Ever. I get why you'd do it, especially if its an Elite or someone you accidentally killed or she asked for help 6 times now, but dont do it. Initiate a ress if you are 100% certain noone will shoot you.
    Obviously I am talking about manual resses, not healers.
    Also, dont let it put pressure on you, take all the time you need to finish your fights, your teammate already got downed, thats on her, not you.

    If someone died and you dont know how, stay the fuck away from her. Its either a Stalker Bolter, a Kannon or a Hawk and they are waiting for more.

    Unless you are on a ticket-map or know, where the next healer is, in my experience its better to bleed out.
    Its situational of course but the manual ress, if it even happens, is not usually worth it.
    If someone is bleeding out although there are clearly allies nearby who could help, let her.
    She probably has a reason, thinks the respawn is quicker than the ammo crate or wants to change loadouts.

    If you picked someone up and have a Medkit, use it on her. Its one of the best applications you are going to find for these things and I assure you: the Player will remember.
    Rescuing is common sense, spending a consumable is a nice gesture you like to repay.

    Finally if, for whatever reason, you are saving someone in a risky situation(for instance you are gravely wounded and have a downed healer behind cover), you can change her position quite a bit, depending on where you stand.
    You can use the ress to stay both in cover yourself and maneuovre her deeper into it and out of the line of fire.
    In one instance I had a small steel beam to hide behind and took three quick attempts before the enemy finally didnt have a shot anymore on either of us. My ress dodged out of safety and died immediatly, thats why: No combat-resses!
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  4. Yes that is what I forgot to mention. This fills it in perfectly. No in combat revives by non healers. It is very dangerous and fails often.

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