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How Are People Rolling Out Of Stun?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Moomoo, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. JuanValjuan1066 Recruit

    It's a little inconsistent. I have pulled it off at times, but other times I can't do it to save my life. When it's happened to me it's usually (I think) when I've hit the dodge button in the moment before the kick would land so what ends up happening is the kick connects and it starts the stagger animation, but then I roll/flip/jump away.

    Mostly I think it's not an intentional exploit, though I've seen some people pull it off so regularly that I wonder if some have figured out an easy method to exploit it.
  2. They're not actually breaking out of it, that's just lag. They've dodged during your animation for kicking/parrying but on your screen it looks like you stunned them. On their screen, they successfully dodged.
  3. Moomoo Recruit

    Ya that is exactly the situation I'm describing. And you are right I've seen it occur with some people on occasion but then there seems to be a few in every match now that are pulling it off regularly. Makes meleeing them almost impossible.
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  4. Moomoo Recruit

    You might be right but I literally had not had this problem until a few days ago. Maybe I had seen an odd break of a stun here and there but with it happening with certain people consistently now has me raising some eye brows. Maybe it has gotten more laggy as a whole for me after one of the recent patches I dunno anymore.
  5. Hunter Tarrus TARINunit9 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately it's working as intended. They nerfed the shit out of D-bash kick stun,, so it only lasts as long as the kick animation itself
  6. Neveragain Neveragain Subordinate

    I do this all the time. Never thought of it as an exploit, but rather a way to escape Dbash kick. Doing a preemptive D-bash (and praying to what ever god you worship your opponent doesn't open up with a strong attack) will make it so people don't have that small window to dodge the kick. I do it and I have plenty of other players do it to me, which in my book is totally fine because it allows for melee to flow better. If D-bash was a guaranteed stagger without a small chance to at least DODGE the kick melee would be very annoying and would lack a good flow IMO. There was a time during development that D-bash WAS a guaranteed stagger, so guess what everyone was spamming... Guess what became the new meta... Opening up with strong attacks, which also stunned back then haha. So IMO D-bash should NEVER be a guaranteed stagger it would make it to easy to spam. The melee user should have a chance to escape and reengage against his target unless the target has better timing.
  7. Seph Sephious Arkhona Vanguard

    RPS was a great idea.....

    ...if only it worked
  8. Moomoo Recruit

    Hmm to me the concept of the D-bash was to punish the fast attack with a stun. Not to punish fast attack only in a situation where they have no stamina. D-bash does pitiful damage and so the stun was supposed to be its saving grace. I dunno, doesn't seem like this is intended to me but who knows maybe it is.

    How exactly does one pull it off consistently? Is it a timing thing or does mashing work?
  9. Probably just more people realizing they CAN dodge just before the animation because they see it being done to them and it spreads from there.
  10. Obbu Obbu Confessor

    I think there's a client-server-client out of sync problem where one person counters earlier than it seems on the other person's screen, making it look like they were affected by the bash, when they'd actually prior dodged it etc.

    If anyone has video of it showing as a stun that you cancel on your own screen, that would be a different matter entirely.

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