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its time to talk seriusly about the game

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Valkr_Dethfang, May 19, 2017.


what u think about the game.

  1. I want you to improve the game.

  2. I like the game currently

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  1. Valkr_Dethfang Steam Early Access

    Devs, let's talk about the game, first of all, say that this is not an insult or a mockery to your work, it's an external reflection, I hope it helps you in something, I have 720 hours of steam play and buy the game 2 months ago, there is an incredible lack of population in the game and I do not think it's because W40k does not like anyone, recently the game happened to be Free to play, that should have attracted people, people who downloaded and played the game And most of it is abandoned, if I enter as a new player today, I see that the game is constantly slowing down if I do not have a good computer, I see that it is impossible to play with one of the races, I see that the terrain of the game is rare, sometimes I'm stuck on stairs or on fences, I see that no one has taught me what to do in the games and I have no one to follow, I see that I have to wait a long time to start playing, that the respawns are badly measured and badly fancied, I see that some races have things that I do not have and I do not know Why and if I entered 3 weeks ago, there were a lot of bugs with the vehicles, if I look at the analysis of the game in steam many say I should not play it and if I see some video on youtube first impressions there are people complaining and laughing about it Badly that the game is done and that discourages me, so I uninstall the game and go somewhere else.

    I'll be honest, if I stored 700 hours to this is not because I have a good time, it's because I like W40k and this is the only thing I have in third person shooters based on that universe, I know you will not like it Somebody tell you all this because in general what I know about the game, right? I hope that you use this as a method of radical change because I do not want the game to disappear, you should have waited to launch the Free to Play, first you must solve the bugs of vehicles, of terrain, you must do a tutorial about which is the objective of the own Game, a tutorial of truth not those flying skulls and the messages on screen, enabled more communication options for captains of squad and perhaps some system to put of head of platoon to someone of high level, implemented some system that allows to improve the control towards Those who do not know how to play, maybe better indicators or a system that allows you to know who is the best player to give orders, should improve performance, perhaps removing more polygons of buildings especially in parts that can not be seen and removing points of light , That in unreal consume many resources, and removing certain metallic and reflections of materials, I know that you are a small team and that you do not have all The resources of the world, but I think I speak on behalf of the majority when I say that it is better to try to make the product playable to implement aesthetic objects, I hope this gives you an idea or something that motivates you to change and not simply feel bad and discard what I say, because sincerely, eternal crusade should be a great game and it is not for some reason.

    A and a last request, can you fix the space wolves' shoulder pad? I do not like the white shoulder pad in the wolf priests or the bronze ragnarblackmane symbol
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  2. Viking Vking Arkhona Vanguard

    I like the game currently AND want it to be improved
  3. Totally agree
  4. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Why not both? I like the game currently but there is alot of room for improvement.
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  5. What they need is to double the People who currently work on the game, and with what they could improve and fix that way, they would make much more money than those people cost. Especially when you can assign some dudes to only pump out cosmetics, all the time. Every patch 4 new cosmetic items for all factions and so on
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  6. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Just to many throttle points in the process, and with bad forward testing and foresight. A lot of bad calls on how the community would react to aspects. Like, its counter-productive to tell players to go to other factions to help lsm get more games. They'll just lose more games. For whatever reason you wanna throw at the moment.
  7. Pretty much both. All of the bad aspects of the game are absolutely fixable.
  8. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    1 º They need money but they sell the pieces so expensive that they dont really earn so much.

    2. º 400 DLC is a mess. Imperium starter belial, skarblitz, its confussing.

    3 º They dont reward veteran players, once you a rank 6 you loose your time with this character.

    The experience for alters is basicallly the same for your main, so it is not so funny to grind and grind again and again, mainly with this random rewards on supply box...

    There is no reward for hardcore players, only shop and the promises of having 5 campaigns wins you ll get the elite.

    So the reward is maybe 5 months ahead, no engage, no temptation.

    4º no expansion: New world map and new skin with altered stats isnt expansions-

    We are waiting for this game to expand, their playable areas, not their title, or the menus, the WORLD.


    1-5 euros for random pieces.

    10 euros max elites.

    Marketing: get the game and 1 elite for free. 20 euros.

    RTC rewards with commendations or Personal goals

    MAKE MAPS, so people will come back to see new continents, isles, undergrounds or whatever.
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  9. Diableria Hashiit Recruit

    Or they could adopt tf2 way of doing things, let the community design maps, armor and weaps through Steamworks, reward the content creators with bragpoints/apparel/rtc and just pick the best from the community created content :)
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  10. Xengard Xengard Subordinate

    Well they are improving the game via patches, and they launch them every 2/3 weeks. Slowly but surely.
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