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In Titan's Shadow (Realistic Sci Fi rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Since the beginning mankind has always looked up at the sky in wonder and awe at what might be beyond their home. It would make sense then that they try and reach it. Over thousands of years of varying success humanity would eventually reach the stars in the midst of a contest between global superpowers which ended when one put a man on the moon. Humanity had the capability to reach beyond their home and for the decades after did surprisingly little with it. Technical complications, unfortunate accidents, and lack of interest from the public meant it would take over half a century for anything to even come close to the glories of the space race. A manned mission to Mars resulted in the first interplanetary colony in 2024 which quickly ignited a sense of exploration within space again.

    The next few decades saw rapid advancement in technology for space travel and the development of several other colonies all over the solar system. Including one on the largest moon of Saturn, Titan which is the one that is the farthest away from humanity’s birthplace.This era was quickly dubbed the new age of the discovery as people left earth for opportunities and a fresh start in space. Fusion reactors small enough to fit inside spaceships allowed for ships to run indefinitely within the void without need for refueling meaning the cost for traveling in space dropped tremendously. Of course sparking even more people to leave earth for the final frontier as distant colonies grew in population.

    Though naturally these developments would not be peaceful forever, disputes over claimed territory on Mars sparked what is now referred to as the “Red War”. In 2046 the People’s Republic of China had sent out prospectors to search for valuable minerals within land claimed by the Russian Federation. Russian settlers fired upon them when the Chinese workers were unable to respond to their warnings. The resulting war was the first and so far only war to predominantly take place outside of earth as Chinese and Russian settlers fought upon the red plains of the very planet named for the Roman God of War. Small skirmishes also happened in orbit around the red planet as small craft shot at each other as they passed by and also destroyed satellites belonging to the other side.

    It would eventually take the intervention of the United Nations to make both sides cease hostilities, the war had raged for four long years. All the while the colony of Titan, now dubbed Titan Alpha, was developing from a small research station into a thriving colony of several hundred. In 2050 the colony was officially labeled as self-sufficient and no longer solely reliant upon supply shipments from earth. With the colony able to support a growing population the people of the colony began to reproduce as humans do. A school and university were established as many of the inhabitants were highly educated and intended to continue that with their children as they grew up on the city 1.2 billion kilometers away from earth.

    Twenty five years later and the colony is still thriving, receiving modern commodities they are unable to manufacture on colony from carefully scheduled bimonthly shipments from automated cargo ships. The trip from earth to Saturn and back again takes six years and a manned trip had only been done once just so a computer could be programmed to replicate the task. One such shipment was coming in right now to dock with the single security station that orbited the moon. The insignia of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization painted onto the side the small armed platform. While technically the colony itself was classified as a city and a scientific research station its defense was technically under the jurisdiction of NATO. Though internal security and law enforcement was entirely handled in house so to speak.

    As if on cue a buzz went off in AR glasses, comms devices, and even plain cellphones all over the colony as it had been for as long as most there cared to remember. The alert was a casual one, simply existing to tell the population that a ship from earth containing things from earth had arrived. Being this far away from the home-world and therefore wider human civilization tended to have a negative effect on colonists from time to time. The supply ship arriving from earth containing all sorts of goodies that are hard to come by on the colony tended to improve moral when it arrived every two months. Not to mention the alarm provides a convenient wake up call for the citizens to get ready early for the distribution of everything to the different parts of the colony.

    It was almost like a holiday with the population of the colony heading into the large hanger where the cargo planes land and then unpack everything that was in the ships. Sometimes there was physical mail from relatives that lived on earth which was always a treat, even if it was always three years late. Irregardless all there was to do for the people of Titan Alpha to do was to get ready for their respective days.
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  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Oran would begin her day awake and in fresh clothing a fake smile and fake spring in her step, A planned day ahead of her maned she would be taking a break from the labs today, Getting her things he had ordered from the last time the supply ship arrived Oran would be waiting in line before talking to a deck hand that would get her things from the ship, a small pallet that she would release for delivery to her home, A whole bunch of goodies, that would all be then checked by security, a protocol they had to do with large postage such as crates, after the inspection her things would be free to delivered to her quarters, where he would be waiting for it after eventually getting through the hustle and bustle of others wanting to get to the supply ship and retrieve there own things or get a sight of that traveled through space carrying objects of trade and goods,

    Opening up her crate she would begin with taking out a small box of booze she regularly ordered every time the trade hip arrive, Ordering it before her shower she had already begun one phase of her habit before she would put away her stash of booze in her room hiding it from others who would visit. But not before getting a bottle out and beginning to have a small drink once more. The fire water hitting her throat and causing a burn she was so accustomed to and she so did enjoy.

    Taking out the next object was a large pet of pet feed for the animal that currently resided in her quarters currently asleep and under her bed, She lifted the heavy object and towed it over to her laundry room, Next off was some entertainment goods that weren't downloadable through the internet she began to store, books, Electronics, and good old fashion simple toys to brighten up her room she began to put in her desired places.

    The last few things were some luxury nonperishable foods she had ordered from another colony, taking them to her kitchen she began to store them before going to her couch planning on how to enjoy the rest of her day off.
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  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Hallam was in his security gear, watching the automated birds come in. He was leaning against a railing, still chewing on the last piece of hard to swallow ration that was made to last. Too bad it had to taste bad too.
    His family had little to send him but letters were always welcome, even if it was such a horribly obsolete way to communicate it had something more than reading an email.
    Right now, he just kept watch as he was supposed to. Not much disorder happened here, but didn't hurt to stay vigilant.
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  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    As the alarm went throughout his laboratory, Weishen woke up blearily eyed. His messy hair and beard along with his creased-up lab coat that barely fit him would give anyone who saw him the impression that he didn’t belong in the laboratory, that he might have been a drunk person who somehow managed to wander into a lab, grab a lab coat and pass out resting his head against a table. It would not be the first time such suspicions were cast his way and he doubted it would be the last considering his habitat of living more inside his lab than at his actual home or at least what passed for it in Titan. Contrary to any expectations of an equally messy lab his laboratory was very tidy and orderly even with him having slept inside it as he always made sure to make things clean and orderly.

    Weishen carefully got up and just as carefully stretched his body making sure to not hit any containers. While everything in the lab was sturdy and would not be affected even if he were to punch it the chemicals inside the containers might have an adverse effect and even if they didn’t he would rather not take the chances despite knowing that the odds of such reactions were less than 5%. Weishen made his way out of the lab and back into his home nearby where he proceeded to change and wash.

    Once he was suitably dressed and refreshed he headed over to the docking area knowing that the traffic would have lessened by then. If he recalled correctly then the supply drops this time should contain a dozen big packets of freeze-dried dumplings his grandmother made, some parts for some of the equipment in his lab and a brand new multipurpose knife. After retrieving his things weishen would head back home, put things away in their proper place, check his mail and go to sleep in his bed.
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  5. The alarm sounded, Sara... just glanced up in the rough area where the sound had came from, before returning to her analyzis. Already in her lab, was she tinkering away with her work. She had been all night. She was used to taking allnighters and honestly, didn't feel that tired. She knew she would crash the second she hit a bed, but untill then, would she not feel it. She calmly sips her tea. One of the few things she liked to order from earth. Easy to send and deliver too, making it a good thing to drink while working.

    She sips it again, breathing out. Blackberry, her favorite. She shakes her head, smacking her lips as she returns to carefully, lift up the tiny vial, about the size of a pinky, and slip it into the injector. She pulled back the cover, so the vial was hidden with a click before standing. She walked over to another machine and put the injector into a slot.
    The reason for the injector was because the liquid needed constant electric current, otherwise it would turn into a solid mass.

    She taps a few buttons and a low humming insues as the machine begins to go to life. As it begins to introduce harsh radiation and fluctuating nanos to the liquid. Taking a step back, she watches the machine, waiting for the result, in an attempt to create a regenerative gel, that if applied to skin would instantly regenerate wounds, stopping bleeding and closing skin, amongst other things.
    This was a side project of hers. Mostly for fun... Something she had been working on for about 6 months.
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  6. As individuals got their assorted items a couple large crates stayed as no one took them. Granted they were far too large for any one person to move anyways but still they didn't have any markings denoting who they were for. But as the colony administrator entered the hanger it became clear it wasn't for any one person and instead the colony itself. It took some men wearing powered exoskeletons to lift the crates out from the ship and almost an hour to unpack their contents. With everything unpacked and nothing else left in the ship in orbit it detached from the security station and activated it's engines to begin the long lonely journey back to earth. The several cargo planes in the hanger began being put away as everything was settled and the colony returned to normal activities.

    High above the hangar floor Hallam had witnessed all of this, watching the men haul off the large crates as the shuttles are stored for the next time they are needed. Soon he just just standing over an empty hanger, hearing nothing but the dull humming of air vents and his own breath. Perhaps he could use this alone time to reflect on his life up until this very moment. However before anything like that could begin in earnest he received a message telling him to go to the Administrator's office.

    Meanwhile in the Laboratory of Sara Coppa her experiment proceeded well enough as the machine did its job. Finishing and ejecting the vial she had inserted rather quickly, if she inspected the vial she would find its contents to be a liquid as she had hoped. However before she could celebrate the small success her AR viser began buzzing as it received a message. The Administrator was requesting their presence in his office, evidently she won’t get her sleep quite yet.

    Elsewhere Oran received the same message as she sat on her couch, her planning would have to wait it seems. And finally after only a few minutes of rest Weishen would be awoken by his PDA as it received a message. It would take time for all the summoned persons to arrive at the Administrator’s office, if all of them even bothered coming. The slow trickle of the people gave time for those who arrived early to examine the room. The plain white walls decorated with paintings and framed pictures. Mostly of Titan or Saturn naturally, given they were the most obvious sources of inspiration given where the colony was.

    The Administrator was seated at his desk, a middle aged man wearing business casual clothes occasionally sipping from the steaming coffee on his desk as they waited. He is a man assigned by the company that technically owned the colony to well administrate it as his title would suggest. One could call him the leader of the colony but generally he held no social power on the colony, the actual figures who were respected where the senior colonists. The people who first colonized the moon over a quarter of a decade ago. This man on the other hand came here on a ship as soon as the colony was declared stable.

    While not particularly hated he was still just a company man, not a scientist or researcher. Just someone the company felt was competent enough to watch over a small city that is around 1.4 billion kilometers away from earth. @Wata @Vulpas @Wincent @Tamu
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  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Oran would stop her planning getting a text message from the administrator of all days it seemed she was needed. Curious on why she was needed she decided to get ready lock her door and go meet the administrator, It would be rude to just brush him of as well as disrespectful, and likely bad for her own job. Going at a good pace she would be at his office within ten minutes making relatively good time, with all the people that were about today.

    Arriving in his office she would great him. "Good day administrator, I heard your message and came as soon as I heard, was there anything you needed?" Oran said, her own manner and smile was out greeting the man politely.
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  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Hallam didn't have much to keep him so he showed up at the office pretty quickly. He didn't bear much love for the man or really cared for what he had to say but orders were orders.
    He said with a brief nod and waited for the information to be divulged.
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  9. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Weishen grumbled as he got the message and tidied up his clothes before heading to the administrator. Part of him wondered why he had been summoned as usually a message would have done fine for messages and he usually didn’t go to meetings preferring to use video links while he was in his lab. While he had a placid face, his eyes betrayed his annoyance at being woken up.

    Upon reaching the administrators office weishen surveyed the others before giving a nod to the administrator and sitting down in any available chair. He doubted it would be a fast meeting or a quick talking seeing the number of people around.
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  10. @TuskatheDaemonKilla

    Sara rolls her eyes as she gets the message and puts a label on the vial and then puts it in the "locker" with the other experiements, a temperate holding space for liquids. She then heads up to the Administrator, walking in a calm but serious pace. Not a fan of this Adminstrator, even tho she had technically been here shorter than he had. She enters his office, giving him a calm nod. She doesn't sit down, even if there are space for her. Prefering to stand.
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