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Loadout/Itemisation Updates

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MichaelChan, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. Michael Chan MichaelChan Game Designer


    I created this sticky, as a place to give out semi-important notifications regarding upcoming developments to the Loadout, Gameplay, Itemisation systems that come across my desk (hopefully ahead of time).

    I'll also use this thread to explain how some parts of the game work, if the in-game feedback is missing; which at our current state of development - frequently is.

    This is by no means a replacement for the Patch Notes; nor should you expect to find all things discussed here.

    I've locked the thread to reserve it for updates, but feel free to discuss the contents in General Discussion or Founder's Lounge.

    New Itemisation System
    The new itemisation system should coming online in the near future. From your point of view, there should be very little difference; its primary purpose is to make item creation and maintenance more efficient.

    I've done my best to copy over the stats from the old items to the new. That being said, there can be new bugs - copy & paste errors, or technical issues. Hopefully our internal testing will mitigate the worst of it.

    All of your existing loadouts will be invalidated because the item assets themselves are different. Your characters and accumulated XP will remain intact. Yay! We will be making a more visible announcement regarding this.

    When you launch the game, you will see a message notifying you that some of your loadouts are invalid and have been reverted to a default state. For the time being, the old names of your loadouts will be kept.

    In the future, you will see this automated validation process in situations such as:
    • Your loadout contains an item that no longer exists (because we removed it).
    • Your loadout contains an item that cannot be equipped (e.g. the class no longer has access to the item).
    • You loadout is above the 1000 point capacity (because we made certain things more expensive).
    Other things that should happen at the same time:
    • The Chainsword Apothecary will make a return.
    • The Hardened Combat Knife will be removed. We're trying to fix up melee; let's remove any unnecessary *noise*.
    • The advanced health items will be removed. The new item system doesn't support the attaching of the HoT effect (not without hackery). We'll revisit alternate health items at a later date.
    • Edit: The Space Marine Ground Assault can take a Bolt Pistol in place of his Storm Shield.
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  2. Michael Chan MichaelChan Game Designer

    The character hitbox changes from Patch 15 (March 24th).

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  3. Michael Chan MichaelChan Game Designer

    Some people have been asking about how penetration rating (of the attack) and toughness rating (of the target) operate; so here it is!

    The mitigation formula as of the last big patch where the constants were updated:


    Here's the plot from Wolfram Alpha:


    The x-axis is the difference between toughnessRating and penetrationRating.
    The y-axis is the mitigation in the below formula to calculate the actual damage received:


    Having a penetrationRating that is greater than the toughnessRating confers no additional bonus - full damage is inflicted.
    In Excel, I wrap the mitigation formula at the very top within a MAX function with a second parameter of 0; so it evaluates to either a positive number or zero.

    For the time being, bolt/chain weapons have 80 penetration rating and most plasma/power weapons have 180 penetration rating.
    The values are subject to change of course.

    Have fun!

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