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Help getting started in Tabletop

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Virgil_Corbec, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. I have been thinking about getting into the tabletop warhammer 40k battle game but I am unsure of where to start. There is a local hobby store I can go to but I was wondering what army would be best for a beginner like me. I am trying to decide on an army to start on and the quizzes I have been taking say that my 'playstyle' matches the craftworld elder the most. I am not so sure about that though. I guess I want something that is cheap, easy to paint and has good lore behind it and is also forgiving of mistakes. I was thinking about Astra Militarum or something. Any tips? It would be most appreciated :)
  2. If you only care about winning then LSM, Craftworld Eldar and the various LSM armies are the meta cheese lords. I've also heard Khorne Daemonkin is strong.

    That's not what I did though, I say to pick the faction you like best and start there. Fir me it was Chaos and it's certainly a harder faction to win with, though they have begun a revamp with more to come so it would be a good time to pick them up before you get accused of just following the cheese.

    An important thing to consider is army composition, a lot of people have played a lot longer and spent more money than you, you have to play catch up. For me the game changer was getting enough Havoks and some armored units.

    But really I say follow your preference and go from there.
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  3. So far I have narrowed down my picks for my first army to Genestealer cults, Imperial guard, Orks and Dark Eldar. The Genestealer cults and Dark eldar fit my play style better but I like the Orks and Imperial Guard as well. I will try to narrow it down further.
  4. Cydonia Cydonia Well-Known Member

    From a meta standpoint, out of those choices, the best bet is probably Genestealer Cults followed by Dark Eldar.

    If just for fun, always roll with Orks.
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  5. I just read the tale of Tuska Daemon-Killa (Here: and HOLY GORK AN' MORK ARE THESE GUYS AWESOME!

    I have heard that they are not good for competitive play right now but I do not care they are great!

    Well I am set. Thanks @Cydonia I wouldn't have decided without you! :)
  6. GratLurking Recruit

    Sometimes competitiveness doesn't matter, and the interest factor just works :3
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  7. Interest is good but you'll still end up frustrated with one of the less competitive factions. Be warned, Orks have been pretty left behind. I'm pretty sure they don't have any Formation rules, which has unfortunately become pretty important to the meta. You're going to be facing people with better base rules and then extra ones just because.

    Just FYI. You'll want to be sure to bring a strong list. A very strong list, and then still.
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  8. Ahhh damnit. I saw the video of General Sturnn's speech and now I cannot decide again. Orks are awesome but they are pretty brutal. I like the idea of a army of mortals fighting in a universe of gods and monsters. And if I do IG then I can use the units to build a GSC army simultaneously.

    It would be wise to kill two birds with one stone but I heard that IG are played a lot and so are the Orks. I guess I am one of those people that wants to be a unique snowflake. Dark Eldar (supposedly) fit my playstyle, look cool and are cheap and not played often...but CSM are highly customizable and...Grrrrr.

    You can probably tell by now that I am one of those people that just can't reach a conclusion. When I do make a decision I stick with it but starting is always the hardest part.

    Actually I have an idea. How about a pitching session? You pitch a army to me with reasons for why I should play it and I'll take the best one. I am not going to play LSM because everyone plays them though. I am simply looking for a army to paint and have some games with. I am not looking to win any tournaments or anything...yet, so I am just going for what would feel comfortable.

    I guess I like a army that has flexibility and is entertaining and can mess with the opponent and their army, A army that can be really mobile and hit hard while either being able to take a hit or not get hit in the first place (I am realizing that it sounds a lot like Deldar and GSC but can IG or Orks do it too?). Like I said I am stuck between IG, Deldar, GSC and Orks and I would like a push to make a decision.

    It doesn't have to be one already mentioned I am comfortable with everything except LSM because they feel overused, maybe Admech but I don't like how they are split into two armies...but they do look pretty cool, aren't played as much, I love their lore and philosophy and they have both hard-hitting units and can move...Doh! I did it again! If you could do this for me I would really appreciate it. :)
  9. Well, no, Orks aren't played a lot due to the things I stated. A lot of people have extra Orks or something, but they're rarely mained, I've not actually ever seen them player live. So you would be a "snowflake" in all likelihood. But I heard them decribed as "fun" not competitive.

    And they may get an update soon since everyone seems to be, but I've heard nothing official yet.

    Imperial Gaurd would be versitile, in that you don't have to play them as Gaurd. You can easily turn them into a Genestealer Cult Army or if you get Imperial Armor 13 from Forge World you can play them aa Lost and the Damned. So basically you can play 3 different armies with only a few additional units from other armies (ie, Some Genestealers or Noise Marines)

    In either case, vehicles are very important.

    Don't know much about DE, but I've heard they're hard to play well.
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  10. Cydonia Cydonia Well-Known Member

    Dark Eldar aren't too hard to play, the issue with them is that nowadays there are too many ways to remove cover saves, which means their jinking Raiders aren't hard to bring down. Venoms don't have this problem since they have flickerfields, but then you sort of get stuck doing MSU if you go for a lot of Venoms.
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