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In Titan's Shadow (Realistic Sci Fi rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. "I facking knew it." Alexander said as he immediately moved to the console to shut the air off and lockdown the lab with the mud all sample as protocol would dictate, more cause it made sense and it would be saving everyone else than to just be following the rules. "Isolating the lab right now, I'll catch up once I get a suit on." He told the other two security officers who were more than likely scrambling into action already.
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  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    As shit hit the fan Weishen started inwardly cursing before going to the nearest fire extinguisher and putting out any fire. With the blaring alarm still in mind Weishen was about to check on the others when he noticed the tear on his suit. Weishen was stunned for a brief second before he started cursing out loudly in Mongolian.

    Trust luck to dump on him he thought. First it was the lack of proper sleep during the shipment day and now this. Weishen wanted to curse more but the more pragmatic side of him took over and he alerted the others to his conundrum.

    @Wincent @Vulpas
    “My suit is compromised, stay away from me and check your own suits as well. Try to make sure the other samples aren't compromised and keep them and the ice away from the machinery!” he told the other scientists before turning to security and warning them as well.

    @Maleth @Wata @BuriasDempsey
    “My suit is compromised, stay outside until we can figure stuff out and try to get this thing under control.”
  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Oran was on her back as the fire went out she jumped back and fell as the equipment caught fire and an explosion, Cover her eyes she had them near her face extensively. Hearing one of the others talking of there suit being compromised she went to check hers as she lifted herself up. "We need an extinguisher to keep the fire from spreading." She said before she began looking for the fire extinguisher.
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  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Fucking chaos theory." Scott was just about to drink from his coffee when things went sideways. He quickly pulled on the suit and made way toward the incident.

    "Goddamn right we're staying outside and you're staying inside! That's not spreading beyond that room, just secure the room and make sure no more explosions occur!"
    Hallam shouted into the comms while running to the site.
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  5. Sara kept her distance. She had had a bit of a distance already from the microwave, so the explosion had made her jump but she hadn't been caught in the blast. She stares at the Weishen as she keeps back, mumbling to herself. She checks her suit, unsure if it had gotten any damage or such, not seeing anything in it as she moves for the fire extinguisher, taking it up to put out the fire with the powder setting, made for electrical fires
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  6. @BuriasDempsey @Wata @Vulpas @Tamu @Wincent
    With the situation having deteriorated in an almost lightning quick fashion, Sara, being the one to have found the extinguisher first was able to put out the fire relatively quickly. The fire damage was not exactly great but it could have been worse. It could have spread to an oxygen tank and caused an explosion that could have compromised the integrity of the entire structure. Though with the threat of fire doused there was still the issue of Weishen and his compromised suit stood. Speaking of the Mongolian Professor he would feel faint, as if he could feel himself becoming infected by the alien bacteria.

    His skin felt as if it were burning for a moment before suddenly a black mist began coming from his body. The burning sensation intensified as he could feel his skin being evaporated into the mist. Those inside the lab could only see his suit fill up with the black mist, some of it leaking out through the hole as it began straining against the growing mist. By the time the security team had made it over to the lab they could see through an observation window as the suit eventual exploded from the pressure revealing what had happened to Weishen.

    He would find his eyes opening and the burning sensation has stopped, his body fealt quite strange now. Much lighter and he could feel no clothes on his body any more, if he looked down all he would see was black mist and if he looked forward he would see the lab. The other scientists were looking at him with their suits still on, the room was oddly silent now. Man was no longer man, but something else.
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  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Oran found her heart rate increasing as she saw what happened to Weishen from a black mist coming out of his suit to it exploding caused fear to rise in her gullet. Going to the intercom to the observation room she would try to get message fear was in her voice as she did. "Security we may need more then just quartine lockdown in here. We may need help." She said fear was in her voice as she turned her head back at the creature now. A part of her wondered if it was still weishen if it was still him or something else. Keeping a fire extinguisher in her hand she kept it as a type of item to keep between her and the creature.
  8. After working the controls to keep the fire contained and snuffed out, Alexander was putting on his hazard suit when someone buzzed the transmission about needing more help than just the fire. Glancing at the video feeds, he could see why. A cloud of black looking mist hovering over what looked like one of the scientist's suits. Without giving even a mental comment on what he saw, he pulled out his Ak from the weapon locker after hastily suiting up the rest of the way, pulling back the receiver after slamming in a magazine to feed in a new round.
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    @TuskatheDaemonKilla @BuriasDempsey @Vulpas @Wincent @Wata

    As the fire was put out Weishen started feeling sleepy. Suppressing a yawn, he was about to say something, when his body started feeling like ants, were crawling inside and outside his body but before he could scratch himself the itchy feeling turned to a moment of pain as he felt his body burn. Just as he was about to reach for a fire extinguisher or ask for one he noticed the abnormal change.

    Weishen tried to scream in pain but no sound would come out, a part of him realized that his lungs had melted yet he could still breath. In both horror and fascination, the scientist tried to move parts of his body only to find that the entirety of his body that had turned into mist moved as one. Suddenly anger and sadness started welling inside him, he had done everything right and all he had asked for was some sleep but now he was infected without knowing if he could ever change back into a human let alone if he was dying.

    With a renewed vigor weishen tried to stop the process and get out of the suit, but the more he struggled the more pain he felt until he suddenly blacked out. When he opened his eyes all that grated him was at first black mist. He tried to turn his head but realized he didn’t have a head before panic could set him he felt a pressure inside of him as something solidified. A second later he found that he now had a head. With a frown weishen slowly rebuilt his body until he hit a wall near his naval area. No matter how he tried his body would not form, with a sigh weishen turned his head upwards having now realized that he was initially looking downwards to see the confused and terrified faces of the others.

    Weishen tried to communicate with the others before realizing that his internal organs hadn’t formed. With a sigh, he thought about the structure of his lungs and vocal cords before trying once more.

    “What do I look like?”
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  10. Sara stands quiet, looking at Weishen... She checks her suit for damages, before she slowly, slowly approaches
    "You are a mass of black mist... I would say you are basically an apparition of some sort of substance"
    She would try and reach out to pull her finger through his form, to see how it felt
    "I hope you understand that we have to analyze you to the fullest, so could you please try... and ehm, keep yourself collected and we can see if we can get this under controll."
    Her eyes swishes over him, curious... incredibly curious.

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