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Leroy "the Exploiter" Twizzlers Content Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DemonKingBAAL, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    So since this seems to be common amongst people who make videos for the game, figured I'd compile all of my upcoming montages/videos/etc here to cut down on constantly making single threads. Only took me 20 montages to do this I guess lol. Here's my 21st montage I just finished.

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  2. I gots me an itchy trigga finga jus' watchin dis!

    Kannon Loota ADAD montage please!
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  3. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester


    smooth moves twizzlers. ;)
  4. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    this post is durash levels of yes
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  5. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    Lies, Durash would never say shit like "smooth moves twizzlers."
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  6. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Just exploding blueberries at 3:50.

    Watching ur videos is like watching John wick during the club scene.
  7. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    I still don't get it how you shot grenades in mid air like that and they explode. I tried doing the same and even while clearly hitting the grenades with my bolts, the thing just doesn't set off.
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  8. Drops Drops Steam Early Access

    If you're trying that in the garrison, you need to be in the pvp area for it to work.
  9. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    I've done it before but it's hard for sure. Sometimes it's much easier hitting them when they hit the ground, but it can be done mid air
  10. 7:20 roflPA

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