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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Elexatur, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Elexatur Elexatur Preacher

    Hi. I am a Player of Eternal Crusade

    I am a Roleplayer/Gamer/Startegist.

    I am A very Disciple Men.
    I have started Warhammer with 1995 [The Collection] Final liberation,Chaos gate, Horned Rat.

    After that i have Buy my First Space Marines. with 12 Years.
    I have a long Fascinationg to the [Command Squad] and to the [honor Guard] from Space Marines.

    So i play it from that on.
    Later i buy myself a Accustic Guitar. But it was not Fascinating as play Wahrammer.
    I am a Big fan of Dungeon keeper Too. The old Games. [Before EA have ruined It]
    I was a fan of Westwood Studios too. [Before EA have Ruined It]
    Later my Vather buy a surprise for me... It was a Wunderfull feeling because, My vather dont buy Surprises for People....
    The Surprise was the Compelete Collection of Dawn of war 1. I have play it with my Friends and all have later buyed it.

    TIme rises... and waits...

    On one Day... my friend say to me: " Hey have you hear it?!" He was really surprised and Happy. "Someone make a MMO of Wahrammer" I have totaly feel surprised and Happy. I have look the Trailer of "Dark Millenium" with my friends.

    We have later heard of THQ ruined..... We was all, very sick about it. Someone of my friends have cryed about it.

    Later we heard From Eterna Crusade. So i buy it on Eraly access... The most of my friends too. We have heard your Words...." An New MMO is comming up" So we was very happy to have an MMO Warhammer.

    Time rises and later We all heard the Words from Eternal Crusade " We dont make an MMO " We hall have Feel betrayed. All ofd my friends. The most de-installed the game. One of my Friends have Rename it to :" Give me money. No matter what we Say." on steam.

    I have never give up.:SMDeal: I have say:" Give Be-Havior Time. Give the Makers Time." And i never get my Noize Weapons.
    I get blamed from my friends:" Hah you spend them money? Haha. He never gives you what you want. Dont Trust Be-havior;)"
    I have never given Up. :SMDeal:I have say again:" Give them Time" Now i am here at the Forum. While waiting for a game as Veteran Space marine.:( I never get. What i exactly want.:( The only one thing i get from Eternal crusade was the Protector garde Veteran Skin/style. The Most thing for Protector guard i buyed on Shop. :(
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  2. Hey man! Sorry for the belated wishes but welcome aboard!

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