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Kil's Wh40k Art Thread ^^

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Kilgar, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Mae Maestitia Preacher

    The stone effects on the nemes is brilliant. The cracks look awesome too. Could you draw us a Dark Eldar ? A filthy one.
    I must contribute : take a look at this one.
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  2. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    Thats a really cool action scene. Don't see too many with enemies not directly facing eachother.
  3. Wow, can't believe I've only just found this thread!
  4. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Welcome to my thread then mate ^^

    On the general note: yes I'm still alive and kickin', but my job takes most of my time now so I can't dedicate time to do my personal commissions :') Hence the lack of activity here ^^ I do have on Wh40k themed commission on the horizon, so hopefully I'll posting it when its ready to show =)
    Hope you lot are doing fine in the meantime! :D

    Have a nice day and keep the WAAAGH! goin'... khm... and for the Emperor... or Chaos Gods... eh, just enjoy yourselves xD
  5. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Hello there everybody!

    I've had a longer period of time when I wasn't active, due to working for a game company, but since thats over for now, I figured I'll just drop the info where I was active before that I'm open for commissions again! ^^
    Hopefully I will have some nice WH40k/WH Fantasy commissions coming my way that I can share here too!

    Hope you guys had a great time since then!
    See you guys around!
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  6. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Whoa the master is back! I'd like to get some art done from you if that be okay?
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  7. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Ofc :D Let me know what you have in mind mate in PM and we can discuss the details ^^
  8. vampire_dio vampire_dio Well-Known Member

    holycheesecake dude!! your art is awesome!!! stalking
  9. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Hey guys :)

    Sry for the delay! Life happened ^^;
    Either way, here is the next unit portrait for DoW2 Elite Mod, enjoy!
    (working on the Force Commander Terminator one soon, just have to work on commissions if I want to eat xD)

    Chosen Plague Marine
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