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How to avert extinction and engage new players [Specific plan]

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Arphenior, May 16, 2018.

  1. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    According to Steamcharts, our current situation with amount of active players is near to turning into decline. I am sure, there should be done reconstructive actions, which will not only attract new players, but also give chances to turn Eternal Crusade into a flourish project. 400 players is a worthy base, but it should be expanded. I propose such plan of actions, which are directed to increase the game activity. They are not difficult, but every of them can give positive results in comparison to the current state of affairs.

    Firstly, we need to improve page in the Steam shop, make it more clear.
    • Fix an issue with the purchasing process: If player have used free version and then decides to buy the full one (For example, the Squadron Edition), it can not be done (Steam marks that the game is already in the Library, so it can not be bought). So players need to delete the free version firstly. And I am sure, many of those, who does not know how to do it, will just abandon the idea of purchasing, instead of searching how to delete the free version. This process should be less complicated.
    • Change the order of articles. Article "About this game" should be higher, than "Recent updates" or "Reviews", because players form estimate by the description, not by updates or reviews, so it should be more available. Note about the workaround for the free version also needs to be higher, even than the description.
    • Remove the check of an age. This page is very irritating, if a player is just examining the game. Also skipping it without ticking a box prevents showing the downloadable content (Try to do it and you will see the result). Without these checking page, possible audience will have less actions to do to play the game.
    • Lower the system requirements. They can scare away those players, who like to play with high fps (More particularly: in recommended requirements there should be 8 GB of RAM instead of 16, as 8 is enough to play in comfort).

    Secondly, in-game menu should be less complex for new players.
    • There should be notes, which appear only once for new players (For the first time):
    1. Which ways the requisition and combat credits be received and on what they can be spent, note about the fact that requisition is not given in garrison - At the main menu.
    2. Which ways the Development points can be received - in the "Development" section.
    3. Note about that fact, that wargear, which was bought for the development points, is added to the inventory and is needed to be equipped - in the "Development" section after the purchase of some kind of wargear.
    4. Descriptions of special abilities and limitations for Elite Classes in the Shop.
    5. Which ways the wargear can be received (Shop, Drops of Supply and for the Development Points) - in the "Loadouts" section.
    6. Explanation that loadout is not a class (Even if it is named, for example, Dire Avenger) and explanation how to create or change them - in "Loadouts" section.
    7. Description of Loadout points and ways to decrease them (By lowering wargear cost with Development Points or using cheaper equipment) - in "Loadouts" section.
    8. Descriptions of wargear parameters, what does they do (Health, Armour, Resistance, Durability, Stamina and so on) - in "Loadouts" section.
    9. Note that the game is alive and that there are peak hours, when the player can easily find battles - in the Map or after clicking on "Battle Now" button.
    10. Description of the Map system and ways how to find the match (Button "Fight Now" can send player to any battle, while attempt to join the specific province will match the player only with other players in it) - in the Map.
    • I do not insist on this point, but it will be good to have an option to skip the registration of the Eternal Crusade account, because it obstructs access to the unskilled users.
    • Button "Inventory" in main menu is not needed, because all the equipment can be seen in "Loadouts", what is mush more convenient.
    • Buttons in the Shop "Bundles", "Drops of Supply" and "Elite Classes" should be united as there is no reason to have two different sections for just a one object.
    • Wargear and cosmetic items (Especially in the shop) should be sorted by type, not by name or cost, because it will allow players to find items they search for easier, when they want to discover, what things can be bought for their class/battle tactics.
    • Addons on the weapons should not be reset if player change the weapon and the addons are still suitable for it.
    • Auto-save for any changes in loadouts, will be useful for new and old players.
    I belive, that after applying these actions, new players will have more will to play the Eternal Crusade. They should not feel baffled by lots of different buttons and lack of descriptions. At least, these changes do not require lots of efforts to embody them.
  2. I have fixed system requirements for myself. It just took a while in config files to do.
    They need an ultra low settings option...
  3. Screw this! Let’s just rocolor bolters and move some props around
  4. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    I can suggest to add more customizable options, for example, to completely disable shadows or anti-aliasing
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  5. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Way, way simpler...

    Step 1: Manipulate Google so that when people google "Eternal Crusade" they no longer see a barrage of negative reviews.

    Step 2: Manipulate Steam so that when people look up "Eternal Crusade" on Steam, they longer see that it has a mediocre rating and they no longer see angry reviews by disappointed former players.

    Step 3: Profit.
  6. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    Simpler, but unfortunately, muсh more expensive. Though if the project has money to contribute, it would be advantageous to advertise the Eternal Crusade. Or as minimum to ask players, who enjoy it despite controversial marks, to leave positive rating in Steam
  7. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    This thread reads like the meeting log of sleazy bankers anonymous. I am not saying there aren't a few real points in there but Manipulate/scam/restructure/hide/remove to blindside new customers?!

    I am sorry to say that but EC is where it is at not because of a customer conspiracy or because of a lack of exposure or because people just fail to see it's greatness. EC ended up where it is because it failed to deliver so many times and because the real development stopped over a year ago and the game is only kept alive by the fumes of the last die hard fans and the last 2 maintenance mans left on the job.

    If you fail to acknowledge that fact because you are sitting there in the little echo chamber of diehard fans who tell each other every day how this is the best game ever and how everyone who says they have lag, who complains about a lack of content or bugs or anything in general are negative nancies, it is you who is blind and we should have a thread dedicated to how we could help you see the reality and not one about deceiving and tricking people into a medicore and aged game. That planetside 2 and warframe are still "kicking" above EC after years and years should tell you something.

    Last but not least two points i would like to make:
    • Recommended Requirements for this game are spot on. If you want to play on ultra low settings thats your personal take but recommended should be medium to high settings for a game. Minimum is for low.
    • Age restriction is probably required for this type of game, tampering with it (if it is not voluntary) could bring you alot of legal exposure.
  8. Robertson rhoomba Preacher

    I just came back to the game after about a year away. I really enjoy it for what it is, and have had a blast with the player base. To be honest, I feel like the worst part of this game is the toxic players (what? people online being shitty?). Nothing you can do from a game design standpoint beyond what they have already done to curb the rampant nihilism.
  9. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    And where does this rampant nihilism come from? Do you remember the euphoria and childish optimism of the pre-launch days?
    The vision?
    The promises?
    Do you remember what kind of game we rooted for and supported?
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