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How does domination mode work exactly?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WarlordKnight, May 19, 2017.

  1. WarlordKnight Recruit

    by domination I mean the map with 3 cap points where the first time you capture a point it adds 5 minutes to the game. I cannot seem to locate something that says exactly how many cap points you need to hold for exactly how long to win. if someone knew the formula and posted it that would be great. I know from experience it takes 10 minutes with 2 capture points to win. if you don't know the formula please share your experiences with how many capture points attackers needed to win, etc.
  2. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    I believe the proper name for that gamemode is supremacy. As for the mechanics:
    • Holding a single point for five minutes fills the victory bar approximately 1/3
    • While a point is contested, it will not contribute to the victory bar
    • When approximately 1 minute is required to fill the victory bar, a message will appear on screen stating that the attacking faction has nearly taken the outpost. An audio clip from the announcer will accompany this.
    Some points to consider:
    1. Defend points that you've captured, as a single ninja can ruin your chances of winning by contesting your points, even if he fails to cap.
    2. It is entirely possible to win by capping and holding two points, and completely ignoring the third. This must be done within the first ~6 minutes of the match to work, however, and you must not allow these points to be contested at all.
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  3. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    my strategy has always been this

    Attacking Strategy

    Capture first point

    If first point is too heavily defended, then split up and attack other 2 points

    If not, capture second point

    Have everyone attack the last point that hasn't gotten the time bonus yet, leave 3-4 defenders on other 2 points

    Attackers on last point pressure the defenders, if they try to leave and attack the other points they risk losing the point

    We win because we held 2 points all round long

    Defending strategy

    Spread around and wait for attackers

    If they all bunch up on one point, everyone go to that one point to repel them, leave 1-2 defenders on each point

    If they split up, make sure everyone has AV and repel the attackers

    Hold 3 points as long as possible, but sacrifice one as soon as attackers are capturing more than 1 point

    Hold 2 points as long as possible, but sacrifice one as soon as attackers are capturing more than 1 point

    Hold 1 point FOREVER, send out either 1 small team to contest points, or if the enemy stupidly decides not to defend their points, send ninjas to contest them (optimally they're all veterans if it's a small team). Capture is not necessary since the enemy isn't gaining points as long as you're contesting, so if the last point is being captured immediately have the contesting forces retreat to defend

    Pray to the Emperor/Chaos Gods/Khaine/Gork and Mork that your contesters are good, or that you held out long enough

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  4. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    I remember one case in particular where I used that exact offensive strategy, and had a bunch of naysayers on my team who didnt believe me when i told them we could win without taking the third point. Needless to say, I felt quite smug when we won with 3 seconds left on the clock.

    But yeah, all of your post is solid. +1
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  5. Match starts with about 7 Minutes Timer.
    For every point taken the first time you gain +5 Minutes

    You need to capture at least 2 Points to win.
    If done so under 6 Minutes you can win with only 2 Points.
    If you hear your Victory inbound Message before the "Time is short" Warning that the enemy is holding well, you are good.
    If not, capture the last point.

    Best Strategy when Attacking in my opinion:
    Focus-fire 1 point at first, if the resistance is too heavy, switch full force to another point. Try to hit the most difficult point at first, as defenders are usually spread out at first and can't retaliate in time (A on Torias, C on Blackbolt)

    After that, move by foot to the next closest Point and attack it. Meanwhile, have someone drive your rhino to the other enemy point. Once resistance has build up enough, spawn in the rhino and catch that point by suprise (Everyone is at the 2nd Point, and it's still going on, so they barly redeploy to the 3rd)

    If possible, do this before 6 Minutes have passed and hold those 2 Points till victory. If they decap your points too often, go EARLY to attempt the last remaining point.

    Requires of course that Allies at least read the chat, but when you give plans and orders, most of the time people join your squad (or because your Rhino is standing good :p)
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  6. Viking Vking Arkhona Vanguard

    Basically, if you hold 2 points for most of the match you are in a good position to win.
  7. WarlordKnight Recruit

    uh you have me confused here. do you mean if you capture a first point then time is added and you capture the second point before the clock is under 6 minutes you win?. Or do you mean that if both points are captured at the same time you only need 6 minutes to win?.
  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    The mechanics have well been explained, so I will add some further tactical considerations:

    The vast majority of supremacy games that are not blowouts will have the attacker take two points in a varying timeframe. So, on the assumption that two points usually fall, you should make sure its the two points you can spare the most.

    For instance several points, like Blackolt C are extremely hard to capture, so the defender should hold on to them by any means possible.
    Other points, like Olipsis C or Torias B are very close to the enemy spawn and can constantly be recaptured, so its a pain in the ass for the attacker and it might even prove disadvantageous to take them early.
    Finally, points might have bound vehicle spawns (Torias C, Pegasus B), quad guns (Blackbolt C and B) or superior terrain access (Blackbolt C, Pegasus C, Olipsis B), or really any other advantage that makes them more worthwhile to capture or hold.

    So after two points have fallen the common situation is that the attacker can win by just holding the two, or attack the third to secure their victory. The best course of action is highly dependent on the time remaining. (the more time and the more defensible the last point, the better it is to play for two)
    Generally speaking the defender should try everything to keep their last point, whereas the attacker has to avoid interrupts on their caps. This means that the defender can now open a front whereever they want and force the attacker to respond, effectively reversing the positions of attack and defence. However it also means that the slightest overextension costs the defender the last point and means almost certain defeat.

    For the defender the best case scenario is usually to regain control of any or all fallen points immediatly or swiftly.
    This means there is now a point that does not generate progress, has to be retaken, but does not prove a priority target since the time bonus is gone.
    For the attacker, its a lose-lose. They can either attempt to recapture that point, wasting time, or they can move on to the next, sacrificing objective progress they dearly need.
    However recapturing immediatly is hard, since the next point has to be defended.

    A few more things that have proven helpful on the tactical level:
    -Whoever holds less points benefits most from several smaller battles, whereas one big siege is in favour of the dominating side.
    -There is rarely a use in attacking a point if you can not initiate a cap in the first minute. Do it only if you have no choice or nothing to loose.
    -If the enemy snowballs in superior force, dont try to stop them, but stay behind them. Know, when you have to give up on one of your points and take one of theirs.
    -Get your squads to actually group up before going in. Shooting 10 single players is easy, but shooting a team of 10 is hard.

    Very simple things to help you win without looking at the big picture:
    -If a point has been undefended for a few minutes, someone will inevitably try to capture it, so if you are in respawn and you see an empty point, just check it out in case someone stops by (and they will)
    -Initiating a cap is imperative, as it will shift the defenders spawn further away. All killing is nigh-meaningless unless there is an ongoing cap.
    -If you have been defending a point and the pressure suddenly wears off, leave it to others to clean up the mess, redeploy and look for their next target, as they will already be on their way to get there.
    -If someone, especially your squad leader pings a point or writes in chat, there is usually a good reason and its safe to operate on the assumption that noone else will pay attention to it but you.
    -Stay in groups and stay on track. Dispersion means defeat. Fighting for anything but a cap is pointless.
    -Play for time. You dont always have to win a fight, just keep them busy long enough.
    -Call out transports in chat.
  9. This is not exactly measured or so, so please don't quote me on this (if anybody knows better, here is your chance)

    However, if after max. 6 Minutes of playtime, you have 2 Points under your control, you have a very good chance to win the match without even touching the 3rd one

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