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I think, the roleplay-aspect of EC is insufficient for CSMs.

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Zael, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Heh. Bear in mind it was the daemons of the Chaos Gods themselves who claimed that they're xenos creatures who just want to be left alone in the immaterium, when trying to sway Horus to their side. They're not exactly unbiased. ;)

    The explanation of Jubal being infested by a xenos parasite is given because, even when his legions were faced with direct evidence of the powers existing in the warp, the Emperor was keen to continue shutting down any contrasting views to the Imperial Truth. Euphrati Keeler (prior to going all God Squad on everyone) challenges the idea that it was purely a xenos creature by photographing the screaming soul of Jubal while Samus has possessed him.

    A lot hinges on the definition of what makes a God - it's a bit of an arbitrary line in any case, as the Chaos Gods are still unimaginably vast and powerful entities whatever label you choose to attach to them. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet*.

    *Except a Nurgle rose. Don't sniff one if you value your nose and eyeballs.
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  2. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Really that is your source that the Pantheon are xenos?Good job!
    And no just because DoW and SM were licensed by GW doesnt make them cannon!
  3. horus heresy books repeatedly state by loyalist marines they are xenos i think even the gal vorbak look at them as xenos when they are possesed repeatedly stating they are infected by a xenos warp entity or its luna wolves after the jubal incident. and if your going to be picky about whats cannon and not then most of the books outside of historical engagments and the heresy are not cannon but mere side notes since 40k is in stasis and the books dont add to the main story which is abbadons 13th crusade which may or may not be the end of the galaxy as the imperium knows it
  4. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Yes because the word of some loyalist that has no idea/is brainwashed what the warp is such a great source right?
  5. exactly mate what makes a god is entirely subjective the emperor for instance is not a good extremly powerful but never a god- talos. in there own realm, the warp. they might be gods with the power over all but in our realm they have little power outside of there servants and thin warp areas to act as conduits evidence daemons are in a constant fight to remain in our realm being pulled inevitably back to the warp
  6. also the term daemon and angel and god is all from the mortal races mind and need for gods to be real to give purpose to there lives.
    and being supremly superior to us it is logical for the chaos gods to see themselfs as gods and us as play things and for there own amusement they pull us along :D but tbh i see them as gods and worship them fully :D FOR CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. as good as the 40k universe gives us tbh i would say in the heresy they were viewed as none gods because everyone was dead against religion but in the 40k universe they have morphed into the title of gods even though they are simply mirror images of our emotions and psychic energies so instead of a god creating us we created them bar slaanesh who the eldar created. i would argue the gods have self appointed themselfs to gods and currupted mortals with lies of god hood
  8. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    But they were out there before us (even Slaanesh existed before the eldar gave "birth" to him!
  9. i dont think they did since if we as a species died off they would die off aswell our emotions are there food they are like giant leeches. but perhaps in a none sentient form they were out in the warp without intelligence or form and, did you know the warp use to be filled with harmless creatures, until we were created and currupted the warps creatures with our emotions and psychic emissions, effectivly posioning it
  10. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Well the only Gods I think could be Gods would be Gork and Mork because the Ork power of belief is so powerful it puts the Ecclesiarchy to shame so I think the Orks could have caused the creation of their Gods.

    Warp Gods cannot live without mortals but mortals can live without them although some arsehole (FUCKING LORGAR!) disagrees with me on that...

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