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Let's Make Some Noise! Now with MathieuLavoie

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by NoiseMaker, May 27, 2015.

  1. Ian Chuprun NoiseMaker Senior Sound Designer

    Yes, that needs to be fixed asap. I'll try to remember to let @MathieuLavoie know.

    Very interesting. I'll try to remember to look at #3 tomorrow. 1 and 2 are for @MathieuLavoie
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  2. Hi, so I recently discovered this game due to one of your ads. And I wanted to know what the release date for console was. The one I found was September 23. But that seems to be for PC and Steam. And even then if i'm not mistaken the game was delayed? So if I could get an answer to this so I could figure out when I can buy it would be great.
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  3. mikk mancubus mikk34 Arkhona Vanguard

    This is the wrong thread for this question friend :) but i believe they are gunning for christmas
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  4. Ian Chuprun NoiseMaker Senior Sound Designer

    Hi and welcome to the Eternal Crusade forums. This thread is for audio issues in EC. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, as I will respond, even if I dont have an answer.

    I do not have the answer to your console question. The publisher and my bosses have to decide this and once they do there will be an announcement. I am a content creator so I am not privy to the business discussions.

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  5. Thanks for the feedbacks,
    now regarding the jumpack bug, i had trouble initially reproducing it, so got help from the QA team and we figure out what was happening and found a way to fix it. Fix should be part of the 2nd "post launch patch", so hopefully sometimes next week

    Nice catch! :)
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  7. Thanks to both of you. Sorry about posting in the wrong thread, i'm still trying to get a feel for both the forums and the game itself.
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  8. XRuinX XRuinX Preacher

    Hey @NoiseMaker, so I was kindly directed here and had a couple of thoughts I hope aren't old

    Nightlord Widowmaker boltgun - I dont hear any screams, is this a bug, works as intended or planned to update with screams?

    Also, this might just be me but the taunts sound very quiet. I can't understand what most of them are saying a lot of the time, but I think its specific God branded marines. I cant hear my Tzeentch marked marine a lot and would love an option to adjust, or a default increase. I cant hear anything the nurgle havoc preset says.
    I also think the range of hearing others taunts is pretty low. I barely hear my teammates when they're only a rhino's length away and enemies are usually too far away to hear when they do it.
    (My favorite part is to confront an enemy assault and give them a clear first shot while i taunt to see if theyre honorable and taunt back before we melee to death, or shoot like the cowardly slaves they are. So for me the taunts are like 30% of the game lol)

    Maybes its just me and im going deaf.... anyways thanks for reading!
  9. Ian Chuprun NoiseMaker Senior Sound Designer

    There are bugs presently with the game audio, but we are working on finding and squashing them.

    But, Widowmaker does not have screams. Yet. All in due time.

    If you want to hear the VO well, right now, go into the game audio settings page and set the sliders something like this:

    Master Volume = 1.00
    Music Volume = 0.60
    Sound Effects Volume = 0.80
    Voice Volume = 1.00

    We are still tweaking volume curves and will be doing this for the next year, for sure.
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  10. Ian Chuprun NoiseMaker Senior Sound Designer

    Phew, it has been a busy week. Since launch there has been an asset freeze which means the update below is not in the current UAT nor Live builds.

    While trying to track down a phew weird audio bugs, I managed to do a pass on the Psychic Hand spells. While I did not finish, there should not be any chirping sounds left in the game (the whispers are gone, replaced with other things). The GM heals have their own special treatments, as do the offensive spells, but there is more to do still. I submitted what I did, as well as a host of other small tweaks and fixes, only this afternoon so dont expect to hear them anytime soon.

    I did not start on making the CSM weapon sounds different from the SM. All is due time.

    Also, I am getting multiple messages about the Widowmaker. Please, we will get to it eventually. There is not even a mechanic in place yet to make the Widowmaker sound differently so as soon as Design and Engineering push their sides of the effort through we will sound it.

    I am now going to take part 2 of my 'summer vacation'. I will probably be online here on and off but I wont be at work so get ready for replies that say: "I dont know but maybe Mathieu does" ;-)

    Enjoy the game and hopefully we will meet on Arkhona!
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