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Livestream Summary Notes [Update Mar 4th]

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vortecs, Jan 16, 2016.

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  1. Kyroth Vortecs Cipher

    [Livestream Jan 15th]

    Hey all, I talked to the moderators last week and talked about how to get the summary notes on the forums. For those of you unaware, I have been posting summary notes for the livestreams on the game's subreddit for a couple of months now in order to allow those who can't make the livestream or have the time to watch the VODs to stay updated. Unfortunately, the subreddit isn't exactly huge so I thought I'd start posting them over here as well to get them out to a larger audience so that they are in the end more beneficial.

    It's going to take me a while to get used to the formatting but the plan is to post the summary notes here after I post them on the subreddit.

    As I do every week on reddit, just a pre-warning that this is not a word-for-word transcript, and please understand that there is the high likelihood that I may misinterpret a dev's answer; as a result of this if you are offended or in any way unsatisfied with a dev's answer, please use the timestamp provided to obtain the context and any further details that may have been unintentionally withheld from these notes.

    Lets jump right in.


    Those needing to catch up on last week's livestream, here are the summary notes, I'm afraid I won't be transferring last week's notes over to the forums so apologies.

    Link to this week's livestream

    This week we're joined by the usuals Katie (Community Manager), Brent (Lead Game Designer) and Nathan (Senior Producer).

    [2:31] Schedule:
    • Steam Early Access
    • Production Update
    • Gameplay (Live with Founders)
    • Q&A / Giveaways
    [3:20] Steam Early Access

    It's probably just best to either watch this part yourself to get some more context on why they decided to move to early access, you should also read the latest newsletter if you haven't already. Moving into early access, they are still going to try and maintain an aggressive update schedule, it was also mentioned later on that for post-launch there will be a regular 3 month free expansion update plan.

    Some other things that they mentioned is that they are going to be adding a lot more achievements, cards, badges and backgrounds for the game. The specific and unique achievements available currently won't be stopping after early access, they will continue to be available (and be made) right up until the launch of the game. They also stated that they're working on keybindings.

    Incase you didn't read the newletter, the founder's program is going to be closed on January 25th. Information on when they're going to open up on steam will be sent out shortly afterwards. They are going to try and keep the downtime (In being able to buy into the game) between closing the founder's program and opening up on steam as short as possible. Just to clarify, we're all still going to be able to play the game in the time between the founder's program being shut down, and the game opening up on steam.

    Nathan said himself that if you're hesistant because you're waiting for Orks and/or Eldar, then it will probably be best to wait rather than forcing yourself to buy into the founder's program, you won't be missing out on a whole load of stuff by waiting.

    Something else that was said, that during pre-launch, don't be afraid of spending your RTP (Rogue Trader Points) as you'll get them back after each reset, and there will be one before they actually launch the game too.

    You to not have to rebuy the game when they go over to steam

    [14:47] Production Update - Character Selection

    There should be a huge build next week. Going into character selection, you should notice a couple of changes, two of which are that you now have a rank, and an XP bar. You will be leveling up to rank 5 for now, later on XP will be used for progression and skillpoints. As mentioned previously, there will be resets and XP will be something affected by resets.

    At 16:43 Brent shows us the new loadouts screen from within character selection. Accessories will not be part of the first iteration of the loadouts system, however they will be a large part of the final system; for example the marks (Nurgle, Khorne etc...) will be under the accessories. Be aware that the descriptions for everything under the loadouts system are placeholders and will be replaced with useful information. You will have the ability to name your loadouts.

    As mentioned in previous livestreams the way that the loadouts system is going to work is through loadout points, which you will have access to 1000 of. Each weapon and item that you can select under the loadouts will have a loadout point cost, so you will have to sacrifice in some areas to use a certain weapon for example. The individual points costs for the guns are subject to change over the lifetime of the game, and has previously been said as another way to balance the guns.

    You will be able to field a number of custom loadouts into a match, but you will always be given certain premade loadouts, so if you have all of your custom loadouts as an assault, you'll still have access to a basic tactical loadout.

    [23:30] Power Fist

    Just a pre-warning, the power fist shown here is not the final model. The art assets are still being updated so what you see isn't necessarily what will be in the final iteration of the game.

    The power fist is a lot slower than other weapons, it still has the normal functionality of the other melee weapons as in you can quick attack, strong attack, ground slam with it etc... While slower, it is a lot more powerful than other weapons it appears. It is meant to be an anti-vehicle/fortification weapon first, however it is capable against other players too. It is the most powerful melee weapon against vehicles, and will be the only melee weapon at launch that will be able to damage fortifications.

    Brent gets killed at 24:55 ish and we get to see the execution animation for the power fist.

    Brent demonstrates the powerfist against a vehicle a few times starting at 25:59. It does a fair amount of damage when using the strong attack, and also pushes the vehicle back a fair amount. Power fist ping pong anyone?

    Nathan mentioned that lightning claws will be coming into the game (Don't think he mentioned pre or post launch), however it isn't that high of a priority right now as the focus was on the power fist first rather than the claws.

    [29:34] QUESTION: What is happening with optimisation?

    ANSWER: Optimisation is an ongoing. They are using the Unreal Engine 4 (10.1 currently) from Epic, who are making improvements themselves to the engine. The maps also vary massively in size, which can affect the performance. Again, you will **need** a decent PC in order to play the alpha.

    [34:15] QUESTION: Meltas?

    ANSWER: Meltas are on the list to be implemented. Meltaguns should be the next gun that the Space Marines will be getting access to. Don't expect it next week however as currently a lot of work has been going into the loadouts system.

    [35:54] QUESTION: What about the chainfist?

    ANSWER: It's more of a terminator weapon. If a normal Space Marine does have one, it's usually a high ranking Chaos (Captain, Veteran etc...). It's not high on their list right now, and when they do get around to adding it, they'll probably add it when they add Terminators into the game (Post-launch).

    Next week we should be able to see the stream of corruption and the ailments system so that proper poison can be in the game. And thats basically it for the Production Update this week.

    [37:41] Gameplay Begins

    [38:37] QUESTION: Are Dreadnoughts coming?

    ANSWER: Yes probably (18?) months after launch, although probably not that long as there will be regular 3 month updates after launch as mentioned before. When/if they are implemented, they will be treated as a vehicle rather than a class, they may be dealt with through a Warlord's ability.. It would be exciting to have them in game, but there are so many other things after launch that they need to take on first.

    [40:10] QUESTION: Flamers?

    ANSWER: Basically Nathan elaborates on a question on flamethrowers that was answered in chat by someone. They are a nightmare to optimise so won't be in for launch. They hope to find a way to implement them but first need an efficient way to do so after launch. It was mentioned that they could start implementing flamers through the Tyranid PvE mode whenever they get around to it.

    [43:50] QUESTION: When can we see Eldar?

    ANSWER: There was a sneak peak in the livestream before Christmas (Unfortunately I was unable to do any summary notes for that one, can't provide any links but I'm sure if you look around you'll find something). They're getting in a lot of Eldar assets in the next 6 weeks. The emphasis right now is trying to get the Eldar in; now that Space Marines and Chaos have a decent amount of things, they have moved their focus onto the other factions.

    We should be seeing the assets on Twitch at some point.

    [47:04] QUESTION: More customisations for armour pieces?

    ANSWER: Visual customisations is coming in. The loadouts system is for the weapons and other related things, then there will be a similar system that is devoted to visual customisations for the armour and such.

    [49:49] QUESTION: When can we start using Rogue Trader Store items?

    ANSWER: With the addition of the loadouts system soon, they will be implementing the rogue trader store items in batches (they'll be coming in gradually over time). Items will start to be added to the rogue trader store once the existing items in the store are available to use in game.

    [52:39] QUESTION: Do you think that releasing the game in it's current state on Steam is a good idea? People on steam generally expect the game to perform well, even if it is on early access.

    ANSWER: They wouldn't be doing it if they knew it was a horrible idea. They're aware that it is risky however they don't have many other options.

    It was also mentioned later on that they expect the NDA to drop when they move into early access.

    [57:07] QUESTION: Join with friends?

    ANSWER: The ability to join a friend's match through steam will be coming with the next patch. It will be basic on the first implementation.

    [58:03] QUESTION: Any idea when we can expect more Marks in the game?

    ANSWER: The Mark of Nurgle was the first one as they just wanted to try things out. As mentioned previously, when they start elaborating on the accessories through the loadouts system, more Marks will be made available.

    [59:26] QUESTION: When are we going to see or get anything new for the Sorceror?

    ANSWER: Next week.

    [59:33] QUESTION: When can we expect some kind of passive accessories like purity seals for LSM, and what would be the other faction's equivalents?

    ANSWER: It's probably a bit too far out to say, however passive accessories will probably be coming in the first iteration of the accessories system.

    That wraps it up for this week folks.
  2. Kyroth Vortecs Cipher

    [Livestream Jan 22th]

    Hey all, back again for another week. Apologies this has come out a couple of days late, the livestream was uploaded to youtube yesterday and this was the first opportunity that I got to type this up.

    Link to this week's livestream

    As usual, just a pre-warning that this is not a word-for-word transcript, and understand that there is the high likelihood that I may misinterpret a dev's answer; as a result of this if you are offended or in any way unsatisfied with a dev's answer, please use the timestamp provided to obtain the context and any further details that may have been unintentionally withheld from these notes.

    This week we're joined by Katie (Community Manager), Brent (Lead Game Designer) and Noah (Game Designer).


    * Production Update
    * Founder's Program Retrospective
    * Gameplay (Live with Founders)
    * Q&A / Giveaways

    [1:25] Production Update - Loadouts

    Title screen has been updated to be 3D. A few things have been added to the loadouts system. There is now a smart bolt pistol, which enables you to lockon to targets, the regular bolt pistol will no longer do so. The bolt pistol does slightly more damage, and there is a bonus of some sort if you choose not to use the smart bolt pistol. A couple more consumables have been added such as a super med pack. You can now also swap out your knife.

    Just another reminder that right now you can only take 5 custom loadouts into a match which can be any class that you want. You do however get some premade loadouts for each class so you can still be a devastator even if you bring 5 assault custom loadouts.

    [3:45] QUESTION: Are we going to be able to see weapon stats in the loadouts system?

    ANSWER: Yes. They're not in yet, but there will be a quick preview of the stats of a weapon, and then you can also view the advanced stats.

    [4:07] Power Fist and Stream of Corruption

    The art asset for the power fist has been updated, the placeholder that we saw in last week's livestream is no more. It also seems to take longer to "charge" than other melee weapons now compared to last week.

    The stream of corruption was also shown off. Currently it is a single target attack for the sorceror, however they are planning to make it AOE so everyone around the person being channeled is also affected. When under the affect of the stream of corruption, you have a bar that slowly fills up, the more that the bar is filled up, the more damage you take from the stream of corruption, if the bar is filled the person dies. The stream of corruption is planned to be something for Nurgle sorcerors. It should be coming out in about a week or so.

    At 11:47 you get to see how the stream of corruption works over time without a full "poison" bar. Once the stream of corruption is no longer channeled on you, the bar will slowly deplete however in this time you will be taking damage.

    [10:25] HUD Update

    The HUD has been cleaned up after about a year. Basically, red is bad, gold is friendly and blue is in your squad. The minimap is larger now and the map will be added to it soon.

    [13:48] Founder's Program Retrospective - Kills

    Just an apology beforehand if I butcher your name, Noah's paint skills need some work.

    Total logged kills: 2,789,778
    Average kills at end of match: 7.28

    At 14:10 you can see the top 10 people with the most kills.

    1. Shoulder Mount (Around 25000)
    2. DJPenguin
    3. FerrusManus
    4. Lethal
    5. Laanshor
    6. Wargnarr / Haraldus
    7. Abyss
    8. Lazermuff
    9. Gurkha
    10. Mr. Mustach

    [14:44] Executions

    Total logged executions: 1,411,227
    Average executions at end of match: 3.69

    At 16:35 you can see the top 5 people with the most executions

    1. Crioxus / Arigulius
    2. Abyss
    3. Worvex / Lowgrave
    4. DjemoSRB
    5. Chebalis

    [17:14] Rescues

    Total logged rescues: 350,953
    Average rescues at end of match: 3.7

    At 17:34 you can see the top 5 people with the most rescues

    1. Gurkha
    2. Wahrgnarr
    3. GodKingWashington
    4. Abyss
    5. Bloodtsunami


    Total logged healing: 2,991,575
    Average HP healed at end of match: 7.76

    At 18:48 you can see the top 10 people with the most healing

    1. Lazermuff (156,101)
    2. DjemoSRB
    3. Sigvald
    4. Deathrage
    5. Decimus
    6. Subvox
    7. Abyss
    8. Hugglesworth
    9. Pliacy
    10. Ezdel

    [19:51] Accumulated Experience Points

    Total XP earned to date: 381,799,735
    Average XP at end of match: 2284

    At 20:13 you can see the top 10 people with the most XP earned.

    1. Shoulder Mount
    2. FerrusManus
    3. DJPenguin
    4. Lazermuff
    5. PGCath
    6. Gurkha
    7. Laanshor
    8. Abyss
    9. Viperman (?)
    10. Wahrgarr

    [21:21] Deaths (not downs)

    Total logged deaths: 2,480,241
    Average deaths at end of match: 6.52

    At 21:36 you can see the top 5 people with the most deaths.

    1. Abyss
    2. Shoulder Mount
    3. Gurkha
    4. DjemoSRB
    5. Laanshor

    [22:12] Kills : Death ratio

    A list of the top 25 people with the most deaths, arranged into an ordered list of who had the highest Kill : Death ratio. You guys can view this part if you want, it's likely that in the next few slides there is going to be a lot fo information that I am going to be unable to really write about, so I'll give the timestamps and let you guys view the information if you're interested.

    [23:46] Class KDR

    The KDR's of all of the classes over the last 21 days displayed on a graph.

    [25:07] Kills over time with every weapon

    [26:19] Class Preference

    A few pie charts of what classes some of the "big names" you saw above preferred to use.

    [27:52] Loyalist Preferences

    A pie chart of what classes the LSM are using, and then a donut chart around it showing what guns those classes were using to get kills.

    [28:44] Chaos Preferences

    Similar to the above, but for the CSM.

    [32:39] A clip from 2013

    Basically a small clip back from 2013 when the game was only a few weeks into production.

    [34:14] Clip from 2014

    [36:10] Nathan dancing

    And again at 37:16

    [37:55] QUESTION: When can we expect the Devastator and Havoc to get access to pistols?

    ANSWER: It won't happen immediately, however it will happen.

    [42:01] Gameplay Begins

    [43:32] QUESTION: Will there be a difference in price between the founder's access and the steam early access?

    ANSWER: The price will pretty much stay the same, however there is less value in buying in through the steam early access as you will receive less rogue trader points (RTP), and you won't get access to the exclusive items that the founders do.

    [44:52] QUESTION: What will be the purpose of storm shields in PvE?

    ANSWER: The purpose will generally be the same, it can block melee and ranged attacks, and there will be melee and ranged Tyranids. They aren't making distinct PvE weapons and differentiating them from PvP weapons, however there will of course be some weapons that may be better suited to one than the other.

    [48:11] QUESTION: It was said in a twitch that we could expect a PvE gamemode for January, does this still hold?

    ANSWER: Not for January, however there may be an experimental map by the end of February for about a week (?) that would be co-op so that they can get our feedback on the system. The models are coming along, and the AI is still being developed and they have about 3 programmers working solely on the Tyranid AI at the moment.

    [51:15] QUESTION: With the new influx of steam early access cash, do you expect to expand the team or add new areas to the game?

    ANSWER: It depends on how much they actually get from the steam early acces; right now they are focused on delivering what they planned at the beginning of the year and are hesitant to add to that plan because of the danger of feature creep. They are also already hiring people currently and are still looking for more members to add to the team.

    [55:42] QUESTION: Is there an ETA on when the rogue trader items are going to be implemented into the game?

    ANSWER: Nathan goes off on a bit of a tangent and talks about progression and other similar systems that all tie in together. This question was answered last week I believe.

    [1:03:13] QUESTION: Any hope for glitter grenades?

    ANSWER: Just need to find them mentioned in a codex and they can do it. Or, things like Eldar plasma grenades could potentially have a glittery explosion effection.

    [1:06:33] QUESTION: Are there going to be any changes to the NDA with the steam early access release?

    ANSWER: It is 98.27% confirmed that when Steam Early Access is released that the NDA will be lifted.

    [1:08:03] QUESTION: Can you gift a founder's pack even after it ends?

    ANSWER: Yes, if it is in your inventory before it ends.

    [1:09:36] QUESTION: Will we be able to buy RTP through steam or only through the website?

    ANSWER: Yes we will be able to, however not right away. It will probably happen at the same time as the rogue trader store items are added into the game, so that you will be able to buy items and then use them right away.

    [1:11:35] QUESTION: After the release of early access on steam, will the patches become more frequent and/or bigger or will they stay as is?

    ANSWER: A mixture. Updates will hopefully be more frequent but probably smaller. There may be gaps in releases when they get closer to releasing bigger systems.

    There should be 1 outpost which is going to be a lot bigger and lot more open for vehicles, and 1 fortress which will be much bigger than the first fortress we played on, coming out in the next couple of weeks after early access.

    And thats all for another week folks.
  3. Kyroth Vortecs Cipher

    [Livestream Jan 29th]

    Just want to welcome all of the early access people who have arrived in the past week. For a quick introduction on what this is about, every Friday at around 2pm EST the developers put on a stream showing various things about the game, answering questions later on. These summary notes are to help out those who can't watch the livestream but still want to remain updated on what is happening regarding development.

    Back to normal this week, thankfully the video wasn't corrupted so it was uploaded yesterday. I've also pretty much gotten used to the formatting of the forums so it is taking a lot less time than I had originally anticipated to transfer these notes from the subreddit over to here.

    Link to this week's livestream

    As usual, just a pre-warning that this is not a word-for-word transcript, and understand that there is the high likelihood that I may misinterpret a dev's answer; as a result of this if you are offended or in any way unsatisfied with a dev's answer, please use the timestamp provided to obtain the context and any further details that may have been unintentionally withheld from these notes.

    This week's we're joined by Katie (Community Manager), Brent (Lead Game Designer) and Nathan (Senior Producer).

    [0:35] Schedule:

    • Production Update
    • Steam Early Access
    • Gameplay (Live with Crusaders)
    • Q&A / Giveaways
    [1:40] Production Update - Keybindings

    One of the things that is on the high priority list right now is keybindings. It is being pushed out as fast as they can manage. At 2:03 you can see the screen for the keybindings.

    There will be two preset keybindings that you can choose from. "Grimdark" which is what we are currently using, and a "Shooter" setting that is set out much more like a traditional shooter. Of course, you'll be able to change the bound key for what looks like all of the actions that can be taken. As with other games, the keybindings are seperated between on foot, vehicle and general function controls. There is also additional functionality that is being added with the keybindings, such as sprint toggle and hold RMB to zoom toggle.

    [6:13] Brent briefly mentions what is coming in the future

    You'll all be happy to hear that they have a bunch of people working on the performance. Addtionally, they have also started on the "Strategic Layer" of the game (Up until now we've just had a vertical slice of the game, focused on the shooter aspect). It will be some time before we see anything on this however.

    [6:24] Developments on the loadouts system (Accessories)

    The loadouts system is being further developed primarily they are working on advancing the accessories part of the loadout.

    The mark of nurgle will receive a nerf in the next patch that will remove his melee mitigation buff (Which is basically coming off everyone else too). The melee mitigation buff will be coming back under the accessories system however. The intention is that accessories system (as well as your weapon choice) is going to make it so that you will have to make some hard choices when it comes to designing your loadout. Things affected under your accessories are things such as your toughness, health and shields (Something else mentioned is health returned after stabbing someone).

    In past livestreams they have mentioned that the loadouts system (points cost) will be another way to balance the game. If someone wanted to equip a very powerful weapon (think storm bolter pre-nerfs) then they would be able to, however you would very likely have to sacrifice in other areas such as in the accessories part, where you'd probably have to take a hit in the toughness department.

    Further developments on the loadouts system being made are different types of armour as well as weapons such as variants of the boltgun. In the future it will also be possible to equip more than one type of grenade.

    [10:15] Nathan briefly talks about the MMO nature of the game

    Yes, the game isn't an MMO right now, they've made it clear plenty of times that they are trying to focus on the combat. The plan for this game isn't to ship it out at launch and then never touch it again, it will continue to be developed long after it has been launched and as previously stated, there will be an expansion every 3 months after this point.

    It was mentioned that in about week, we'll be seeing a large infographic which will show the various systems that they will be launching with so that we will be able to see where they will be able to expand upon in the future.

    [13:01] Upcoming patch features

    The stream of corruption will be included in the patch next week. Further performance improvements are also coming in, unfortunately AMD haven't come back with many fixes of their own, so the team is having to make workarounds on their end to improve performance for AMD users. Further along down the line, there will be a new map coming in the week starting the 9th Feb, or the week afterwards.

    [16:45] "I will be pushing the turbo button on our new factions"

    Basically, Nathan says that because early access went a lot better than expected, he's going to be pushing the turbo button on getting the art assets and such in for the new factions so that we should hopefully be seeing them early than expected.

    [18:00] Steam Early Access Trailer

    [20:47] Melee System

    They forgot to talk about something in the Production Update.

    There is going to be a change to the stamina system. The changes are aimed to make it less restrictive and also to cause less stunlocks. Basically, stamina is now only going to be used for evading. Clangs with a shield or weapon will now work through a durability system of sorts, so for example breaking the "durability" of your shield will only prevent you from blocking further with the shield for a certain amount of time rather than also affecting a lot of other things as it does currently.

    The aim with these changes are to make it so that you won't feel as "trapped" as you may do currently. If you mess up on your first move going into melee combat, they hope that you will still have the opportunity to survive and turn the fight around.

    [24:06] Back to Early Access

    Just a few stats since the release of Early Access.

    697,883 total kills (This is downs, which is why the number is not equal to the total deaths)

    660,491 total deaths (I couldn't quite hear if it was 660k or 616k, Katie seems to say one and Nathan the other shortly after)

    87000 rescues (Apparently more than executions - On a side note the execution time is being reduced)

    189,971,925 xp accumulated (Another side note, if you haven't already noticed there is an xp bonus if you stick around until the end of the match)

    2267 games played with an average of 30 minutes each with 30 people, someone in chat did the maths and that apparently adds up to around 4 years of gameplay in about 3 days. (A couple of side notes here, only 6 of these 2267 games crashed and as a result of this they are now more comfortable on doing further tests on increasing the player count)

    [32:18] Gameplay Begins

    [34:53] QUESTION: Nathan are you rushing the game's release by releasing in Summer 2016?

    ANSWER: Nope they're not. This has always been the plan since they came into the start of 2015. Of course, summer 2016 is a very wide window (Some of you will remember that founder's access was scheduled for summer 2015 and captains got in september) and so there isn't a set date right now. There is a lot more in Nathan's answer which I recommend you watch if you too have concerns about the game being released this summer. This is one of the types of questions that is likely to cause people to pick up their pitchforks, so is a good example of when you should use the timestamp provided.

    [37:45] QUESTION: When will we see armour customisation?

    ANSWER: The system itself is on the way within the next two months. Some of the customisations that you saw in the early access trailer will be included when the system is released along with many more; over the time after the system's release more assets will be released.

    [40:22] QUESTION: Will steam early access continue to be discounted after the steam sale?

    ANSWER: Yes absolutely. Due to the way that steam works they had to use a first week sale which currently says that it will end in February, which isn't the actual case. The game will continue to be discounted up until they reach Beta.

    [41:36] QUESTION: When are we going to see the guild system in-game?

    ANSWER: It's still quite a way out. Squads and war parties will be coming first. There will be guilds at "launch". There was also a little bit of discussion on how people will be entering matches. The current system is temporary and will be revamped at some point, however there will always be a "To Battle" button for those that just want to jump right in.

    [44:52] QUESTION: Next weapon to come into the game?

    ANSWER: It is going to be the Meltagun. It is being worked on right now, and while it won't be in the next patch, if all goes well it should be coming in the patch afterwards.

    [46:40] Nathan and Brent talk about balancing the game

    The truth is that they haven't sat down and done a proper balancing pass yet because it is pointless to do a full balance pass until everything is in the game as everytime they add something it affects a whole load of other things. They will still balance things that are broken however they are still waiting on two more factions before they do a full and proper balance pass.

    [47:58] QUESTION: Will ammo boxes always heal? They seem to be taking jobs away from healers.

    ANSWER: They aim to make it so that the optimal situation is to always have a healer with you. Nathan personally agreed with the idea, however he said that if there was a downside to going to an ammo box then he'd be fine with it healing. The downside specified by Brent was that ammo boxes would be away from defensive points so if you wanted to heal up and replenish ammo you would have to stop defending the point for a bit in order to do so.

    [51:15] QUESTION: Will there be other factions added some day?

    ANSWER: Besides from Eldar and Orks, there won't be anymore coming in until at least a year after launch. There is the plan to release free expansions every 3 months while also releasing updates inbetween those expansions. To release a new faction requires them to make around 4-6 basic classes, their entire weapon loadouts and accessories, their own progress tree along with 4-5 sub-factions, their vehicles as well as the mechanics of their specific weapons; it takes an enormous amount of time to create and implement, as well as balancing it into the game. Don't expect it any time soon.

    [55:07] QUESTION: The Bandai Namco newsletter told us that the game will be on X-Box One, PS4, and PC in summer 2016, what can you tell us about it?

    ANSWER: Already covered some stuff in a previous question. Summer 2016 is their window. Consoles will not have an alpha, it will start in a beta form and while they have some stuff to work out with Sony and Microsoft the plan is to have a simultaneous release across all three platforms.

    [56:16] QUESTION: With the influx of new people from steam are the plans to have a tutorial to help them understand the game's mechanics?

    ANSWER: There will be a tutorial, however it probably won't be anytime soon. They could do something simple, particularly with the current instructions page. There will be more information coming for the weapons in the loadouts, there are also plans to improve the way that the game communicates with us. A full and proper tutorial will be coming closer to summer.

    [57:36] QUESTION: Can you give us a rough timeframe when the strikeforces (what they're calling guilds/outfits) functionality will be introduced?

    ANSWER: Mostly answered in another question. They first want the squad functionality to be added before the guild system. There was a little discussion about what the guilds would actually be called, as while strikeforces makes sense for the Space Marines, it wouldn't transfer over to the other factions.

    [1:00:13] QUESTION: What is the range on the stream of corruption and will the AOE deal damage to allies near the target?

    ANSWER: The range is about the same as the warp instability so quite far. The AOE won't be there for the first iteration however when it is introduced it will not affect friendlies.

    [1:01:16] QUESTION: On a scale of 1 to 10 what can we expect for the level of visual violence come launch? 1 being toontown and 10 being killing floor 2.

    ANSWER: The PEGI rating of 16 and an ESRB rating of M should give a fairly good idea. Nathan said about 8 compared to killing floor.

    [1:02:18] QUESTION: Is it true that you might launch the game without Orks and Eldar?

    ANSWER: Not true. There is a manhunt for the people who dare say such things.

    As said earlier they have pressed the turbo button for the other factions, and are already playing around with the Eldar in game (On their internal servers) however they are still quite a few assets still to be added for them. The addition for Orks may take a considerable more amount of time just due to how long the mo-cap will take to model, rig and then refine.

    [1:04:13] QUESTION: Iron Warriors when?

    ANSWER: Brent thinks that they have all of the assets for them but has to check up on that. At this point it isn't a big deal to implement them at this point as they have the lines written for them and are waiting on them to be recorded.

    [1:05:33] QUESTION: How long are we going to have the alpha watermark for?

    ANSWER: It will probably be next week that it will be taken down.

    [1:06:11] QUESTION: Will there be an option for a Space Marine Ground Assault without a shield?

    ANSWER: Yes, it is not fixed to the class and you will be able to choose to equip/unequip it via the loadout. An advantage of doing this is that you would have a lot more loadout points for consumables and accessories to buff you up even more.

    Thats it for yet another week folks. I'll be back again next week when we might be getting a first look at the new map. If you have any feedback feel free to send me a message.
  4. Kyroth Vortecs Cipher

    [Livestream Feb 5th] - Keybindings, Melee, Corruption and more!

    Apologies that this came out slightly later than usual. Just going to jump right in.

    Link to this week's livestream

    As usual, just a pre-warning that this is not a word-for-word transcript, and understand that there is the high likelihood that I may misinterpret a dev's answer; as a result of this if you are offended or in any way unsatisfied with a dev's answer, please use the timestamp provided to obtain the context and any further details that may have been unintentionally withheld from these notes.

    This week's we're joined by Katie (Community Manager), Brent (Lead Game Designer) and Nathan (Senior Producer).

    [2:12] Schedule:

    * Production Update
    * Gameplay (Live with Crusaders)
    * Q&A / Giveaways

    Before they started on the production update, there was a brief mention of a new weapon coming into the game (Meltagun as confirmed last week). It will be the final "weapon type" being added into the game before they fully focus on the weapons for Eldar. There is a high chance that we'll be seeing it in the patch before next Friday.

    [4:19] Production Update - Keybindings

    Currently they have the screen for the keybindings working, they're still working on the functionality of being able to switch keybindings out; it isn't as easy as you might think, they briefly talk about why this is.

    There are three sections of the keybindings, on foot, vehicle and function. In the future it will be possible to map more than one button to an action.

    [7:38] Loadouts

    3D characters now show up on the loadouts screen. You will be able to see your character equip the items and weapons as you change them in the loadouts.

    [9:39] Melee Changes

    One of the biggest changes coming to the melee system is the way that you are staggered. A bug found was that your stability was affected when your stamina was depleted, while this was intented for some classes it was not meant to be a feature across the board, this has been resolved.

    Nathan tells a shark joke at 11:22 while they're waiting for Brent to change over to Chaos. And a political one at 12:02.

    [15:01] Nathan talks about 32v32

    Just threw this in for those interested in the techinical aspect of things.

    [20:37] Melee Changes resumed

    There is going to be a "weapon durability" of sorts rather than stamina covering the entire melee system. In the future when you get involved in a clang or have a hit against the shield, the weapon durability will be affected rather than your stamina. Your weapons will not break permanently, it is just a temporary bar (Will probably just be an icon rather than another bar) that will refill over time.

    But back onto the main point. If you get hit by a defensive bash, you are no longer stunlocked forever. As demonstrated a few times, you can try and keep attacking, or boost/evade away. A defensive bash is now aimed to make the other person react and do something different rather than it being a simple death sentence as it is right now. Another change is that defensive bashes with now interrupt another one, so in the future it won't be the best way to counter a defensive bash (Currently whoever does the defensive bash last wins as it will stun the other guy).

    The Mark of Nurgle will be getting it's mitigation buff removed, as will everyone when the accessories in the loadouts system arrived. As mentioned previously, you're currently playing a buffed up character with accessories already equipped, you just don't know. When the accessories are released you will be able to pick and choose what kind of buffs you want for each character.

    [26:49] Stream of Corruption

    There are three threshholds with the poison, the higher level that you reach, the more damage that the target takes. Feedback will be added so that you know you're poisoning your target. A future change to the stream of corruption as mentioned last week, is that it will cause an AOE effect to surround the affect target, causing allies nearby to take damage too.

    As pointed out in a short question, the range of the stream is very large (100m), this is only the first pass and they will likely change it should it need it. Brent also says that there will likely be two ranges of powers, a short ranged and a long ranged where pretty much all powers will be in one of the two classes.

    The Aspiring Sorceror is not meant to be an offensive powerhouse. There are classes that are better suited to killing things quickly, the purpose of this class is to cause Chaos in the ranks of the enemies and just generally support the team. The stream of corruption is an example of the kind of power that the Aspiring Sorceror will have access to. Later on there will be more offensively-orientated classes (Heros, Elites).

    [34:04] Gameplay Begins

    [36:29] QUESTION: Any news on Space Wolves?

    ANSWER: They have some faces that they're trying out still. The Wolf Priest also has to be implemented. The Rune Priest will be coming at some point.

    It was also mentioned that you won't be getting stuck on players as often as you do currently in the next patch.

    [38:58] QUESTION: What about hand-held autocannons?

    ANSWER: They are for Chaos, not for Space Marines. They aren't a priority right now, priorities are based on higher risk higher priority just so that there will be more iteration time for them incase they are done incorrectly in the first couple of iterations. Eldar and Orks are high risk because they're so different to both LSM and CSM, particularly the weapons.

    [39:42] QUESTION: Will you be fixing the invisible Predator shots?

    ANSWER: It has been fixed internally, they're looking to include it in a hotfix.

    [40:02] QUESTION: Are Eldar still planned for this month? Will founders get access to an earlier version of them?

    ANSWER: Not scheduled for being live this month, but they will be appearing earlier on the founder's server.

    [41:09] QUESTION: When will we be able to queue as a group?

    ANSWER: The proper way to do that would be via the war parties. Can't say when exactly it will be in, it is part of the strategic layer of the game which is being worked on right now.

    [42:31] QUESTION: Can we get iron halo?

    ANSWER: Yes it will be an available accessory. It will make you a lot more survivable but at a high cost.

    [42:48] QUESTION: When will teamkilling penalties be added?

    ANSWER: Teamkilling penalties are being worked on. They won't be in the next patch but they have been prioritised. There is the voteban system in the meantime which will still be in after teamkilling penalties have been released.

    [45:35] QUESTION: What are the benefits of levelling up?

    ANSWER: Levelling up doesn't do anything right now. Later on levelling up will allow you to spend points in your character progression tree. Things in this tree may include lower costs in the loadouts, higher base stats, but it will all vary depending on the race/faction. Right now all weapons are available, however in the future you'll have to progress into the character tree in order for some weapons to cost an efficient amount.

    [46:33] QUESTION: Vortex grenades?

    ANSWER: Not for launch. They might add them when they add things like Land Raiders (Also post launch), although they may have to be a Warlord power just due to their power.

    [47:39] QUESTION: Will all classes be available at the start?

    ANSWER: All of the basic classes will be available. Things such as the Veteran versions of the classes, Heroes and Elites will have to be unlocked. Although, Brent later goes on to say that possibly, not all of the basic classes will be unlocked from the start, more probably the specialised ones (Eldar will have 7 basic classes) however they want you to be able to form a good team with your friends right from the beginning so you'll have a good compliment of classes from the start regardless of what they decide to do.

    [49:08] QUESTION: How is the progress of Warlords going?

    ANSWER: Noah along with a couple of other guys are working on them. Progress is going well, they have started on airstrikes for the Warlord. He will be coming with the strategic layer of the game, they may try to work him into the game before that point.

    Nathan wants them to have capes in game, however animating through physics is very expensive so they may not be as flowing as we'd like.

    [54:12] QUESTION: When will we see the rogue trader store return so that we can purchase our rogue trader gear?

    ANSWER: It will return when it is possible to equip them ingame. It will also return with some new items in it.

    [58:01] QUESTION: How soon will Devastators and Havocs get access to pistols?

    ANSWER: Can't say when for certain, priority right now is on the Eldar and Orks.

    Around this point in the video, the visuals and audio seem to desync by a few seconds. I think thats on their end rather than mine, please tell me if the timestamps are horribly out

    [59:55] QUESTION: What is the difference between a force axe and force sword, and will they be able to be overcharged with warp charge or some similar mechanic?

    ANSWER: Difference between the force sword and force axe will be similar to the difference between the power sword and the power axe, in that you're choosing between a light or a heavy weapon. As for the charging, they're planning on having something similar to the force power in the tabletop, it may not be treated as instant death however it will give you an advantage if you have the time to do it.

    [1:01:46] QUESTION: Is there any news on why the steam achievements aren't working?

    ANSWER: The fix for that should have come out in a hotfix. It's still a bit hit or miss at the moment though.

    [1:02:23] QUESTION: When will we be seeing a roadmap leading up to the launch of Eternal Crusade?

    ANSWER: They're currently making a big infographic so we can see what is left to be added into the game. The next big system that will be added into the game will probably be itemisation and the store along with rewards, a part of this is having variants of each gun.

    [1:05:18] QUESTION: What do you find to be the hardest thing about going from a board game to a PC game?

    ANSWER: Hardest thing is communicating that they aren't based on the tabletop, and seperating the notion of this is how they do it in the tabletop, and this is how they do it in the lore, and just taking inspiration from that.

    The classes in the game are very similar to the tabletop. They don't treat the classes as a 1:1 balance or be equally represented in the game. They want the classes to match what you'd see in the tabletop so for example so you'll want a couple of specialists, Chaos will have more assault guys running around.

    At 1:08:25, following on from this, they talk about Orks and the "Green Tide" and the way that they are going to have asymmetrical balance in the game. All Orks should be able to capture points, and also have no respawn timer.

    And that seems to be it for this week folks. Next week we might get a first look at this new map they've teased us about for weeks now, there also should be a large patch out around next Thursday.
  5. Kyroth Vortecs Cipher

    [Livestream Feb 12th] - Meltagun, New Map Teasers and more!

    Kept getting interrupted by something while I was making this couldn't finish it on Saturday, apologies that this has come out a day late.

    Link to this week's livestream

    As usual, just a pre-warning that this is not a word-for-word transcript, and understand that there is the high likelihood that I may misinterpret a dev's answer; as a result of this if you are offended or in any way unsatisfied with a dev's answer, please use the timestamp provided to obtain the context and any further details that may have been unintentionally withheld from these notes.

    This week's we're joined by Katie (Community Manager), Brent (Lead Game Designer) and Nathan (Senior Producer).

    [1:29] Schedule:
    • Production Update
    • Gameplay (Live with Crusaders)
    • Q&A / Giveaways

    [3:00] Production Update - Meltagun

    For those of you who haven't jumped into the most recent patch yet, the meltagun has been released. It's role is primarily anti-armour, so tanks and fortifications (when released), and is essentially a sophisticated blowtorch with a 30m range. The weapon itself will heat up, so after a certain amount of time you will have to stop firing it to allow it to cool down.

    The meltagun is similar to the Stream of Corruption in that it applies an ailment (heat) to you, however it differs from it in that it ramps up very quickly to it's maximum DOT, but also falls off very quickly as well; additionally, the further away that the target is, the longer it will take to apply the heat ailment and of course on the flip side the closer the target is, the faster the heat is applied. Having multiple meltaguns aim at the same target will increase the heat cap and therefore increase the DOT effect applied to it.

    Currently the meltagun is setup to ignore shields, however they are going to change this possibly in the next patch to simply be very effective against it. This will come along with melee weapons and the shield having durability, moving away from clangs affecting stamina.

    Coming at some point for Devastators and Havocs will be the multi-melta, which will be a more powerful version of the meltagun.

    [10:23] Keybindings

    Again, if you haven't jumped into the most recent patch then you should know that the keybindings are now out. To access them go to Instructions --> Controls, later on you will be able to access them through the Settings. This is the first iteration, and does not contain the keybindings for the gamepad, later iterations will, along with including some more options.

    Yet again, the visuals and audio are out of sync, it's only really noticable as soon as they go for the dev view. I believe it is on their end, but if it isn't please let me know as it'll likely screw up the timestamps if it is my youtube that has bugged out

    [14:32] New Map

    If everything goes to plan, the map should come out at some point in the next week. This map should have a lot more of a grimdark feel to it, and the rain adds to that atmosphere.

    First screenshot at 14:56

    Next one is at 15:42

    Another look at 16:10

    And a final one at 16:26

    Later on they clarify that this is not the fortress, which is still being finalised. Nathan could not say for certain whether or not there would be a map inbetween this one they are showing off, and the fortress being released. It still needs testing as they intend for it to have 60 players on it.

    [16:32] Nathan talks about the brightness of maps

    They often get complaints on why things are so shiny, Nathan addresses this. The first map was exceptionally shiny because it was in a desert biome in the daytime. They haven't really done a proper night map (They've done "dark evening") yet as they want to make it as a gamemode (nightmode) which Nathan described as "Alien vs Predator running around shit-scared" type darkness.

    The things that would affect brightness of a map are the time of day, the type of biome, the weather and mutators. A mutator is something that would directly affect your gameplay, such as a warp storm. Brent quickly describes some of the effects, which would be warp rifts opening up that are very dangerous as they'd suck people in, additionally the warp storm would amplify psychic powers but would make them more risky to perform. This is only one of the mutators the game will have.

    [19:54] Brent briefly mentions what is going on with the Eldar.

    Not next week, but in a few weeks we should be seeing the Eldar. For them, internally it has been Eldar month for them; they have a lot of people working on and testing the Eldar. The Eldar should be available on the Founder's Server before they are made "public". Eldar will have hovercraft.

    [21:50] Gameplay Begins

    [22:27] QUESTION: How would we get onto the founder's server?

    ANSWER: Founders (People who bought into the game before early access) will be getting an email at some point with details on how to access the server. It will have details of scheduled events to get people on at the same time, as it is expected that it probably won't be fun playing normally on it as it will be more unstable than the live build.

    [23:48] QUESTION: Do you have any news on the Space Wolves?

    ANSWER: This was talked about in last week's livestream. The reason on why they aren't in yet is that there are a number of visual components that have to be added, as well as the Priest. The Rune Priests will be coming in after launch, they will be coming when Librarians come basically.

    Shortly afterwards people started asking if they were adding more sub-factions/factions, the answer is that the subfactions that will make it by launch have already been announced and you can find the information on which ones they are, on the website. There are still 2 more sub-factions for both Space Marines and Chaos to add into the game, and of course 5 for both Orks and Eldar.

    [24:16] QUESTION: Is there a reason the plasma gun shares it's execution to the bolter.

    ANSWER: It's a placeholder. The meltagun execution animation is also a placeholder.

    [25:26] QUESTION: What about sub-sub-factions? (Successor chaptors)

    ANSWER: When they say sub-factions, it doesn't matter whether they are successor chapters or not. It is a group of people that they have decided to group together that fits with the lore.

    Something that Nathan went onto talk about, is that while they might not have the Imperial Guard on their own, they may have them as part of what they would call the Imperium which would may include things like the Sisters of Battle and the Inquisitors as well. And just to clarify, this is post-launch.

    [30:16] War Parties now have priority over the "Strategic Layer"

    A couple of weeks ago, they said that they were working on the Strategic Layer of the game. Because of the feedback from the players, they have now switched it with war parties as it will create a better player experience. It will be coming alongside changes for the "flow" of the game, where they intend to make the game experience more how it is intended to be.

    [31:09] QUESTION: Are you working on Orks?

    ANSWER: The model is being updated, a few things needed to be changed. Then, they need to mocap them. There might be a teaser of some sort coming soon, Brent was told not to say anything.

    [32:01] QUESTION: Does the melta have a headshot multiplier?

    ANSWER: No.

    [32:15] QUESTION: Wll the Blood Angels get Sanguinary Priests?

    ANSWER: Their apothecary will probably be called that.

    Shortly afterwards at 32:25, Nathan starts to ramble something incoherent about Veterans, Elites and Heroes, but doesn't finish his point or go anywhere with it. The most I could discern out of it was the "Sorceror" will be the Veteran version of the Aspiring Sorceror?

    [33:01] QUESTION: Are you going to implement Elite classes any time soon?

    ANSWER: Veterans come first. Things like the Sanguinary Guard and Death Company, "All of these, yes" (No mention of pre or post launch), we will very likely see as class additions to a subfaction, or as a Hero or Elite. They aren't a priority right now.

    [34:30] Nathan talks about performance of the game

    A couple of things to first realise. Firstly this is alpha, secondly the game is currently on the latest public build of Unreal Engine 4. You will need a good computer to run the game, particularly as the engine isn't optimised as it is relatively new. They have performance improvements coming in, as they will throughout the development of the game.

    The thing you have to realise is that performance improvements will not affect everyone all of the time. It can all depend on the generation and type of your CPU/GPU. Unfortunately at the moment there are a couple of generations of AMD cards that have poor performance with the latest version of Unreal Engine 4. So, when they say in the future that they have performance improvements coming in, understand that you might not experience a difference at all just because it is heavily dependant on your hardware.

    Nathan resumes the performance later and says that they will continue to use the latest versions of Unreal Engine 4 throughout alpha as overall it brings a lot of bug fixes and improvements. It will be a while before they "freeze" updating to Unreal Engine 4, so until then expect the specifications to run the game to be high.

    [36:54] QUESTION: Any plans on bringing back the Vindicator tank seen earlier?

    ANSWER: The Vindicator will return when the new fortress arrives.

    [41:24] QUESTION: Any update on the addition of the Imperial Fists?

    ANSWER: Yes they should be coming in shortly.

    [41:30] QUESTION: Will tanks still flip?

    ANSWER: They should flip less.

    [41:45] QUESTION: Any plans for 3 faction matches?

    ANSWER: No, not yet.

    [41:50] QUESTION: Are Veteran classes coming any time soon?

    ANSWER: They aren't really a class as such, more so that you will be able to "fit more" (more loadout points?) when you are a Veteran.

    [42:09] QUESTION: Will the comms rose receive an update?

    ANSWER: Of course. Right now it is set up for the gamepad, in the future there will be a more keyboard friendly version.

    [42:22] QUESTION: Will we see customisation between sub-factions.

    ANSWER: Yes of course.

    [42:55] QUESTION: Why were the negative options removed from the comms rose?

    ANSWER: They wanted to fit the comms rose with 4 options, it will be adjusted in the future.

    [43:28] QUESTION: Are there any plans for new Space Marine vehicles?

    ANSWER: Yes, they will be having more variants on the Rhino chassis, for example the Predator Annihilator.

    [44:02] QUESTION: Can you change the colour of the suppression icons above player's heads?

    ANSWER: It's getting looked at. Basically suppression and spot will be more distinguished in the future.

    [44:18] QUESTION: When will we be able to create more than one loadout per class?

    ANSWER: You're able to right now. If you really want to, you can have 5 loadouts all for 1 class. When you go to edit a loadout, it should say the name of the class near the bottom of the screen, if you click it you can change the class for the loadout. In the future they are going to make it clearer.

    [44:54] QUESTION: Chainaxe is when?

    ANSWER: Not any time soon. The melta was actually the last main Space Marine/Chaos weapon type functionality. There will of course be more weapons for the two current factions, however they will have the same mechanics as previous weapons. Right now they've moved over to Eldar weapons so that they can be implemented sooner.

    [45:37] QUESTION: Any plans for a falling melee attack?

    ANSWER: Pretty sure it will be in at some point, it's just a matter of when they'll get around to it. They're focusing on other things right now.

    [47:53] QUESTION: Whats with the grenade quantity being reduced?

    ANSWER: As part of the loadouts system (when finalised, not currently), you will be able to pay more loadout points in order to equip more grenades.

    [49:01] QUESTION: Are you going we going to get more loadout slots?

    ANSWER: Technically we're getting 10 loadout slots, although 5 of them are premade. They're thinking of changing it to a system where you'll have 5 (Or another to be determined number, appropriate for that faction) for specific classes and you can edit them as much as you want, and then have some more for whatever class that you want. It can also tie into character progression

    [50:23] QUESTION: PvE Founder's server, will there be one?

    ANSWER: It won't be seperate, they'll send out a newsletter when they want to test out PvE. The Founder's Server won't be a whatever you want to test kind of thing, they'll put out specific things earlier on it that they'll want you to test.

    [53:18] QUESTION: Are you thinking of adding the plasma pistol?

    ANSWER: Yes.

    [53:25] QUESTION: Are there still plans to have around 120 maps?

    ANSWER: Not individual maps as they have always said, more like 120 variations.

    [53:51] QUESTION: Which subfactions will initially be available for Eldar?

    ANSWER: It's only really the Vehicles and the Warlocks that change a lot between subfactions, things like the Dire Avenger don't really change. Honestly, they haven't really decided on which ones will be initially available. Lots of people were saying Biel-Tan and Ulthwe in chat, so Brent has written them down and is going to talk to someone about it.

    [55:45] QUESTION: Any updates on the storyline?

    ANSWER: The features that will further the storyline and campaign aren't being developed right now (Strategic layer), so there aren't really any updates on it. There are two short stories however, one of which will be coming out next week.

    [57:25] QUESTION: When will we see naming restrictions so we don't see names like Abaddon in game?

    ANSWER: Right now names aren't being checked, so you can have duplicates. Later on the characters created via the website will be synced over. Once they start saving characters properly will the naming restrictions be implemented.

    [59:56] QUESTION: Will jumping ever be implemented?

    ANSWER: There will never be a "hit spacebar to hop vertically in the air" function. What may happen in the future, if you're sprinting you may be able to leap, however it isn't a priority at the moment.

    [1:00:42] QUESTION: Can you guys elaborate on how the party system will work?

    ANSWER: There will be a state of the crusade coming soon that will elaborate on how it, and other things will work. They are still designing the system as well.

    Next week we'll be seeing the new map in more detail, however by then it may be out on the servers by Wednesday/Thursday if all goes to plan. We won't be seeing Eldar next week, but Nathan hopes to show them off the week afterwards. A preview of the new Fortress is very likely in 3 weeks.

    Thats it for another week folks, once again apologies I wasn't able to get this out yesterday as normal, next week I think I'm also going to have to aim for Sunday to release this.
  6. Kyroth Vortecs Cipher

    [Livestream Feb 19th] Meet the Team Returns, New Map and more!

    Apologies this has come out a few days late. I mentioned it in last week's summary notes that I'd try to get them out on Sunday rather than Saturday, but I've been busier than expected so today is the first chance that I've gotten. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do next week's livestream at all, if I can't I'll see about getting it done the following week.

    Anyways, lets get started.

    Link to this week's livestream VOD

    This week's we're joined by Katie (Community Manager), Brent (Lead Game Designer) and we're introduced to Pierre-Richard Malvoy (Lead Level Designer).

    [0:57] Schedule:
    • Meet the Team
    • Production Update
    • Gameplay (Live with Crusaders)
    • Q&A / Giveaways
    [1:19] Meet the Team

    Been a while since we've had one of these, first of 2016 I think. Pierre-Richard Malvoy is the new level designer on the game, he has been working on the project for over a month now.

    [2:40] New Map

    Pierre talks us through the new domination style map, at this point some of you will have already played on it so I won't bother describing everything. You can view last week's summary notes for timestamps where still shots of the map is shown as well.

    Compared to Pegasus Station, Torias Refinery is 40% bigger and allows for better vehicle gameplay due to this room. They're also thinking of allowing you to spawn a vehicle direction from the deployment screen.

    Pierre wants the future maps to be more like Torias Refinery, in that they are more open and have importance for vehicles, have better visibility so that you can actually see your next objective and to have large maps as well. The next map that we are likely to see is the Fortress, Brent mentions that the Steam trailer is set in it.

    [15:50] Meltagun Changes

    One of the first changes that has been done to the meltagun is that the range has been reduced (20m down from 30m). Additionally, the adaptive lighting on it has been removed so that your screen no longer goes dark when something very bright appears on it (I.e: the meltagun). They're going to be keeping an eye on it in the next few weeks and will likely make further tweaks here and there. Brent later goes on to say that they may make it more of a burst weapon, in that it will overheat much faster but do significantly more damage in that time.

    Something that you shouldn't do is compare it to the lascannon/plasma cannon in terms of vehicle destruction, you have to remember that the meltagun is available for the tactical who is meant to be a very versatile class and therefore has a lot of options that the devastator/havoc does not. However what you should be looking out for is the multi-melta which will be available for the devastator/havoc which should be coming relatively soon; as the multimelta is for the devasator/havoc, it will do more damage and have longer range although will be slower and clunkier to use, this is the weapon that will be comparable to the las/plasma cannon.

    [18:49] Melee Changes

    As mentioned on previous streams, they are reworking the stamina system. Right now rolling, clanging and shields are related to stamina, with the rework this will no longer be the case. With the rework shields will work on a shield durability, clangs will be dealt with weapon durability and rolling will be the only thing that stamina determines. This didn't come out in yesterday's patch, but will be coming soon.

    The defensive bash has been changed to improve the defensive bash vs defensive bash scenario. Previously whoever bashed first would always lose as they would do nothing to the other person and then get bashed themselves, now with the change both players simply clash if a bash hits another.

    [20:50] Heavy Bolter Changes

    The heavy bolter will now do more damage, and the insane recoil bug when bracing has been fixed. There is also some slight spread and very small recoil when bracing.

    [22:56] Voice Over Recordings

    Nothing to show, but Brent mentioned that they have pretty much finished the voice over recordings which should be a huge improvement over the current placeholders. They probably won't be shown off (heard-off?) next stream, however they will be teasing them soon.

    [24:04] Nathan's Arrival

    At this point Pierre leaves the room and Nathan joins Katie and Brent.

    [27:40] Gameplay Begins

    [29:48] QUESTION: Do you have an ETA on the Space Wolves?

    ANSWER: No as they've said before, they're probably going to be some of the last ones coming in so there is no possible ETA.

    [30:28] QUESTION: Since voices will be changed, will there be an option for different voices or will there be different choices per faction?

    ANSWER: Initially there will only be one voice for your character. Some subfactions may have unique voices, Space Wolves for example.

    [31:05] QUESTION: When can we expect to see the strategic map with the extended addition of team formation?

    ANSWER: Those are two different features, war parties will be coming first and then the map afterwards. As explained in a previous livestream recently the priority was shifted over to war parties from the strategic map due to high demand. They haven't decided what to talk about in the next State of the Crusade, however it is likely that it will show off mockups of one of these things.

    [31:51] QUESTION: Are you going to fix the problem where you aim slightly over cover and your aim gets moved down for no reason?

    ANSWER: Yes they are going to. The fix for vehicles will be coming sooner, the fix for cover in general will take a bit more time.

    At 33:04 Brent goes on to estimate when war parties will be coming out, and he thinks that they will be out in a month.

    At 33:57 Nathan says that Eldar should also be in the timeframe of a month. They have been in game internally for some time, but now they are "properly" ingame. Last week Nathan said that they'd try to show them off on Twitch in two weeks time, so we'll have to see for next week. We will see them on the Founder's server before they are released to live.

    [37:03] QUESTION: Can I play with a friend if he is playing on xbox and I'm on PC?

    ANSWER: No you won't be able to. Nathan says that Sony and MS won't allow you to play together (I'm 99% sure I heard PC+xbox rather than PS4+xbox), there are also various balance issues.

    [37:39] Brent talks about the flow of getting into a match

    War parties are going to come with a change of the flow of getting into a match. Currently you go straight to your loadouts and then into the game, this isn't how the final version is intended to be. There is meant to be a hub where you will be able to access your loadouts, join a match, join a war party etc...

    [38:13] QUESTION: How does accessing the founder's server work?

    ANSWER: If you are a founder you will get an email with details on how to access it.

    [38:29] QUESTION: How is PvE going?

    ANSWER: They get distracted by a cake question, the answer starts at 39:12. They are working on the level and AI right now. They have some really cool stuff for the hormagaunt where they leap up and then stream down (from the ceiling?). They're working on 3 different Tyranids right now, the Warrior, the Termagaunt and the Hormagaunt. They will probably show them off relatively soon, they just need to put together something nice for the presentation.

    Here in Livestream #45 they talk for a good few minutes after the first look trailer about the Tyranids. There are 6 Tyranids planned "depending on your definition", and Nathan also let slip that there will be a psychic Tyranid.

    [40:43] QUESTION: Will there be sub-faction specific traits?

    ANSWER: Yes, the subfactions will have different flavours and are not all the same. Things such as a few unique weapons to them and different character progression trees were mentioned.

    [41:24] QUESTION: Can players control the "Elite" Tyranids later on?

    ANSWER: They'll look into it later on.

    [42:14] QUESTION: Will you expand the to include a truly terrifying and versatile foe?

    ANSWER: Yes, the list of planned Tyranids is pretty long, however they haven't officially confirmed all of the Tyranids in for launch.

    [42:40] QUESTION: Will there be loadouts for vehicles?

    ANSWER: Yes there will be. The first variant that they want to get in is the Annihilator. However, vehicles loadouts won't be as customisable as infantry loadouts are (or will be after accessories and weapon modding is added) in time for launch.

    [43:17] QUESTION: Techmarines?

    ANSWER: Yes and no. Techmarines, Librarians etc. will be coming in later (post-launch), they are good examples of the veteran/elite/hero classes. They are considering to have some elites/heroes from sub-factions that aren't playable in the game.

    [44:41] QUESTION: Dual pistols?

    ANSWER: No, not for launch.

    [45:10] QUESTION: Will there be some sort of incentive to have squads of the same chapter?

    ANSWER: Yes and no. It's more that your squad leader will have bonuses on your composition of the squad (I assume he means classes), they're leaving the sub-faction composition up to us.

    [49:38] QUESTION: Any update on when the rogue trader store is coming back?

    ANSWER: Yes within this month. Nathan has said many times before that he doesn't want it back in until we're able to use those items ingame.

    [53:15] QUESTION: Do you plan on adding any items or levelling tree abilities that increase your defensive against powers?

    ANSWER: Yes they're planning to add them some day. At launch they're going to avoid those things as not all factions will have psychic powers, once all factions do have pyschic powers then they're more likely to add them.

    [54:36] QUESTION: It was said that weapon modding (e.g scopes) would come soon afterwards if not in the first implementation of the loadouts system, is this still the case?

    ANSWER: Weapon modding will come after the accessories.

    [55:15] QUESTION: Can the stream of corruption apply more poison the closer the target is?

    ANSWER: It's an interesting idea which they can definitely look at. First off they're going to change it so that it is an AOE affect where you shoot it at a guy and everyone nearby the target gets it. They're also planning on adding a new psychic power where it is an AOE affect around yourself, where you channel it and allies around you get healed and enemies get poisoned (At a slower rate than the current). These would basically become short or long ranged options for poison, after they do this they'll see if they need to do anything else such as this idea.

    [57:46] Katie defiles the name of Sanguinius

    [59:24] QUESTION: Is creating content for console and PC hard because of the limiting factor of a console machine?

    ANSWER: Yes and no. It's a lot easier than it used to be. With them now using Unreal Engine 4 a lot of the former hurdles are already dealt with for them, however console are really a mid-spec PC which is definitely a limitation. If anything, it will only affect draw distance and number of players per as they won't be able to handle and render it all, these limitations will not affect the PC version though.

    [1:02:11] QUESTION: When it comes to the Banshee battlecry, it says that it inflicts temporary paralysis aka a short stun. Will we see this in game or will it be more of a suppression effect?

    ANSWER: Probably going to be a suppression as stuns have been very frustrating in the past. However it will depend on testing. Their goal for the Howling Banshee is that they will be able to reach combat as they can't fly.

    Next week they're going to show off the stamina changes. We'll see how well Eldar and PvE content goes in this week, as we may get to see Eldar, and possibly a short video of PvE. We may also get some teasers of the Fortress map.

    And thats rounds it off for another week folks. Once again huge apologies that this has come out a few days late, and apologies in advance that I probably won't be able to do Friday's livestream at all until at least the week after.
  7. Kyroth Vortecs Cipher

    [Livestream Mar 4th] Fortress, Loadout Improvements, Progression Tree and more!

    Hey guys, back again. I've just got a lot going on over the next month or so, I'll try and stick to schedule and get the summary notes out each Saturday but unfortunately it looks like I won't have enough time to catch up on last week's livestream.

    Jumping right in.

    Link to this week's livestream VOD

    As usual, just a pre-warning that this is not a word-for-word transcript, and understand that there is the high likelihood that I may misinterpret a dev's answer; as a result of this if you are offended or in any way unsatisfied with a dev's answer, please use the timestamp provided to obtain the context and any further details that may have been unintentionally withheld from these notes.

    This week we're joined by Katie (Community Manager), Michael Chan (Game Designer) and Pierre-Richard Malvoy (Lead Game Designer). Nathan and Brent are in London for PC Gamer weekend.

    [0:57] Schedule:
    • Production Update
    • Gameplay (Live with Crusaders)
    • Q&A / Giveaways
    [1:29] Production Update - Fortress

    The Fortress is on the Founder's server right now, if you were a Captain+ during the Founder's Program you should have received an email with instructions on how to access it. Sergeants and Warriors should get their invites sometime next week once they've tested the stability of the server. Just a reminder, people with access to the Founder's Server are under NDA regarding the features that have been released on it early.

    As with Torias refinery, Pierre takes us through the map, and so I'll let you listen in if you want the full details.

    The Vindicator is back! For those of you that weren't around in Founder's Access, on one of the early maps there was a small fortress for which the Vindicator was used for. It is now making a return to the new Fortress map. It's role is pretty much the same, it's one of the best weapons for breaking open the gate, of which there are 2 on this map. Right now there is a visual bug whereby if you're too far away from the gate you won't see the visual feedback of it taking damage.

    The Fortress isn't going to be easy to take head on, there are a decent number of quadcannons protecting both of the gates, and the outer ring of it as well. Defenders are also able to spawn vehicles inside of the outer ring, however the inner sanctum will be limited to infantry only. There are a number of secret ways into the fortress, so look out for pipes and other passages.

    The intention for the Fortress is for it to be open for 60 players. While the attackers will have infinite respawns (until the match is over), the defenders will have a limit to which they are able to spawn at each of the spawn points, so it's likely that we may see some more reliance on Rhinos. If there are no more lives left, you'll be able to spectate the match with a freecam perspective.

    There are two capture points on this map, A point in a Cathedral-type building in the outer ring, and B inside the inner sanctum. It should be noted that the capture times have been roughly doubled, and you have to capture them in order on this map.

    At 13:21 you can see a loadout station where you will be able to change your loadout without having to go back to the deployment screen.

    [20:30] Loadout Screen

    At this point Pierre leaves the room and we're joined by Christine Marsh (Lead UI/UX Designer). Please note the following screenshots are mockups and are WIPs.

    At 21:10 you can see the first mockup of the new loadouts screen.

    They have changed the loadouts to more of a list, rather than having them across the top of the screen. They're also going to be adding the ability to create more custom loadouts, and then be able to interchange them with the 5 that you actually want to bring into a match so you don't just have to remake a loadout. Also shown on the initial loadout screen are the weapons associated with the loadout, the accessories and the consumables. There is also a section near the top showing the stats with of your actual character, where you can see things such as your health, armour, regen rate and the various ailment resistance stats.

    At 22:26 you can see a mockup of what you'll see when you go in to edit a specific loadout.

    One of the issues that people found with the current iteration of the loadouts system is that it isn't entirely clear on how to change class. With this mockup they've changed the loadouts to be a tabs system. The first tab is for choosing a class, the second is for changing your equipment where you can select a weapon for example and you'll be then taken to another screen where you can see the stats and options for that weapon slot; the last tab is for customising your appearance.

    After clicking on the tab for appearance, you'll get a dropdown where you'll be able to select which part of your character you'd like to customise, this includes weapon customisation (visually speaking). The options shown right now are as follows:
    • Head
    • Shoulders
    • Backpack
    • Torso
    • Arms
    • Belt
    • Legs - A screen for this is shown at 24:24
    • Main Weapon
    • Secondary Weapon (L)
    • Secondary Weapon (R)
    Also shown in the loadouts screen is your currency. So you'll have your RTP (Rogue Trader Points) and your faction specific currency.

    [24:33] Progression Tree

    Starting off we see a mockup of what the progression tree will look like. It's in a very zoomed in view however when the actual system is released you'll have much more freedom so will be able to scroll out and pan around it with ease.

    Each character under your account will have their own progression. There won't be progression trees for each individual class, however each subfaction will have their own differences and specialities that they will be able to spec into through the progression tree. For example the Space Wolves will primarily have the Space Marine Progression tree, but will have elements in it that are specific to them.

    There are a lot of nodes in the progression tree, the nodes closer to the centre are considered lower ranked and so will have to be unlocked first to get the higher ranked ones. While there won't be progression trees specific to classes, there will be some nodes that are solely for a class. There will also be some mastery nodes under the progression tree, which will allow you to equip certain weapon categories for a reduced loadout point cost. In the future, some more advanced classes may be under the progression tree such as Terminators (again, post launch).

    The idea with the progression tree is that eventually you'll be able to have everything unlocked. The higher ranked nodes won't be exponentially more expensive so even if you wanted to be a jack of all trades you'd be able to do it, you'd just reach the top of each sub-division much slower.

    [32:55] Gameplay Begins

    [35:03] QUESTION: Will the loadout screens have different colours depending on which faction you're playing?

    ANSWER: No, the whole orange theme is what is going to be happening with them. The only per-faction differences in colour will probably be the health bar and map, so the things that you actually see when running around.

    Katie says a couple of things here. Right now there are only North American servers, at launch they will definitely have servers worldwide, however there isn't a complete list of where they'll all be.

    Also, as for updates regarding Eldar they said 2 weeks last week. If you didn't watch last week's livestream, you may have been hyped for an Eldar show-off, unfortunately there was some miscommunication and they were only able to show off some art assets for them.

    They have also updated their knowledge base. Both the FAQ and support centre have been updated and made to be more extensive.

    [45:17] QUESTION: Any update on the war party menu?

    ANSWER: The UI menu and assets are ready, the coding is ready, they're just waiting for all the backend stuff to be completed.

    [46:41] QUESTION: What will the UI look like for the warlord?

    ANSWER: The warlord stuff will probably be through the comms rose. Christine wasn't entirely sure of all of the specifics. Squad leaders will probably make some requests to the warlord, and the warlord will be able to accept or reject those requests. There may be some map interaction, but again, the specifics are still being worked out.

    [47:26] QUESTION: Will we be able to customise the UI HUD colours, and will they be faction specific?

    ANSWER: No, the UI HUD colours are fixed, there used to be faction specific HUD colours but now it's more of a friend vs enemy colour concept. When they've gotten all of the core features in they can start to clean things up, however they won't be supporting custom colours.

    [49:27] QUESTION: Are the current weapons meant to be the weakest weapons to come?

    ANSWER: It would've been made sense to make them as the strongest variations while the characters are all buffed up, right now they are showing how the weapon works, balance-wise they're going to get to it later; accessories and weapon modifications are still missing which will change the stats and therefore heavily influence balance.

    [52:47] QUESTION: Will there be any sort of hazards in the game besides from falling down canyons?

    ANSWER: Yes there will be, lava will be an example. They've also talked about mutators such as warp storms or dangerous weather affects. They'll be getting to those things later.

    [55:01] QUESTION: Any progress, updates on the strategic layer, world map, warlords, war parties etc...

    ANSWER: There is a working prototype of the world map. The mockups and assets are ready, they're just waiting for the backend to be connected and then it should be good to go.

    [57:27] QUESTION: What is the next planned weapon?

    ANSWER: They're already working on Eldar weapons, but Michael is also working on some additional Space Marine weapons.

    [58:34] QUESTION: Will there be a fixed amount of accessories and perks that we can equip, or will the limit be our loadout points?

    ANSWER: It's actually a mix between the two. Of course there are compulsory slots which require you to spend loadout points regardless, but there are a limited number of slots, and you may have to sacrifice some things in optional slots in order to be able to take some of the more powerful accessories.

    [1:00:48] QUESTION: Will air assault Space Marines be able to carry meltabombs?

    ANSWER: They will not be able to. It was a game design decision that they made.

    So just as a reminder, Sergeants and Warriors should hopefully get emails regarding access to the Founder's Server early next week. Eldar may be shown off next week or the week after depending on when Nathan gets back and approvals so and so forth... They're getting very close though.

    And thats it for another week folks. Once again apologies I wasn't able to get last week's summary notes done, I'll try to keep doing these as long as I can but I've got quite a busy month ahead, right now I'm looking to maybe stop doing these around beta, we'll see.
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