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Is It Astartes Or Astarte?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by XXLiberatorXX, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Makes you wonder how anyone is able to communicate with any one else from another system in the Imperium given there are as many dialects as there are planets.
  2. Shonedar Shonedar Well-Known Member

    Why do you think that "there's only war" ?...:D
  3. Why do you think the standard Imperial language is Low-Gothic?
    It's like how in the old British Empire the standard language was English (and why it is now the second most spoken language on the planet).

    You won't get anywhere in the Imperium if you can't at least speak some form of Low Gothic.
  4. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    Exactly. There are other languages, such as cthonian, but everyone knows at least Low Gothic. Then there is High Gothic which is spoken by higher members of society IIRC.
  5. It should be noted that it is Adeptus Astartes when referring to Space Marines in general. Astartes alone does not suffice - it is always part of a collective compound noun if a single Marine is the subject. A Space Marine should never be referred to as 'an Astartes', although this mistake is commonly made. articles for example are fraught with this error! James Swallow is also a bit of a perpetrator of this one.

    He would correctly be 'a warrior of the Adeptus Astartes', or simply a Space Marine since the formality is not needed in most references. The 'Astartes' part of the noun refers specifically to Space Marines as an 'Adeptus', or otherwise an organised component of the Adeptus Terra: Adeptus Arbites, Adepta Sororitas (note the feminine) etc.

    A single term from 'Adeptus Astartes' that you could use to refer to a Space Marine is 'Adept' - as he is most certainly an individual member of the Adeptus Astartes.

    Prior to this we see Legiones Astartes, Codex Astartes and so on.
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  6. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    Too bad, I always thought calling a Space Marine an "Astartes" sounded so highgothically cool
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  7. ULTRA ULTRAMERC Subordinate

    i couldve sworn ive seen it referred to as simply "Astartes" even in the official novels such as the horus heresy series
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  8. You have. No one's perfect, and as Golokopitenko said, it sounds fitting. >.<
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  9. Golokopitenko Golokopitenko Well-Known Member

    Chapter Master is fitting. None shall find you wanting.
  10. Kylian_Sunn Recruit

    If we go by standard latin grammar, astartes can be both plural and singular.
    Reason: since we often see this word go with the adjective "adeptus" which is definitely singular (plural would be adepti for male, adeptae for female and adepta for neutral words) - and because in latin gender, case and number has to agree between noun and its adjective, we can say with absolute certainty that "Astartes" is both plural and singular, because any singular word ending in "-es" has to use either the 3rd or 5th kind of declension, both of which would result in an "-es" ending in plural form for male gendered nouns.

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