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How to play Jetpack Vanguard

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by GitGud, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Git Kwik GitGud Active Member



    The Codex Astartes dictates that Assault squads should be unleashed in the first wave of an attack, to strike hard and fast at weak points in the foe's formation.

    The Codex can be applied to eternal crusade. if you hit a point just before support arrives, the enemy will be distracted by you. Since many of the rooves in this game as accessable to vanguard jetpack assault, it's often a prudent move to wait until the right moment to strike with full fuel, as the codex seems to imply.

    The jump pack is easily as dangerous as any weapon the Assault Marine carries. With a jump pack comes mobility, allowing the Assault squad to traverse all manner of terrain swiftly and without hindrance, or even perform controlled low-altitude descents from Thunderhawk Gunships. So it is that the Assault squad can be a weapon of subtlety in the hands of a capable commander. It can dive without warning on an enemy warlord who believes himself secure amongst his own lines.

    it's a lot better to start thinning the enemy's numbers with a single strike, hence why i take the mace of punishment relic. it's strong attack is enough to down most classes. with full utilisation of the jump pack you can strike and be gone before anyone knows what's happening. there's obviously a flipside to that, though.

    an Assault squad sergeant must be aware not only of his current situation, but also any imminent or potential developments that will leave his squad stranded and beset in a sea of bloodthirsty foes. Should this occur, only raw might and iron resolve will allow the Assault Marines to hack their way clear of the foe and claim victory.

    if nobody knows you're sat on top of a point you'll die when you attack. tell your team to attack a point when you're reconning and striking at it. if the team is slow you can usually cut your way out if you maximise your effective strikes and escape fuel.


    on melee combat in EC, and the jetpack assault.

    success is based on awareness. while the jetpack assault is the first to arrive at a location, it is not always best to engage without thinking. there is no glory in pointless defeat. with the low armour non-veteran jetpack assault has best results come with first strike stuns and subsequent strong attacks, since after that the enemy will be alerted.

    it is worth noting that the smart bolt pistol works while flying, so it's possible to finish an enemy as you escape, though there is a delay between melee attacks and bolt pistol attacks, but it is also worth noting that there is no delay between bolt pistol attacks and melee attacks (in that order). if you can aim the mercury pattern bolt pistol or industrial plasma pistol are highly valuable for this class, since you can deliver a large amount of damage in a shorter time, although archaeotech and grav pistols are also good for this class, since you can slow a ground assault with them, and since they have a beam it's easier to hit while flying. the advantage of slowing a ground assault is that he won't be able to hit you with strong attacks while slowed.

    once alerted there's a short window to escape with the jetpack, which is why it's better to escape without engaging in drawn out combat. to avoid a Dbash you'd have to waste some fuel which is better spent on a full jump. have an escape planned. there's almost always somewhere in this game where people can't hit a jetpack assault. usually on top of buildings and in hidden ventilation shafts and etc. (on one map there's a place where a jetpack assault if positioned correctly can fly up a pipe and onto a roof from inside a building, or drop down from it)

    the combat is fairly simple by most people's standards for melee, while spamming fast attack the only things you need to worry about are being stunned (predict and stun at the exact same time, or roll/boost when you see they're stunning) or strong attacks (fast attack to counter most of the time)

    fuel regen is really valuable. if you have extra jumps as well as regen reduction you can pretty much jump constantly.

    the general idea is to get the enemy looking in a bunch of different directions so they aren't concentrated on nearby friendly tacticals, but also to thin the spawned enemy.

    melee weapons

    chainsword is great, but it's best with master crafted and lifesteal mods, costing 200lp together. the reason behind this is that you'll often run into people with poisonous weapons, and you need to counteract the poison. it's really only good because it's fast.

    sword seems to get the best results, probably because it hits through toughness. it's basicly an expensive chainsword though.

    i'm not really a fan of the axe, after testing it more it's viable for it's cost since it has higher attack damage than comparible weapons like the sword. but ironbane is great, if you land a strong attack it stuns.

    power maces are okay, but they're slow and they sort of suck. the only good one is the expensive relic mace of punishment, which has enough strong attack damage to down most people. all of that said, they're good for breaking weapons, but they're pretty screwed against a powerfist.

    powerfists are too slow to really have good results with jetpack assault, they're best with shield. if somebody is good with a powerfist they'll clang most weapons out, the chainfist and sword are fast enough to counter it most of the time, but because they're so expensive the best option is to just shoot at a powerfist user.
  2. Souledge Reax Steam Early Access

    Pls don´t say you are playing with this music? ^^
  3. Git Kwik GitGud Active Member

    no lol. it's a joke because the best way to avoid dbash is drifting
  4. Kemsa Kemsa Steam Early Access

    Well the best example of someone playing with a Jump Assault is DJ Penguin, with his Veteran Raptor, literally killing 3x until its down and he mentioned that you need to use your class viability to full, you are a flanker FLANK, kill key units like healers or supporters, do not go in middle of the fight thats not your job thats the Ground Assault/traitor/banshee/orkequivalent job, Learn to drift/jumplightattack to move more distances, and choose your weapons in a way that will help you.

    Of course the Chaos poison chainsword is one of the best weapons and i dont see equivalent in the LSM armory, i was using the Epic Mace of punishment (really good) but slow for the JA)

    And learn to retreat if you see you fuel is gone just retreat and rest, dont be a fool by trying to fight with out fuel.
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  5. Borca Walkingcorpse Steam Early Access

    the Penguin Party is where its at, if you wanna learn anything about EC ..any faction any class, DJ is the doctor to see ;)
  6. Git Kwik GitGud Active Member

    new fuel reload indicator is good, and also means you can see how effective the regen reduction is.

    everyone really needs to try max regen with hyper efficient jump pack setup.
  7. i might of finished reading this post if i didnt see the word codex so many times
  8. Souledge Reax Steam Early Access

    In my eyes Jump Assaults are broken atm.
    The problem is.
    Yes u want to play it in the correct way means u flank, attack, save fuel for escape and do it again.
    But, escaping recharging of fuel, positioning for an good flankattack takes time. averaged about 8 sec.
    In this time an tactical would shout out about 120 Rounds of his bolter with about letz say 3 kills.
    I love Jump Assault playstyle, but more and more i am angry about his disadvantages.
    Making me to an Groundassault with Plasmapistol again and again.
  9. Git Kwik GitGud Active Member

    so take +50% fuel regen loadout and more than 2 charges

    i was quoting the codex
  10. Souledge Reax Steam Early Access

    Yeah with standart sword and normal armor. making me same effektive like an combatknife of the tactial. great

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