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How hard can it be to add more weapon mods ?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by GreenGit, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. I've opened my last loot crate, and I must say I'm pretty pissed off. There are like a dozen of weapons that have empty mod slots. The game has almost been out for a year now, and I know the launch was a rough one, but could you at least add the missing mods to the game so we can try out some new weapon combinations?
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  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Depends. If the new weapon mods are '+0.01 Spread Decrease, -0.02 Recoild Modifier, I dont think we need them.
    If they are more Drum Mags, I dont think we should have them.
    If they are supposed to be proper, potent yet balanced, that actually would require enough effort and thought to consider it a full task, which will be done as part of a priority list.
    I do agree, however, that this should be one of the solutions that allows to add a lot to the game at reasonably little effort.
    Also, I was thinking, as we will be able to do mods for the workshop and they should require next to no artistical skills or implementation devside, if it wouldnt be interesting to craft a whole framework of mods, effects and ranks for weapon customization.
    Same for Trinkets, basically an overhauled, much more extensive system with more choices and greater impact on the gameplay at more appropiate LP-costs (still looking at you, drum-mag)
  3. mag-drums, faster reload, armor pen and so on. right now, there is on only one viable weapon on nearly all factions, which is the bolter for lsm/csm, lsm has it good since they have a close range and sniper bolter. just look at the combi bolter as an example, there are three mods available for barrels which is the case for csm at least.
  4. Yeah, lets not forget that heavy weapons have zero mods currently. lol
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