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I think, we are witnessing symptoms of mistakes that were made in pre-Alpha.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zael, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Sorry for wall of text.

    I think, the current problems of lack of game-content, of how the devs never seem to get the game right no matter what they change during balancing, the general frustration, the lack of perspectives for progress for the game as a whole... I think those are symptoms of game-design mistakes that were made at the earliest stage of the game-development of EC.

    I've got a feeling that the devs never realized that they were supposed to make a WH40k-game.

    They cared about the maps and to make animated characters and their items and their cosmetics and a combat-system... But it seems to me that they never had a larger plan to make a game with 4 different factions.

    How can I say this?

    For comparison let's look at Starcraft. Starcraft has 3 factions: versatility vs horde vs strength
    Starting with these core-concepts, each faction got unique variables, characteristics and game-mechanics. Each faction demands a different play-style.

    Eternal Crusade has 4 factions: teamwork vs strength vs graceful vs tribal
    These are supposed to be the four core-concepts of the factions in EC. And yet they seem to be no more than an afterthought in the game. If you ignore the bugs, the exploits and the cheese, all four factions are very, very much alike.

    When designing a game to emulate an existing lore, you need to ask yourself questions like:
    What kinds of variables will the game need to reflect this? What characters, what game-mechanics?

    Instead, it seems to me that the devs never realized that the four factions of the final game would have to be different from each other. So they made a game with 4 generic and identical factions, and then they tried to make them different afterwards by fudging around with the few variables at their disposal.
    I wonder if it had ever come to their minds that balancing would be easier if each faction also had unique variables, unique attributes that no other faction has?


    We have no game-mechanic that takes the whole Geneseed, Codex Astartes, Chapter-stuff into account.

    We have no game-mechanic for Chaos or mutations or sorcery. (Real sorcery, not that pathetic shooting-something-from-your-hand thing.)

    We have no game-mechanic for the Eldar-ability to see the future or for the holo-fields.

    We have no game-mechanic for the tribal society of Orkz and how an Ork gets physically stronger with each battle.

    And this lack of diversity is also the reason why it's so difficult to expand the game. This lack of potential is the reason why the devs are limited to making more-of-the-same maps and more-of-the-same cosmetics and more-of-the-same balance-patches. The devs have nowhere to go!

    For example: Nathan promised to add several new game-modes back in September 2017. How many were added? One. What if the devs simply CANNOT make more game-modes because the code of the game does not allow it? What if the devs had to add a variety of new variables into the code for adding a new game-mode? What if these additional variables had to be added at dozens of different places in the code, with hundreds of side-effects to keep track of and thousands of possible software-problems?
    What if the code of the game is structured in a way that was never meant to have more game-modes?

    For example: There is no draw in EC. A match cannot end in a draw. The code does not kow what a draw is. If you tried to add a game-mode that could end in a draw, you would first have to explain to the code what a draw even is!

    I think, the game was originally structured to be one kind of game, then the numbers inside that structure were fudged to turn it into a different kind of game.

    For example: The game was originally planned to be open-world, then it was turned into a lobby-shooter, and Nathan has recently assured us that open-world is not off the table (quote) "yet".
    BUT, the difference between open-world and lobby-shooter is more than just balancing numbers. Those are two radically different kinds of games that require different game-mechanics. You cannot turn an open-world EC into a lobby-shooter EC or vice versa, just like arena-combat and trying to survive in the wilderness are two different things. EC will never be something else but a lobby-shooter, because it cannot.

    I think, the current problems are a result of these compromises between radically different visions for the game.
    It's a lobby-shooter but is also supposed to be open-world one day.
    The maps were never made for vehicles other than tanks, yet the game was also supposed to contain more than tanks one day.
    It's a game with 4 identical factions that is also supposed to be a game with 4 different factions.
    It's a game that depends very much on the fragile balance between melee, ranged, AV and vehicles, yet the game was also supposed to contain Terminators one day.
    It's a grinding lobby-shooter where nothing ever changes, but it's also supposed to contain campaigns, missions and a background-story that drive the game forward and change things.

    Eternal Crusade cannot be all of these different games at the same time. That's how you get paralysis on the side of BE and the devs: Because they have no idea what the final game is supposed to be like.
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  2. Horus Firskon Cipher

    This garbage company has long been spitting on the eternal crusade and the players. I hope in hell there is a separate boiler for them.
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  3. Coolstory *wall of text*
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  4. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    dude the devs don't understand warhammer 40k games

    1. why do you think people buy WH40k models and paint that shit to hell( that along will give you 3 ideas)

    2. i play the new battlefield 5 demo ( the map is freaking good but dead on arrival because of stupid libertards gender identity bull crap)

    same as the devs who made dawn of war 3 (company of heroes merged with WH40k and you can make a good strategy game)

    i told you guys that death garden is other dead on arrival game (BE doesn't have a good leader or planner they suck at everything) predictions are fun
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  5. Alpha was THE BEST
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