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Learn the Tongue of the Sunless World

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Kilrane, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Tyranthius Tyranthius Well-Known Member

    I thought Night Lords just sounded like Linkin Park songs when they talked.

    Huh...well then.

    But yeah as a Night Lords fan, this is awesome. Good work, fam.
  2. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    I've tweeted him before and basically got a non-answer. He linked me to the blog that was previously the only source. I have just enough experience with linguistics to know that blog was iffy (but still good) and that I don't know much about the process in general haha

    it's also been about two years since I had a linguistics course. Coincidentally, I'm also learning some rudimentary anthropology right now but in a different area.
  3. Kilrane Kilrane Moderator

    That blog was really well put together but since the source material is limited and contradictory I figured it was better to use what worked and try to pay homage to what didn't. We'll see if ADB says anything or shows any interest but he seems to be very fixated on another project right now :)
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  4. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    Holy $#^%@ indeed. Pinned.
  5. Kilrane Kilrane Moderator

    Thanks a lot Katie!
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  6. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    @Kilrane you are crazy. The good kind of crazy.
  7. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    I get nervous when Katie says pinned.

    Because it must have come out of a grenade.

    How do you say "She has a live grenade!" in Nostraman? lol
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  8. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    :D :D
  9. Warsmith Warsmith_Dantioch Active Member

    I have to admit that I am impressed. Well done!
    But still, where are those juicy Nostraman glyphs?

    Also if anyone can speak in Hieratic (Ancient Egyptian) here, I guess we could say that we are conversing in Prosperine/Nehekharan.
  10. Kilrane Kilrane Moderator


    Basic rune functions are being worked on. This is the list of runes that was transcribed from the Night Lords transfer sheet.
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