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Little request for chaos effect

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by BnCodex, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. BnCodex BnCodex Active Member

    I just want a request for Chaos's bolter/heavybolter/bolt pistol to have the firing color to be purple. I like the look of it in W40k Space marine since it gives the feeling that their weapon are corrupted. Oh and can their las canon be Green? hhahaha that would be cool

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  2. Flesh_Tearer Recruit

    I think their (basic) bolters are fine, they are simple weapons after all. What I really would love to see, would be more visual change for choosing an chaos mark.
    Right now you have only the mark and other voice lines.

    But it would be so cool to see a bit more impact like
    Khorne: bloodstained armor, some skulls on your belt
    Nurgle: an green tissue over the armor with pustles and rot over it
    Slaanesh: some flayed skin over your armor and some ornamental gold forms
    Tzeentch: Some crackeling over your armor and lines of gold an blue

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